foreign art




A beautiful comic by harbo, a talented Pixiv artist who generously let me post her work on tumblr.


I suspect that McGonagall was very forthcoming with her opinions about Cornelius Fudge’s decisions over his tenure as Minister. The addition of a Permanant Sticking charm and a strange hex that made the frames fly over to the nearest blank space on the wall and firmly attach soon became Cornelius Fudge’s worst nightmare. 

(After all, having twenty different needlepoint frames scattered across the Minister’s Office with ‘Cornelius, You Gormless Twit’ and ‘Fudge the Nincompoop’ in intricate embroidery didn’t exactly inspire confidence in his leadership.)

i dont understand why english ppl just cant dub or sub work in foreign languages….we translate your shit everywhere else why cant YOU dub work you enjoy instead of making your own version imagine how much cooler this world would be if foreign actors were known in english countries because their ORIGINAL work was shown

La La Land

Seeing him again
At the piano
Same scene
New set
The curl across his forehead
Like half decades change nothing
She remembered an old art
One lost under stage lights
Behind cameras
Foreign accents

The art of missing him

Back it floods
An ache in her arms
Reach out
To that new old piano
A knot in her tongue
Sing the next note
In their song

Eyes close
Just for a moment
A moment’s all it takes
A flicker of piano
And he’s there
Replacing the man she came with
Walking her to the green ribbon car
Dancing under streetlamps
Cheering under spotlights
Stepping into the tap shoes
What a waste of a wonderful night