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One more week until V3 release!
I preordered THREE copies of the game but still can’t play it on the day it comes out. THIS IS ULTIMATE B_LLSH_T. OUTRAGEOUS.

Japanese Limited Edition(PSVita)- waiting for shipping. prob get this first.
US/EUR Limited Edition(PSVita)(I HAD to get this too, it comes w different bonus items)- waiting for NIS America to do its thing.
LimitedEdition V3 Collaboration Monokuma engraved PS4 - waiting for shipping. i wanted a PS4 for a while now. V3 comes up w a collab. talk about perfect timing….they DID NOT take foreign credit cards so pre-ordering this was a HUGE hassle….had to ask a relative that has a bank account in Japan. its almost like they dont want my money. TAKE IT!! JUST TAKE IT SPIKECHUNSOFT.

I can still technically play it on the game release date if i DL it, but that will mean ill have FOUR copies of the same game…FOUR. you hear me? FOUR.

and that’s just batsh_t crazy.

thegirlwhowaited82  asked:

This isn't exactly convention related, it's more travel related. But-what's the best way to deal with the different currency between the US and Canada? Is it better/easier to just put everything on a credit card? Is there a bank close to the hotel that cash could be exchanged? Or possibly just use an ATM once to get the cash you think you'd be spending? I know fees for doing that can be high. Just wondering what other people have done.

You can use any major credit card in Canada but check to see if there is a foreign transaction fee. Many cards will have 3% (or $5, whichever is less) so constantly using your card may result in lots of small fees.

You can take cash out of any ATM. The convention will take USD so you can have American cash (and I heard that last year their credit card machines were down so you may want cash on hand anyway)

You can also exchange currency at the airport.

I hope that helps! If anyone else has something to add then please do!

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As my first blog entry, I would like to introduce myself.

A Little About Myself…

My name is Agnieszka, but I go by AJ. I was born and raised in Poland. I moved to the U.S. when I was 12 years old. With pretty much no knowledge of English, I taught myself to speak the language through numerous re-readings of the Harry Potter books. It may seem a tad childish, but now the series are my “emotional security blanket,” and I love it!

At 19, I married my high school sweetheart. We were both in an NJROTC program all four years of high school. While I immersed myself into the life of academia, he held on to the military lifestyle, and made me a military wife - as if regular college or married life wasn’t stressful enough! ☺️

Now Onto Today…

I am an undergraduate student at California State University, Fullerton, double majoring in Psychology, and Women & Gender Studies. My true and main focus is Psychology, but I aim to have an emphasis on human sexuality, which Psychology alone couldn’t provide, so Women & Gender Studies helped me fulfill that goal. My husband likes to tell me that I am an addict and academics are my substance, because apparently my life revolves around schoolwork. Yes, it has gotten to the point where I even do school work at work on the weekends. But hey - at least it is a productive addiction! 

I am involved in many activities at CSUF (peer mentor, tutor, TA, etc.), but most importantly, I am a Chief Research Assistant on a research team, where I study human sexual aggression, as well as perceptions of psychotherapy. I’m going to sound very cheesy, but my lab mates are like my academic soul mates, and my advisor is like my guardian angel. Bottom line, I could’t have asked for a better team! 

My Aspirations…

My dream is to be able to conduct my own research on human sexuality, and to be a college psychology professor. I’m still conflicted on practicing therapy - abnormal psychology and sexual therapy really intrigue me, but research and teaching seem to be my true passion. To achieve my goals, I hope to be accepted in a clinical psychology Ph.D. program. I will be applying at the end of this year, so I’m very excited. I will be applying to a lot of great programs, and most of them will be outside of my current home state, California, but I cannot wait to start this new chapter of my life. I’m sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting to find out where I will be going. 

The Goal of My Blog…

I started this blog to share the journey to my dream career. I hope that on my way, this blog will help me connect with other students who share similar ideas, or maybe it might help out students who are a step behind, or need a little guidance and motivation. 

Either way, I am looking forward to this adventure with psychology! Or in other words - I’m Psyched! (Yes, pun intended 😆)

Today, once again, I have been an object of one individual’s “adoration”. Let me tell you one thing - honestly, if you at least tried to come up with something orginal, straight from your heart (or pants, I don’t care), not a shitty pick-up line from the Internet, I would have smiled and be nice to you.

You should have seen this loser’s face after I pulled a foreigner card and nicely told him to fuck off in my mother tongue. He looked terrified

I am actually impressed. If self-fives were socially acceptable, I would be giving myself one, right about now.

I honestly don’t get the whole obsession with foreign language cards like… good job… you spent extra money so you could alienate new players and drove up prices for those who need cards in that language…