International Music Recommendations

Here’s a list of artists and groups I have amassed from my language studies that I love and wanted to recommend. Some of them are just bands/artists that I’m familiar with. I’ve included links to my favorite songs of most of the artists. 

If you have any recommendations to me, in any language, feel free to share!







Why Do Turkish People "Open" The Lights?

If you ever had the chance to talk to a Turkish person, you will realize that at some point, when they are talking fast they will say that they “open” an electrical device. Such as;

I opened my computer last night… I mean I turned it on

This happens just only because of the native language. The Turkish word for “to open” is “açmak” and it also means “to turn on”

If you go further you will also see that they will use the word “açık” (adj, open) for colors that are “light”

If after a cloudy morning, it becomes sunny, Turkish people will say “The sun opened” (Güneş açtı) to indicate that it became sunny.

It is just incredible that one word can mean all of that…