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ok but jhope stans are the sweetest people i've ever met in the bts fandom! they are caring and lovely, get overly emotional when hoseok shows his forehead (i mean...who doesn't lmao) and they are generally very soft spoken and have no in between when it comes to hobi. it's either "i want to stargaze with hoseok and give him all the stars in the sky" or "i want hoseok to f*ck me so hard his hip thrusts send me all the way to the moon" (you're def 1 of them lila, lol, i love u and ur stories <3)

this is so nice ;___; ALSO ACCURATE!! (as far as the last part, I can’t lie lmao IM ALWAYS THINKIN ABOUT THOSE HIPS) & omg You’re so sweet bby, thank you! Love you! <33

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