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the term middle east is literally a cute euphemism for what white people actually want to call “Problem Areas™” it evolves depending on foreign policy for that year seriously 

like middle east…east of what?? middle of what??…you mean like…in the general direction of asia??/ but above africa? but including sudan? and sometimes pakistan? get it together please 

new au idea, needs a home:

2006: dean winchester serves his country in afghanistan. before he even really understands what being a soldier means, just a load of daddy issues and an attitude problem, he works on a fuel convoy in the triangle of death, and like so many veterans in the middle east he gets an up close and personal view of what it means to be dependent on foreign oil. when he gets home, he uses that smart engineering brain of his to get into tech development for clean energy. sam is all bleeding heart about it, but to dean it’s a continuation of the public service that encouraged him to put on the uniform in the first place. it’s making the world a better place - cleaner and safer for everyone else after him. he can’t even fucking recycle his plastic mountain dew bottles but he is completely dedicated to finding alternative energy solutions.

enter stage left………… hippie!conservationist!cas

Three Terrifying Reasons for Trump’s Latest Rant

Early Saturday morning, March 4, the 45th president of the United States alleged in a series of  tweets that former president Barack Obama orchestrated a “Nixon/Watergate” plot to tap Trump’s phones at his Trump Tower headquarters last fall in the run-up to the election. Trump concluded that the former president is a “Bad (or sick) guy!”

Sunday morning, Trump called for a congressional investigation.

Trump cited no evidence for his accusation.

Folks, we’ve got a huge problem on our hands. Either:

1. Trump is more nuts than we suspected – a true delusional paranoid. Trump’s outburst was triggered by commentary in the “alt-right” publication, Breitbart News, on Friday, which reported an assertion made Thursday night by right-wing talk-radio host Mark Levin suggesting Obama and his administration used “police state” tactics last fall to monitor the Trump team’s dealings with Russian operatives.

If this is what triggered Trump’s tantrum, we’ve got a president willing to put the prestige and power of his office behind baseless claims emanating from well-known right-wing purveyors of lies.

Which means Trump shouldn’t be anywhere near the nuclear codes that could obliterate the planet, or near anything else that could determine the fate of America or the world.

2. The second possibility is the Obama administration did in fact tap his phones. But if this was the case, before the tap could occur it’s highly likely Trump committed a very serious crime, including treason.

No president can order a wiretap on his own. For federal agents to obtain a wiretap on Trump, the Justice Department would first have had to convince a federal judge that it had gathered sufficient evidence of probable cause to believe Trump had committed a serious crime or was an agent of a foreign power, depending on whether it was a criminal or foreign intelligence wiretap.

In which case we have someone in the White House who shouldn’t be making decisions that could endanger America or the world.

3. The third possible explanation for Trump’s rant is he was trying to divert public attention from the Jeff Sessions imbroglio and multiple investigations of Trump associates already found to have been in contact with Russian agents during the election, when Russian operatives interfered with the election on Trump’s behalf.

Maybe he’s trying to build a case that the entire Russian story is a plot concocted by the Obama Administration – along with the intelligence agencies and the mainstream press – to bring Trump down. This way, he can inoculate himself against more damaging evidence to come.

But if it’s all a big show to divert attention and undermine the credibility of the intelligence agencies and the press, Trump is willing to do anything to keep his job – even if that means further dividing America, undermining trust in our governing institutions, and destroying the fabric of our democracy.

So there you have it. We have a president who is either a dangerous paranoid who’s making judgments based on right-wing crackpots, or has in all likelihood committed treason, or is willing to sacrifice public trust in our basic institutions to further his selfish goals.

Each of these possible reasons is as terrifying as the other.

For Democrats to be the only ones sounding the alarm risks turning it into the new normal of partisanship. For Obama himself to respond would only dignify it.

So the responsibility falls to Republican leaders to stand up and call this what it is: Dangerous demagoguery.

Former Republican presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, former Republican senators and members of Congress, and current Republican senators and members of Congress, must have the courage and decency to stop this outrage.

We are in a serious crisis of governance, and their voices are critical.

You are My Heaven: Epilogue (Steve Rogers fic)

Characters: reader, Steve, Sam, Natasha, Sharon Carter, Maria Hill(mentioned), OFC Lily, OMC Liam. 

Summary: Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. How much time and distance does it take to heal a broken heart? (Mentions events from CACW, including a direct quote)

Warnings: bit of fluff, some angst. Mention of heartbreak. 

Word Count: 3.3k

Song Inspiration: A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: Here we have it! The wrap up for this unexpected multi-part fic. It’s been healing for me to write this and I’m grateful for the kind words and shared stories I’ve received. I appreciate every single message. Also, I did write The Truth Behind You are My Heaven, which is my personal story if you’re interested. Any feedback is appreciated. I love you all!!

<<<Part Two   Epilogue(end)



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One Year Later

Stepping into your London flat, you pulled the key from the lock and placed your purse on the side table. You kicked off your high heels and spread your toes, feeling relief at last after a long day. Carrying your shoes in one hand and work bag in the other, you walked down the hall to your bedroom and changed into comfortable lounge clothes. Venturing into the bathroom to toss your clothes in the hamper, you discovering a pair of men’s boxers on the floor. Letting out an amused sigh, you simply picked them up and walked the two feet to the hamper before tossing them in.

You had the flat to yourself tonight, which was unusual, so you decided to unwind with a glass of wine and catch up on tv shows you had recorded but never found the time to watch. As it grew later, you found yourself yawning and giving into the temptation of your soft, comfy bed. You rinsed out your glass and turned out all the lights except your bedside lamp. Plugging in your phone, the screen illuminated a new email notification from work, which wasn’t unusual. Timezones meant nothing in your line of work so you opened it just in case, planning on dealing with whatever it was in the morning.

Reading the subject line, your stomach dropped. 

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Victor von Doom isn’t white, he’s Romani

As I’ve seen a number of posts depicting Infamous Iron Man as the ‘white male protagonist’ alternative to Riri Williams’ Invincible Iron Man, I feel a point has to be made:

Victor von Doom is Romani, a highly problematic racial / ethnical and cultural identity within the history of European racism in particular. His non-white identity and the marginalisation following from it have always been a core part of his mythos.

His ‘original wound’ that leads to him becoming Doctor Doom is tied to the cruel fate his family suffered. His mother, dabbling in the arcane arts, sought to rectify the persecution she and her people, a clan of Romani, suffered:

(Books of Doom by Brubaker, 2006; all panels will be from this because I have it at hand, however, the basics of the story remain the same in all its versions)

But trying to make things better doesn’t work, and his mother gets possessed by a demon that goes on to slay some soldiers and every child of the village the Romani camped outside of.

His mother gets killed, which leaves Victor and his grief-stricken father alone.

A few years later, Doom’s father gets called to the Baron to heal his sick wife. Victor immediately fears for the worst.

At nightfall the next day his father returns - he hasn’t managed to save the Baron’s wife and is now persecuted by his soldiers, to be shot like a dog. Victor and his father flee into the mountains, trying to evade the soldiers, but winter is cruel, and at night Victor’s father freezes to death while holding his son close, giving him the last of his warmth.

The Baron’s men come to take the body away and present it to the Baron like a trophy, and young Victor becomes cold and furious, seeking revenge on the people who caused this suffering. The first person he kills is a soldier devalueing his life on account of him being Romani:

His main quest in many subsequent storylines is trying to free his mother’s spirit from hell, where the demon who possessed her trapped her. The reason for his disfigurement is one experiment going tragically wrong and literally blowing up in his face. The fact that young Reed Richards had tried to warn Doom and correct some of his calculations spawns the feud between Reed and Victor that lasts to this day.

Even when at University in the US, Doom is by the way confronted with a perception of his as ‘foreign’:

Depending on the storylines, there’s more explicit examples of discrimination he suffers.

Evidently, there are problematic and stereotypical aspects to that origin story, but those aren’t the point of this post. The point is that Doom belongs to a marginalised group and is hardly fit to be cast in the ‘default white male protag’ role that some seem to expect him to be cast in as Iron Man.

Don’t erase the well-established non-white identity of a character to make your argument about the series’ concept sucking.

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Could you do Chrisoph and Viktor attempting to speak foreign languages


-Well, depending on the language he’s trying, he either fails epically or does it so well no one notices it’s actually not his first language

-It’s generally divided like this:
Germanic/Roman languages: Hell yeah
Slavic languages: help him

-First of all, he can’t grasp the pronunciation at all. I mean, what are all these š, č, ć, đ and so on things supposed to be??

-Then comes the true pain.

-The declinations (or cases, whatever you want)

-Oh and don’t get me started on Chris learning Croatian

-You know why?

-We have 7 declinations. English has 0.

-But if he tries to learn anything other than a slavic language, he’s good to do!

-As long as there are no new alphabets/letters involved.


-Actually a pro for learning any language

-I mean, Russian is hell, so everything is easy compared to it

-And he really enjoys learning new things

-However, he’s not exactly a fast learner

-He’s very determined, though

-He learns the common phrases very quickly and slows down after that

-But he’ll learn it eventually

-And he’ll learn it well

-He’s already fluent in at least 3 languages

-French, Russian (yes, I count Russian) and English

Lenguage teacher! Yuta

Yuta as your lenguage teacher. 

—Ok lets start with this rn.
—In school you have three options; Learn english, learn chinese or learn japanese.
—You already know english very well, and your teacher know so she says you have to chose between the others two.
—You don’t want, I mean, you already know another lenguage than yours, why you should learn another?
—But obviously you need that class bcs your mark in foreigners lenguages depend on it.
—The only way than your schedule could fit well with that class, is chosing japanese.
—You meet your teacher, a grown man about 45 years or something. He’s kinda cool and even if you get bored in the class, he know how to caught your attention easily with some random things about japanese culture.
—'Y/N are u paying attention?’ ‘hm?’
—So here we go, he starts talking about japanese history and you start paying attention again because oh well, samurais and exciting things.
—One day you go to the class and when you open the door, you say with your usual tone “konnichiwa sense–”
—'My father is sick, today I’m going to be your teacher’ Yuta smile and you practically faint.
—You have seen his smile???? IT’S VERY BEAUTIFUL OMYGOD.
—He starts with the class, some kanjis and about how is the pronunciation
—'Look, is easy’ ‘Yeah, I see, so you read in this way and…’
—It’s normal than you are paying more attention on his hair instead of paying attention on the class?
—Yeah is normal because he’s Nakamoto Yuta and he’s very pretty.
—When you are writing, you write some kanjis in the wrong way
—Yuta come behind you, and take your hand, teach you how to write in the right way and you make a shy smile and force a “thank you” in japanese, yeah, and you say it very bad so he laughs a little
—'You don’t have to be shy with me, I have problems with korean too’ he says. —'Yes but you are very good at korean and I’m an ass in japanese’
—Then he says something in japanese than you didn’t understands but you blushes anyway.
—You try to remember what he says. You kinda write how it sounds in your book, but only when he goes to the desk again.
—Really don’t want the classe to come to the end.
—But the time comes and you stand up of your chair.
—He looks at you and some minutes of silence make the atmosphere weird.
—U make a reverence and say goodbye, you also say thanks for teaching you so good that day.
—'I hope your father gets better’
—'Honestly I hope he ask me for coming next class, so I hope he caught a cold’
—'Ok but u weird’
—Yes he is saying than he want his father to be sick so he can come again to the class.
—But you find between weird and cute so you smile.
—When you go home you just remember he don’t tell you his age
—He looks young so probably he is the same age as you or a pair of years older
—Next class your teacher is best so he comes and yEAH YUTA IS WITH HIM.—That ruin it a little because he is there and he is watching you, and he helps you with somethings biut you want to ask his father what means the thing that Yuta say to you the another class.
—When Yuta goes to the bathroom you ask your teacher real quick.
—'Oh’ 'Oh?’ 'Well the one that tell you this thinks you are cute and beautiful’
—u jusT BLUSH.
—WHAT. ?????
—You look at Yuta when he comes.
—He blush.
—You blush when he look at you and found you looking him.
—Ahhh so pretty.
—'Stop flirting my student’
—Class over and Yuta’s father give you a homework really easy, so you smile.
—Is something that you can do with the kanjis that Yuta teach u.
—'Here, have this, is some lecture you need to do’
—And when you are in the train to get your home, you look at the lecture.
—in the corner of the paper there is a number.
—And is the letter of your teacher.
—'Marry my son please’
—You laugh but you kinda found it weird.
—U call him when you get your home.
—'konnichiwa’ 'new phone who dis?’ 'Y/N’ 'OH’
—You actually already done the homework, but you tell him you need help.
—'Ok but how do you know my number’ 'hum’
—Becaus I don’t care.
—After a time Yuta and you become friends.
—Yeah, study dates. STUDY.
—'And how I can say 'you are an asshole’ in japanese?’
—'What do you mean? Are you calling me asshole?’
—'No, but now yes. Asshole.’
—Yuta tries his best. You learn real quick, so he’s proud like a mom. Like a dad. But he don’t want to be your dad, I mean, dadd- I should stop. oKAY.
—'Ohmy…My cute and little Y/N is goinng to get a 100/100 in the test’
—Everytime he call you cute you blush.
—You still remember when he tell you cute in japanese for first time.
—A week for you final test of japanese.
—Yuta plans EVERYTHING.
—'If you got a 100 I’m going to pay two tickets for the cinema, and food’
—Guess who got a 100?
—Not you.
—You have a 95/100.
—'I’m still paying the tickets because 95 is high too’
—Saturday, you go to watch a movie about zombies.
—Yuta screams a little, you laugh when someone die.
—Because we are talking about u obviously
—'You are like girl oh my god Yuta’
—'Embrace me Y/N’ 'Duh, no’ 'But I’m afraid of zombies’ 'Ugh, ok’
—At the end you two go to a McDonalds and when you are eating your french fries he look at you and he smile.
—Suddenly he pulls from his pocket a box
—A little box, blue velvet. 
—'Open it’ 'You didn’t need to…’ 'Yes, but is because i’m proud and very happy because i could know you. U R cute Y/N’
—'What is this?' 
—'Hmm a confession?’

—He get scared because he thinks you don’t like him.
—You llet the box for a side, and look him in the eyes, smiling.
—'I like you, I really really want you Yuta’
—'Also, I know you call me cute that day, in japanese. You are a silly bitch, I didn’t know japanese for that time’
—'oh did you notice it? Who tell you?’
—'Your father ??’
—Then Yuta look at the box, and then look at you.
—You open the box.
—There is a necklace and a pendant with ur name writing in japanese.
—You go to him, embrace him and kiss him. Like really a kiss.
—'Miss, you can’t do that here, there are kids…’
—You two get out of the mcdonalds.
—And then you kiss him again.
—'I kinda love you, u know?’

Hi, so I was practicing my english and I made this. I hope is everything good ;-; Well, I hope you all enjoy. :’)


The Power of Renewable Energy

Today NPR put out an article on Nicaragua’s energy revolution. It was so positive that I had to share it:

Nicaragua ten years ago was totally dependent on foreign oil. The country had severe blackouts (frequently) that largely exacerbated an environment of civil war, anger and poverty.

The government started an effort to move towards renewable energy resources as they got plenty of direct sunlight, had volcanoes (and hence geothermal energy) and wind etc.

Now, in 2015, roughly half their electricity comes exclusively from renewable energy!

I’m talking about Nicaragua!

This blew my mind. It’s being estimated that in a few years 80% of their electricity will come from renewable resources. Meanwhile, the U.S. only gets 13% of electricity from renewable energy.

When you put your mind to something, who knows what’s possible.

Read more here.

(Image credit: Inti Ocon/AFP/Getty Images, Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images and Tim Johnson/MCT/Landov)

AFGHANISTAN, Mazar-i-Sharif : An Afghan balloon vendor walks past the Hazrat-e-Ali shrine, or Blue Mosque, in Mazar-i-sharif on September 21, 2014. Afghanistan’s economy has improved significantly since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001 largely because of the infusion of international assistance. Despite significant improvement in the last decade the country is still extremely poor and remains highly dependent on foreign aid. AFP PHOTO / Farshad Usyan

Today, I’m proud to change my profile photo to Barack Obama. This is my president! And I believe he is one of the best presidents in our history. By just about any measure, from jobs, to civil rights, from the environment to the economy - he has accomplished more any modern president. Here’s a greatly abridged reminder of some of his greatest hits:

He saved us from an economic disaster, taking unemployment from 10% to 4.6%.

He saved our auto industry.

He ended two wars.

Captured the man behind Benghazi, killed Bin Laden, got Syria to give up chemical weapons, and got Iran to give up nukes. All without a single American casualty.

He worked tirelessly, taking fewer vacation days than any president since Carter (less than half of what Reagan took and less than a quarter of what Bush took).

He deeply cares about individual Americans and is the first president to establish a system where he personally reads ten letters from citizens every day.

He saved millions of lives through the ACA, stopping discrimination because of gender or pre-existing conditions and letting young people continue to have health coverage under their parents. Now, more people are covered under insurance than ever in our history.

High school graduation rates are the highest they have every been in history.

We have had 82 straight months of job growth, the longest streak ever in the history of our country.

Business start ups are up 20% under Obama.

Wind and solar energy production under Obama is up 252%

He appointed the most diverse cabinet in history, promoting the equality of persons of color and women.

Grew private sector jobs by 11.6 million.

He protected waterways from coal mining, blocked offshore drilling in the Arctic & Atlantic oceans, and worked to create the Paris agreement with other countries to save our plant from climate change.

S&P 500 is up 157%

Highly dedicated to ethics and in 8 years not a single whiff of a scandal for him or his staff.

He reduced the student loan interest rates from 6.8 to 3.9%.

Obama made a concerted effort to help veterans and the result was homelessness among our veterans dropped by HALF! He increased money available for mental health care for veterans by a huge amount. He made regular trips to Walter Reed to spend time with wounded soldiers.

He conducted nuclear summits and convinced 16 countries to get rid of enriched uranium.

President Obama created a law to protect LGBTQ+ Americans from being fired just because they are gay. And he changed his mind and helped the nation embrace marriage equality for all.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed so that gay, lesbian, and transgender soldiers could serve their country and not hide who they are.

Gas prices halved because he reduced our dependence on foreign oil.

He banned torture by US personnel in all circumstances.

He won the Nobel Peace Prize.

He re-opened relations with Cuba for the first time in decades.

He reduced the deficit from 9.8% of the GDP in 2009 to 3.2% in 2016.

He protected us all from banks using our money to make risky investments like the ones that caused the crash in 2008.

He helped women’s equality by opening combat positions to women and ensured that women who were already serving in these type of positions received equal pay.

He created the Dreamers Act to help undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children establish a path to legal residency.

He changed the policy that brought fallen soldiers back to the states in secret. Now, it is done so that the family can be there and he added to that law funds to pay all traveling expenses for the families.

I am proud to say I voted for this man twice (and would do it again if I could).

AFGHANISTAN, Herat : In this photograph taken on December 13, 2014, an Afghan clothes vendor waits for customers by a mudhouse in the outskirts of Herat. Afghanistan’s economy has improved significantly since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001 largely because of the infusion of international assistance. Despite significant improvement in the last decade the country is still extremely poor and remains highly dependent on foreign aid. AFP PHOTO/AREF KARIMI

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so basically you're against jewish self determination?

Right, because creating the largest refugee population in the world and the largest open air prison around a 4 mile piece of land with 1.7 mil people who overwhelmingly reside in refugee quarters and depend on foreign aid for survival, openly calling for (and perpetuating) genocide, setting children on fire/throwing thousands of them into a torture prison without any substantial charges, allowing women in labor to die because they’re holed up at a military checkpoint for five hours, deploying an entire rifle’s worth of bullets into a defenseless 13 year old and emptying hundreds of rockets into one of the most densely populated regions on Earth, killing over a hundred in less than 72 hours and turning it into a community spectacle to laugh at has to do with self determination.

Shut the fuck up, you moral lacking parasite.


A Short History of the Icelandic Banana Industry,

While Iceland is certainly not known for being a producer of the delicious tropical fruit, at one time the island south of the Arctic circle had a thriving banana industry.  Being an island in the North Atlantic, Iceland is very dependent on foreign imports.  However, during World War II shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables came to a halt due to wartime food shortages and the risk of U-Boat attacks.

Like most people living during World War II, the Icelanders had to learn to either do without or improvise with what they had.  The invention and discovery of cheap geothermal power helped provide a solution to the shortages.  In 1940 a number of facilities consisting of geothermal heated greenhouses were constructed in order to grow fresh fruit and vegetables.  Among the first crop was a pod of bananas, the first of which was harvested in 1941.  Production of Icelandic bananas was slow at first, due to lack of sunlight Icelandic bananas take two years to grow and mature.  Near the equator they only take of few months.  However by 1945 Iceland had developed a banana industry that was large enough to meet the demand of the island.

After World War II the Icelandic banana industry continued to thrive due to high import costs of fruit.  In 1960 the Icelandic government removed import tariffs for fruit.  The Icelandic banana industry quickly collapsed as cheap and abundant foreign bananas flooded the market.  Today, bananas are still grown in Iceland, although only by a few greenhouse owners. The Agricultural University of Iceland also operates a greenhouse with 600-700 banana plants.

seeing hillary say “Iraq was a mistake”… I can’t find the right words for it but calling a move that collapsed Iraq’s entire government and decentralized power there to such an extent that they can’t even build a fucking road without depending on foreign assistance… calling that “a mistake” is outrageous

For many of us, Sept. 11, 2001, is one of those touchstone dates — we remember exactly where we were when we heard that the planes hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I was in Afghanistan.

I’d arrived in Kabul on Sept. 9 to cover the trial of eight foreign aid workers who had been arrested by the Taliban regime, which accused them of preaching Christianity to Afghans. Proselytizing was a death penalty crime, and two Americans were among the accused.

As Time magazine’s correspondent in the region, I’d been reporting from Afghanistan on and off since 1997. By 2001, the country — which came under harsh Taliban rule in 1996 — was depleted, dependent on foreign aid and almost entirely cut off from the rest of the world. It was beset by drought and on the brink of famine. Only three countries — Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — recognized the Taliban regime. The most reliable way to get in and out of the country were via United Nations and aid flights from Pakistan, where I was based.

After more than two decades of conflict, the city of Kabul felt dead, crushed by poverty and trauma. Everyone who could afford to leave this formerly cosmopolitan city had emigrated elsewhere. Electricity was sporadic and there was no phone service or postal service. The roads were pocked and broken, with sparse traffic. Curtains in private homes were drawn: No one wanted to encourage prying eyes.

The View From Kabul On Sept. 11, 2001

Photo: Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images
Caption: Members of the Taliban militia ride in vehicles during Afghanistan’s annual Independence Day parade in Kabul on Aug. 19, 2001. Afghanistan was largely cut off from the world during the Taliban’s rule from 1996 to 2001. That changed dramatically after the Sept. 11 attacks.

AFGHANISTAN, JALAL-ABAD : Young Afghan children carry cow dung, to be used as fuel, as they walk on the outskirts of Jalalabad on December 27, 2014. Afghanistan’s economy has improved significantly since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001 largely because of the infusion of international assistance. Despite significant improvement in the last decade the country is still extremely poor and remains highly dependent on foreign aid. AFP PHOTO / Noorullah SHIRZADA

“We’re generating more clean energy. We’re cutting our dependence on foreign oil. We’re pumping out less dangerous carbon pollution. If we keep going down this road, then we’re going to have a future full of good-paying jobs. We’ve got assembly lines that are humming with the components of a clean energy age. We’ve got more of the best trucks and cars in the world designed and engineered and made in America." —President Obama while announcing new fuel efficiency standards for large trucks