Trying to work out the order of what happened at the banquet is fun because like… I have to imagine that the dancing with Yurio and Viktor happened first, because Yuuri is fully dressed in those still, and then Chris pulled out a pole??? And stripped??? And Yuuri decided to lose his pants and do some pole dancing. And THEN he asked Viktor to be his coach if he won the next dance-off, which could really only have been the pole-dancing, unless you wanna tell me Yuuri put ON clothes to cling to Viktor and ask him

So… basically, I’m forced to conclude that Yuuri asked Viktor to be his coach if he won his pole-dancing battle with Chris, and then took off his shirt to do so. Like.

My Stomach Hurts

AU in which Lukas was shot in the stomach instead of the shoulder/chest. 

(Inspired by this random text post I made which people seemed to like? This is also pretty self-indulgent because I needed some fluff after the last episode.)

Philip wakes up to the feeling fingers playing with his hair. He lifts his head from where it was resting on his arm and sees Lukas smiling at him from where he’s propped up on his pillows. Philip had been in the hospital with him all night and had obviously fallen asleep on the side of the bed. 

Lukas had woken up for the first time the night before, much to everyone’s utmost relief. Philip had hardly left his side since, much to Bo’s annoyance, but Philip couldn’t have cared less. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a list of a few cute things each of the boys would do if you were dating? Thank you ^-^

All the fluff akzoskozks


- Forehead kisses 2000000 times a day
- Wrapping an arm around your waist in a crowded area so he never loses hold of you
- Cooking you breakfast in bed
- Giving you back rubs when you’re stressed


- Being sososo attentive of you and memorizing every detail possible
- Letting you come to the studio with him all the time and just talking while he works
- Randomly grabbing your hand and kissing across your knuckles
- Doing quite literally anything for you and acting like a grouch while it’s happening but his tummy is probably doing flips in happiness


- Teaching you so softly how to some of their choreography because he enjoys sharing his interests with you and he’d be like “okay baby, get this move totally down and I’ll give you a kiss” cause he’s a cutie
- Waking you up with kisses all over your face
- Tickle fights/play fights all the damn time
- Overall just being a complete angel, he’ll always be there to make you happy


- Late night talks where you’re tangled together, one of his hands in your hair and the other probably on your boob or butt and he’s just telling you his theories and outlook on the world
- Clumsy bf Namjoon where he tries to do something romantic but something always goes wrong and then he gets all flustered but you’re like “it’s okay bb, it’s still amazing” and he’s like “this is why I’m in love with you”
- Kisses all the time, cheek kisses, neck kisses, jaw kisses, forehead kisses, all the kisses
- B A C K H U G S


- He’s a cheese ball and would have a cheesy comment for everything you do, resulting in him laughing and blushing each and every time he says something cheesy
- So many cuddles it hurts
- Okay consider this: lazy Sundays with Jimin where you stay in bed until noon and then shower together and then go to the convenience store and stock up on whole bunch of snacks and then watch movies and cuddle for the rest of the day
- He’s just the cuddliest person to ever exist


- Tae would do everything spontaneously and some of the cutest moments ever would come of it - like, you’d go down to the beach one day and there would be a huge group of kids and he’d befriend them all and you’d just watch like “wow, I can’t believe angels are real”
- He’d play with your hair all. The. Time.
- Silly selfies 24/7
- Also cuddles 24/7 where he literally cocoons himself into you because he’s an actual puppy


- The type of boyfriend who takes pictures of you all the time when you’re doing simple things because he just loves you so much and wants to preserve the moment
- Back hugs are also a big thing for Jungkook, like he’d just rest his chin on the top of your head and slowly sway back and forth
- The cutest random kisses where he pulls away and then blushes and apologizes like “I’m sorry… I just really wanted a kiss” and you’re like *lol I’m dying ur so good how are you mine*
- Bunny smiles at everything you do, he’s just so full of pride that he got someone as amazing as you and he’ll never get over it

nahyuta: wheres apollo

datz: he went to work with his boyfriend.

nahyuta: can he even legally investigate here, he’s not certified in this country

datz: he’ll be fine. apollo said he was a prodigy or something. but he did say it had been a few years? something like that. dont worry so much.


klavier, with his fingers pressed against the neck of a corpse with a chalk outline around it: herr forehead i dont mean to alarm you but this guy’s definitely dead

apollo: thanks

little house on the hill

here’s my sorta terrible fic for w/w day!! written in actually like 10 mins !! if i get my way there will be more of these three in my writing agenda though!! hope you guys enjoy (at least a little)

“i’d like to raise goats someday,” i’m saying, i’m not really thinking, i’m not sure i’m really here, laying in the grass and looking up at the clouds while mine and nico’s identical hair is meshing on my forehead and his arm hitting my side is making me overheat.

it’s deathly hot even though it’s not nearly summer and there are birds chirping in the willow trees across the field and we can see the outlines of Watford, not too far away across the meadow.

don’t ask me why we’re here. it’s never my idea.

it wasn’t my idea the first time we snuck out at midnight last year to spell the bridge down and get drunk, or the few after that. it wasn’t my idea to go camping for a week with nothing but our wands during testing week, or to take turns seeing who can not get wet by attempting to spell ‘what goes up must come down’ while jumping into the moat.

i always win. nico always groans at me saying “wouldja come on ebb? let me or fi have at least a bit uv a chance?”

i just smile, and fiona shakes her head. nico groans again because he knows he can’t ask anymore questions or i’ll go straight to the rant about not caring how much magic i have or what i can do. i know they both care.

it’s fine.

i think maybe i do care, but not for the reasons that most mages do.

like i can spell a whole load of laundry clean, i can appreciate that. if i had my own herd, i could teach myself to direct them without even opening my mouth. it would be a nice life. i’d have a small cabin, i wouldn’t have to worry about all this war stuff that i keep hearing in class, from the teachers, about how great i’m supposed to be.

i wonder if they’d really just let me be.

“i’d like to raise goats,” i find myself saying again.

nico rolls his eyes at me exhasperated. “yes. that’s the second time you’ve mentioned it sister, i’m sure we’re all aware by now.”

he looks to fiona, expecting a look in return. he doesn’t get one.

fiona never laughs at me or my ideas.

my brother has been after fiona for as long as i can remember. it’s funny, but i get this weird feeling in my chest when i see it, her flirting with him.

i can’t tell if it’s me being defensive of nico, or me being defensive of fiona. i love them both. i’d do anything for them. having magic like i do, means that i’ll always be able to be there for them.

at supper (we actually eat in the hall for once) nico slaves away over his rolls, and i can tell i’m nodding off into my own head again, thinking about music and goats and a cabin and fiona-

when i notice that fiona is staring at me funny. it’s not the first time. then she takes my hand under the table and everything sort of snaps into focus.

i’ve always loved fiona’s smile, how it’s that one part of give-em-hell and another part soft.

i’ve seen both parts, but definitely more one than the other.

fiona, on a normal day is fire. she rims her eyes with black to match her hair that is charcoal and she walks like who ever doesn’t get out of her way will not want to know what is going to happen to them.

i’ve seen her defending nico, defending me, more times than i can count, when her mouth is spitting curses like an overflowing typewriter and her arm is swinging like a sword cutting the air while spells tumble though her lips powerful, and strong and dark.

but there are times, when i do get to see the other part of her.

when she comes up to my room and she’ll sit on my bed with her head in my lap as i study and when i think about moving, she’ll open one eye like a cat and her cheek will quirk as she smiles because she doesn’t want to leave just yet.

how when we were lost and very in trouble she’d give me the same smile, a hint more fierce, and search for my hand to slip into hers.

her hand under the table is very warm, and her eyes are very wide. very beautiful. fiona has always been beautiful, it’s not the first i’ve admitted this to my self.

she squeezes my fingers. i can’t help my smile.

when we’re all heading up to bed, she says goodnight to nico early and lets me drag her up to my room where i put on some good music and she sighs.

she can’t stop smiling, and i can’t stop smiling either.

the only time i stop is when she takes the three steps over to where i’m standing by the door and presses her lips to mine.

i feel like my knees almost give out. her touch feels like fire too. huh.

she’s tucking my hair behind my ears and our foreheads are touching and she says “i’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

i can feel my heart jump. i want to say the same thing, but i don’t. i let her kiss me again as my hand drifts to her waist.

“why now?”

i’m whispering. i don’t want to break whatever this is with my voice, i don’t want it to stop.

she sighs like she’s laughing at herself.

“just didn’t have the goddamn courage before.”

her eyes are hungry and the next kiss she places on the underside of my jaw burns like a match.

“oh.” is all i can say.

 she breaks away and mumbles something that sounds like

“the sky is falling”

and then the clouds from this afternoon are all around us and i feel like i’m flying and falling in more ways than one.

“had to make it special.” fiona says in the most vulnerable voice i’ve ever heard.

and i know i’m being cheesy but i say “but it already is.”

and i kiss her because now i know that i can and i don’t say it but i’ve wanted to for so long. she’s laughing but it’s not in her normal sad way, she laughs like she just might be happy.

my heart jumps a bit higher.

maybe the goats will work out after all. in the meadows, in a cabin.

with fiona.

Sneak - [EXO] Boyfie!Chanyeol

Originally posted by essentyeol

[A/N] I swear, my first night at the hubby’s place is gonna play out like this. He practically signed up for this.

First night. First night in Chanyeol’s house. First night in Chanyeol’s parents’ house.

The night light is on. There’s stars in this room. A glow in the dark cluster of stars that made you stare at the ceiling when you should be sleeping. Your phone is plugged by the make up table, charging silently. Too silent.

Shuffling left and right, you frowned at the dimmed view of the room, blinking actively. ‘Is he asleep? Is he really asleep?’ You turned to the side table, next to the night light to grab the alarm clock indicating the time. 'It’s barely midnight…’ you huffed to your back. Sitting up in the middle of the bed, you blew hot air to your forehead. 'I’m so bored.’

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Yes, I am aware of how bad this looks. Yes I am aware that my editor cut of the First P. Yes, I made Brendon’s forehead huge, but it’s only for humor, ok, my intention was never to offend someone.
This is Peterick Vs. Ryden #39 in cartoon.
Inspiration by @peterickvsryden because I could not send images in the submission box :(

anonymous asked:

What're some ways to figure out if a cat is sorrel or ruddy? I was lookin through Google and I honestly can't tell which one is which qwq

the easiest way to tell is that ruddy cats have black tails/spines/forehead and sorrel cats just have a darker red

ruddy vs sorrel


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RS #59 “Growl” (ft. EXO’s Sehun) (5/5) [END] - Rated

Genre(s): Romance, AU

Warning(s): Sexual themes = smut

Words: 5, 310 (with the epilogue)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

“And that was what happened for the last few months.” You didn’t know why you tried to smile as you watched him absorb all the information that you just dumped on him.

His hair became a mess when he rubbed the towel you gave him over his face again. Good thing the towel was a dark navy, otherwise he would’ve seen the blood that the gunshot left on his forehead. His arms collapsed on the tabletop of your minute dinner table as he breathed deeply again.

“I must’ve invited myself over here then and the ruckus back there,” he nodded his head to the wreckage behind him. “…I did those too?”

You nodded back weakly.

“Were you hurt?” his eyes immediately scanned the visible skin from under the knitted wool shawl that you threw over your thin camisole.

Immediately, the memory of Sehun’s tongue in contact with your skin made the tiny hairs on your skin stand erect. You gulped and said, “No. Thankfully, you seem to have distracted him, so I managed to throw… salt at him.”


“Y-Yeah,” In your head, you knew that it was an obvious lie, but the person in front of you was no longer Damien Carlouszelle. It was R. Your R who you have been missing all these time. You can’t just tell him that some werewolf shot him in the head. “…salt repels demons, right?”

He let out a low choked back laugh. “All of these just feels so surreal to me. The last thing I remember was touring this cave in Italy. That was the day that I was tired and I missed you so badly and nearly a year later, I woke up in your living room and here you say that I cheated on you and broke up with you. I’m wearing clothes that I don’t remember buying. I don’t remember where I live… I just… This demon or whatever he is took over my life and I don’t know anything anymore, Y/N.” In a matter of seconds, his calm demeanor had broken down and he was sobbing in front of you. “What do I do? Just tell me what should I do because I honestly don’t know how to get my life back. I have nothing. I’m no one. I’m nothing.”

‘Demons feast on weak souls.’ You remembered from a lesson in your theology class. Back then, you couldn’t even begin to imagine that you will not only be involved with a demon, but also a werewolf.

Your lips parted to say something, but it closed again as you continued seeing the man who used to be your whole life crumble in front of you. Your body moved on its own, possibly driven by nostalgia, and you crossed the short distance that separated you, so that you could pull him to your chest and wrap your arms around him. “It’s okay, I’m still here.”

R was still trembling when he finally leaned into your touch and cried the most that he ever has in front of any one his whole life.

From where you stood, you met familiar eyes. The intelligent eyes of the puppy that you plucked from the rain-soaked ground all those nights ago, but if the glaze over his eyes then was curious and almost nonchalant, today was different.

In the confusion earlier, R had entered the room while Sehun stood behind the door ready to ambush, but when you met R’s earnest and helpless gaze, you called for Vlad instead. R barely questioned the fact that you had a puppy sitting on top of a pile of men’s clothes and Sehun, in such form, did not even have the chance to ask at all.

It took careful thinking and deduction for you to figure out what Sehun was thinking in his human form, but for some reason, it was easy to read the emotion that radiated off him now just like how you would feel heat from a fireplace.


You took the week off work with the help of R who had visited your boss. She seems to have forgotten Damien completely and greeted R as if he had just come back from his extended vacation. You helped R track down the pieces of his life that he had left which proved to be both difficult and easy at the same time. His social media accounts weren’t of much help because apparently, Damien had allowed the girls that he played with to use R’s account. No one remembers his deeds because memories of Damien as R has been erased from the minds of the people he met. However, much of the ‘physical’ records remain.

You spent the whole week going back and forth banks, bars, offices and condominiums. He had no money and more credit card debts. He had a place to stay, but without the key, he can’t get in without the passcode. It was going to take at least three more days to get the place opened.

He was sitting quietly on your couch with his face buried in his hand as you stirred that night’s dinner. Ramyun. Turning off the stove, you were careful when you called his name. He sighed and leaned back dejectedly.

You sat in front of him, using the coffee table as a stool, so that you can see him eye to eye. “You okay?”

He mustered a small smile, “Yeah, you know I never got to thank you.”

“For what?”

“For everything that you’ve done for me these past few days. You don’t owe anything to me and you didn’t have to help me, but you did.” He reached for your hands and cradled them in his. He rubbed circles on the back of your hand as he tried to formulate his next words. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

He raised your knuckles to his lips before letting them go. From his pockets, he pulled out a ring; the very same ring that Damien had given you from awhile back. Instead of slipping it on your fingers or giving it to you, he fiddled with the silver band keeping his eyes on the way the diamond caught the fluorescent lights. “When I bought this,” you gasped at the realization that R had bought it himself and Damien did not make the fact up. “…I was still a junior associate in a law firm, you were still my girlfriend and I had two plane tickets to Sweden.”

R sighed again before he met your concerned gaze. “I was debating whether I should propose to you and take you with me to Europe or keep the ring, think about it a little more and return to you after six months. I thought we were too young.”

The tears spilled from his eyes and he hastily wiped them against his sleeves. You bit your trembling lip as you remembered the way he hesitated so much when you saw him off in the airport. “Do you know just how much I’m regretting it?”

Your answering smile was cracked yet sympathetic.

“I remember your face then, you were such a bad liar. You said you’ll be okay, but you looked like you were going to cry and at that moment, I swear I had second thoughts. I thought, ‘Should I just drop Europe and propose now in the most clichéd manner in the world?’. I even carried this ring with me everywhere just in case.” You both laughed lightly at his sweet recollection. “But then again, I thought that my sweet Y/N will be waiting for me anyway. What’s six months? Ah, maybe this was my punishment.”

He took one of your hands and placed the ring on your palm. “It’s yours, I found it in my jacket pocket, but it has always been yours. The situation isn’t ideal. I know I’m broke, jobless and homeless. A hundred things have gone wrong, but the first thing that I should have fixed was us.”

You couldn’t answer. When he closed the distance between the two of you and kissed you on the lips, you didn’t budge either.

“I’m not asking you to marry me, so any answer would be great.” He grinned for the first time that day, but it didn’t reach his eyes as he tried to snap you out of your daze.

You both heard a bark from the corner of the room and your eyes immediately sought out where it came from. Vlad, Sehun in his dog form, stood alert. His whole body was still as he looked at you.

You tore your eyes away from Vlad and looked at R’s unwavering hopeful gaze.

R was perfect. He has always been your missing puzzle piece, but why can you not give him the answer that he desperately wants?

“The fact that you aren’t answering should be enough of a clue, right? I understand.” He kissed your cheek and stood up, heading straight for the door.

“Wait!” your voice was loud, frantic, but it became meek once you stood in front of him. “I have an answer for you.”

He patiently waited until you mustered enough courage to take his hand and return the beautiful ring to him. “I’m sorry. We’re not broken, so we don’t need fixing. We’re just… over. I know it’s more complicated than this, but you have to understand that it’s difficult for me to just accept you again.”

As if his gaze was not already soft, it turned even tenderer. “I told you, I understand. I’ve stared into those eyes countless times to know that you’re not looking at me the same way you did before.”

“This is why you’re too perfect.” You smiled and stepped forward to wrap your arms around his waist. You dried the fresh tears that you were shedding on his shirt. “You have to be okay. Make me regret this.”

He laughed and your heart ached a little bit more as he returned your embrace, tucking you under his chin. “And you have to be happy, Y/N.”

He pulled away with a smile and you tried to smile as giddily. “I’ll go stay in a sauna or something. Thank you for your help all these time. I hope your boyfriend didn’t get mad.”


“The clothes in your room.” He remarked simply. “No? I guess not. The dog’s cute, by the way.”

You woke up under the warmth of your duvets with the delicate rays of the young sunrise kissing your face. In fact, you were feeling a little warmer than usual and maybe a little bit constricted. Your pillow was a bit stiffer than usual too. You cracked your eyes open and the first thing that you saw was your hand enveloped by a bigger, bony hand. Your gaze traced the hand to a pale arm that propped your neck up.

You stirred slowly to face the other side and there he was. You raised a hand to touch his warm cheek and the action was enough for him rouse.

His gaze was as clouded and unreadable as you remembered. Maybe the early morning fatigue was convincing you that there was much more beneath the surface compared to that snowy morning when you first called him by his name. The way you breathed his name now, “Sehun.”

“Before you ask, I’m here because you called my name in your sleep and when I came to check on you, you caught my shirt and wouldn’t let me go.” His voice was raspy and somehow you were glad that he was able to sleep.

A sly smile curled on your lip. “You’re a freaking werewolf, you could have escaped.”

“True.” He agreed. “I didn’t want to.”

You were about to respond, but this sequence of events have become quite familiar to already that it made you shoot upright with a confused Sehun slowly rising up to meet your eyes. You raked a hand through your hair, hoping to tame it a little because with the frustration slapped across your face, you can hardly be considered attractive.

“What’s wrong?” he asked with a soft voice and a hand on your knee. You glared at his hand before directing it to him.

“What’s wrong? Why do you do this, huh? Why do you say or do nice things one moment and leave me completely hanging the other? You kiss me as if I matter and then the next second, you’re gone! You left me alone when I needed you, when I desperately asked you to stay… you touch me once and when I’m crumbling in your arms, you let me go. I don’t understand you as well as you see through me, Sehun.” For the first time in your life, you spoke your mind without crying. Trembling, definitely, but at least you weren’t crying. “…and despite what you think, I don’t need you to live on.”

You saw his jaw tighten as he nodded, agreeing to the absurdity of his actions. “That’s great. You’re not so weak anymore.”

“Yeah, I’m not as fragile as you think I am.” You knew your words struck a chord in him when you saw his lip twitch. “…so can’t you rely on me a little? I can handle the truth.”

He looked at you for a whole second, just taking in your determined appearance. You have changed from the time that you picked Sehun up from the street. He couldn’t help but feel a little sense of pride as he looked at you then with the sun creating a halo around your face.

He groaned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, postponing the impending revelations just to mess with you a little more. “Ah, where do I begin?”

“How about we start with ‘why did you act like you were allergic to me whenever you kissed me that you had to leave’?” you crossed your arms over your chest and Sehun had to stop himself from smiling because you didn’t look as intimidating as you thought you did.

“Those are two separate, but mildly related issues.” He began, his voice stabilizing. “Let’s start with why I left.”

“Please do enlighten me.” The edge in your voice was detectable even to you and you thought you tasted bitter venom on your tongue.

“Despite what you may think, I had plans of leaving ever since I met Damien in the form of your ex-boyfriend. The serpent tattoo he had on his forefinger, which I assume you saw, was Damien’s… you could say, trademark.” He only paused to take a breath before he continued. “I had suspicions then, but I was reluctant to leave you alone, so when I finished putting protective wards in this apartment, I planned to leave, but then you kissed me and I kissed you back and I… couldn’t control myself. We were about to do something we shouldn’t do.”


“We’ll get to that issue later.” He coughed, trying to push the memory of your lips to the back of his head. “Anyway, I put a weak protective charm on you and left to look for Suho-hyung. Demon-banishing is not a talent, it’s a skill that is learned after years of practice, but I didn’t have the time. In simple terms, I took a crash course under Suho-hyung and it was much more difficult than I thought, so he suggested that I borrow a seraph weapon instead.”

“Seraph? As in an angel?”

“Yes, genius. Seraph weapons are made for the purpose of banishing demons, I just needed to obtain one and use it against Damien. But that time, the ward on you was weakening and without your scent, I was sapped out of my energy. I came back just to steal your clothes or something, but I saw Damien harassing you and you looked so helpless that honestly… I was swayed.” You saw how he hesitated to say the last few words.

“Oh, so this has become my fault now?”

“It is. You just… you’ll be the death of me, I swear and if you interrupt me one more time, I don’t know what I’ll do.” He growled, the tension rippling under the wraps of his consciousness. “I wanted to stay when you asked me to, but blindly fighting against him would have killed the both of us.

“With the help of Princess Dia VIII, Suho-hyung and I met a half-angel, Leo.” He raised a finger to stop you from interrupting. “Before you ask, yes, we do know the princess and her family. We know both the solar and lunar royal families. We have pledged allegiance to King Shihyuk in the past and have been friends with Princess Dia VIII since she was a child.”

You blinked repeatedly trying to wrap your mind around the fact that the man in front of you has a direct connection to the people that practically run the rest of the world outside your door. Before you could utter another word, Sehun continued his story.

“Because I’m not an angel, I needed to find a weapon that fits my frequency, hence the gun. After that, I needed to train a little more so that I can handle it with ease. Training drained my energy, so I went to see you and that time, in the rain… I had a gut feeling, so I put a stronger protective charm on you.” He sighed, messing up his hair more as he let his fingers throw it off his face. “I should have known then that he was coming for you. I was arrogant. I thought putting a protective charm in your office was enough, but I didn’t consider the fact that he was already manipulating people inside your space. For letting you go through all of that, I’m sorry.”



You were fuming and any more of this will make you cry, so you stopped holding in your feelings with your mind and let your heart take over.

You hooked your arm around Sehun’s neck to kiss him, using all of your weight to pin him to the bed. Maybe it was intentional, maybe he was taken aback, or maybe despite everything, he wanted you to kiss him because it didn’t take much for him to wrap his own limbs around you like a tight tourniquet that’s keeping your melting heart from spilling all over the bed.

Feeling his hand push the back of your head into him deeper, you opened your mouth and let his tongue in. You rolled your hips against his stomach, earning a deep rolling thunder from his mouth before he forcibly flipped you over and against the bed. Sehun used his strength to keep your shoulders pinned down as he tried to catch his breath. He waited for the words that you would’ve said by then, asking him the questions that you had tried to ask so desperately before, but it never came.

Instead, for the first time in decades, he felt his heart break at the sight of your pained tears.

“Why?” you cried, finally releasing all the pent-up frustration into one word.

“You don’t understand.” He grit through his teeth slowly, pronouncing each syllable heavily as his intense gaze almost bore through your skull. “It’s not that I don’t want to. You’re an attractive woman and just the fact that I can’t keep my hands off of you even when I’m trying should tell you a lot already.”

“Then what?” you screeched, jerking against his hold. “Is this about that duchess? You still can’t forget about her?”

That seemed to have ignited something in Sehun because you felt his rough palms squeeze your shoulders a little bit tighter. You were looking into his eyes but you didn’t see the moisture that fell from them and only felt it hit your cheek.

“If we consummate our strange relationship,” his breath was shaky as he tried to continue. “…you cease to be my owner and me your servant. We become equals, but still ultimately bound to each other. You become my mate and your time will stop because you have to live for as long as I do. You become immortal.”

You felt your eyes widen as the gravity of his statements shook your very core. “Immortal?”

“Immortal, but not invincible. You will not gain any special talents, you will just stop aging and watch every living person you know, die. As time passes, you will begin to forget memories of your youth. Even the word ‘youth’ will be very strange to you because you won’t remember yours. You will collect scars even if I cast a protective charm on you and heal you everyday.” At this point, you noticed that Sehun was no longer looking at you. He seem to be looking through you as he lived through his own memories. “You will become very lonely, but pretend that you’re okay. You will hate your own reflection because it never changes and soon, you will begin to hate me because I was the one who had made you like that. In the end, without a single kiss or even a note to say goodbye, you will throw yourself into a pit of fire before shooting yourself dead.”

A gunshot.

The memory was clear in his head as his brothers tried to keep him from throwing himself into the fire where his duchess lay.

Sympathy was easy to feel for this boy who finally bared his feelings to you as you wiped away his tears. “I’m not her.”

“You say that now.” He accused with a tender tone. “If I watch you every day for 70 years or so and sit by your deathbed, I have the rest of my life to try and forget you. I will find a new owner and maybe I’ll be happier as time goes by because I can tell myself that there was nothing I could’ve done. I would eventually let go of your memory but if you let me hold onto you now, which I promise I will if you kiss me again, I cannot promise that I’ll forget. If you let me wake up to your face every day for centuries only to disappear one day… How do you expect me to live through that?”

You open your mouth once before it settled into a line. You sighed and pulled Sehun against the crook of your neck to which he wearily obliged. “I don’t know, but let me decide. Don’t choose for me because whether I live just until Halley’s Comet returns or until it has returned for the 9th time, I wouldn’t mind if I was with you. I’m not afraid of watching everyone I know die because even then I’d have you, but if I die, who would you have left? It’s one thing to have someone around you and another to have someone you belong to. These much I know, aren’t these enough for me to kiss you again and seal the deal?”  

You felt his lips on the skin where your neck and your shoulders met. Without a word, he traced the vein that sang for his lips the most before cupping your cheek and meeting your parted lips. You could tell that he was being careful with you, years of control molding into one single moment.

“Is that a yes?” you whispered once he finally pulled away to look you in the eyes.

“I wish I had enough self-control left to say no, but you broke me a long time ago.” he replied before tracing his thumb over your swollen lip.

“When?” you whispered when he was only a breath away.

“From the moment you squeezed your eyes shut and kissed me on your doorway.” He smiled at the memory.

He took your lips again and you gave it to him and more willingly. His hand went from your cheek down to the valley of your torso where his fingertips danced around. You tugged on his shirt, partly because you wanted it off, but mostly because the sensation caught you by surprise.

Sehun broke the kiss to remove his shirt, but when he pulled away and caught sight of your bee-stung lips, hazy eyes and rosy cheeks, something overcame him and he just ripped your clothes away until you were laying on shredded fabric. Suddenly feeling exposed, without a single piece covering you, you tried to curl into a less revealing position. He saw what you were trying to do, so with one hand he gripped your wrists together over your head.

The familiar warmth of his tongue enveloped your nipples making you erupt into vicious moans as you felt the heat pool between your legs. His teeth grazed your beaded tips and you felt goosebumps crawl all over your body.

“Do you know how hard it was for me to watch another man kiss you?” he grunted against your cheek when he positioned his hips between your legs, the material of his sweatpants briefly grazing you. “In my head, I was tearing him to pieces.”

“Why? Jealous?” you gasped out, the mischief in your voice didn’t go unnoticed.

He didn’t answer and let go of your hands to kick his sweats off. You propped yourself up with an elbow and watched him curiously, unconsciously panting through your nose and swallowing when you saw him in full glory. You hugged your knees and watched as he crawled on the bed like a predator sizing up his prey. “Why would you be?” you breathed slowly, the words more of an answer to you than a question to him. “I’m yours.”

He smiled at you, remembering the very words that had come out of his own mouth. He inched towards you and with a hand behind your head; he placed his lips on your forehead. “Please, please promise me that I won’t regret this.” He said as he pressed his forehead against yours, your breaths intertwining in the close proximity. “Please, Y/N.”

“I’m not going anywhere, Sehun.” You assured him and that was all he needed to proceed.

With careful touches, guided by years of control, he lay you back down and pressed his bare body against your skin. His burning touch was making you shiver and his lips on yours could not suppress the whimpers that escaped your throat.

His cock grazed against your wet clit as he rocked his body against yours, chest to chest, hip to hip, closer than ever before. His palm pressed against your breasts, kneading the soft mounds before going further south, tracing the dip of your waist before going behind and grabbing you from behind. You arched your back and met the tip of his erection sliding past your folds.

Sehun kept his eyes open as he watched your face contort when he finally slid in, entering your warm crevice smoothly as if he was meant to be there in the first place. You sighed as you felt him fill you up, your fingers drilling into his shoulder. He only needed your gasps and moans to know that you wanted him to move. He began building the crescendo as he thrusted into you in quick yet languid successions, his movement taking you for a ride.

He suddenly picks up the pace taking you to the edge before slowing back down, taking his time to leave marks on your neck.

“You’re going to drive me nuts before you make me cum.” You murmured, your voice ragged, your breath shallow. He chuckled, pulling one of your legs to rest on his shoulder as he started to pound you in an inhuman rate.

Your voice faltered and somehow, you can’t even moan as you felt the orgasm build itself on your abdomen. You finally opened your eyes and meeting Sehun’s gaze only made the pleasure crash onto you. He concentrated on the knot that formed on your forehead as he continued thrusting into you. Sehun couldn’t even feel the pain of your sharp nails indenting on his shoulder as he himself felt so close to release.

You pulled him closer still wrapping your arms around his neck despite the heat and sweat that covered you like a veil. You whispered his name fervently as if the repetitions would bring you sweet release. His consistent speed started to falter as your walls tightened around him. He felt his control stretch further to its limit after every move inside you.

You sang his name and he felt you tighten even more until you came.

You thought for a second that you had died because you only saw white when your orgasm ripped through you, making you cry out and arch back against Sehun’s taut body. He joined you easily right after and you almost came for a second time when his hot liquid poured into you.

Sehun was panting but not as much as you were when he collapsed on your side. He pulled the covers over your bodies, but kept his distance as you continued staring into the ceiling.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” he finally inquired after he has fully regained his normal respiratory functions.

You turned to him, using your remaining energy to take deep breaths. “What’s there to say? If I weren’t sore right now, I’d give you a standing ovation.”

He grinned and you smiled back weakly. “You know that you can’t turn back now, right?”

You nodded. “I wouldn’t even if you forced me to.”

“Y/N… I just wanted to tell you that I’m not in love with you yet.” He confessed, brushing stray hair away from your face.

“Oh wow, thanks.” You tried to laugh, but he only stared at you.

“The feelings take the longest to disappear, but you just made me forget everything in the past few minutes. I think I can begin again.” He said as he inched closer to you.

You nodded, accepting his honesty and putting your heart at ease as you close your eyes. Your breathing evened out and he thought you were ready to fall asleep, but then you suddenly asked, “So am I immortal now?”

Sehun had laughed more that night with you than he ever had his whole life. “Yeah, you are.”

“Nice.” You whispered weakly. “Please take care of me.”

You had touched Sehun’s life in more ways than anyone has and he has changed yours infinitely. Happiness, contentment, passion… you had never felt so much emotion in one night and Sehun had filled your senses with his voice, scent, taste and smile, but a feeling rose above all of these—the overwhelming touch of a budding love.


Five years later…

You groaned when you felt the bed dip as Sehun rose in the middle of the night. “Sehun, where are you going?”

“A fellow werewolf needs our help. It seems that the princess is in danger.” He confessed and you immediately opened your eyes.

“What? Is it Jeon Jungkook?” you asked and he nodded. “Will it be dangerous?”

“I don’t know the situation yet.” He reached for your hand and traced the ring on your finger. “But I promise that I’ll be careful.”

He could see that his words were not enough to comfort you, so he leaned in and placed a kiss on your forehead before leaning further down to kiss your swollen belly. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to return for you and our child.”

All you could do was nod as he stood up from the bed. “Sehun?”


“I love you, you know that, right?” you followed before he closed the door.

“I know.” He smiled, the way he always did ever since you first told him that you loved him. “I can reply to that when I get back, right?”


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If the request box is still open may I request some fluffy Akashi nsfw please! :3 by the way you're one of my favourite blogs and your writing always makes my day!! Haha have a nice day or night!! :D

“Sei-chan~” you called out loudly. Akashi fought back a frown as he embraced you. However, you could tell he was displeased. “What’s wrong sei-chan?” again, Akashi’s face twitch in frustration.

“Must you use that pet name with me?” he sighed placing his forehead onto yours. “But I like it!” you argued with a pout. Akashi rolled his eyes and pinched your cheek. “I am aware of that, but it feels a little demeaning” Akashi confessed.

You gave a little huff and swatted his hand away. “I bet I can change your mind” you challenged him. Your hand came up and pinched his cheek in retaliation. “Oh~? I’d like to see you try~” Akashi said in a playful tone. He half expected you to use that sweet voice when you wanted to persuade him.

He never expected you to do….that.

You released his cheek and ran your hand down his chest. “Hey, Sei-chan~” you purred stroking the area above his crotch. Akashi tensed up, his hands balled into fists. “Are you sure you don’t want me to call you like that~?” you drew closer, allowing your lips to brush against the shell of his ear. You heard the sharp intake Akashi took before he released a shaky sigh.

“So that is your angle” Akashi groaned resting his hands on our waist. You pulled back and gave him a sweet smile. “You asked, now fess up” your hand pressed the semi-hard organ in his pants. “M-my order still stands as is…” Akashi groaned rocking his hips into your hand.

“Oh come on” you sighed.

“As you wish” Akashi pulled you down to the couch, letting you rest on his chest. “Easy sei-chan, no need to be so rough” you teased running your finger along the shape of his erection. Akashi’s hands went to your ass in retaliation. “I can’t help but lose control when you’re like this~” Akashi smirked groping your ass.

You leaned down and kissed Akashi, your tongue slipped past his lips and entered his mouth. You felt Akashi run his hands up and down your sides for a while. Breaking the kiss, you gave him a wry smile. “Sei-chan, getting frisky aren’t you?” you teased. Akashi scoffed and slipped his hands into your waistband.

“It’s too late for you to change your mind” he smirked running his fingers along your opening. You shivered against his touch and leaned into him. “Who said I changed my mind?” you whispered into his ear. Akashi slipped two fingers into you without warning and made you squeak.

“S-sei…chan…” you whimpered clawing at his shoulders. His shirt wrinkled up as your fingers dug into him. Akashi released a sigh and furrowed his brows again. “I can’t believe it…” he sped up his fingers and brought his other hand up your shirt. His fingers took hold of one of your nipples. “Sei-chan!” you cried out.

“Again” Akashi groaned burying his face into your neck. His teeth grazed your neck and clamped down on your sweet spot. “Sei-chan” you whined feeling heat pool inside you. “Ah, you’re ready to cum aren’t you?” Akashi purred against your skin. He tugged harder at your nipples and plunged his fingers deeper.

You nodded and bit your lips. “Cum for me princess” Akashi blew into your ear. “Sei-chan!” you screamed cumming hard. Akashi withdrew his fingers and allowed you to fall limp on him. “I suppose you can call me that if you must” Akashi ran his hand through your hair while you came down from your high.

“Thought so”

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Reasons i love dk: -his humor -his laugh -his other laugh that he does when he makes a stupid joke & its almost a giggle -his forehead -anytime that hes w/ seungkwan or hoshi -his /voice/ -his jawline -his pretty hands omg -his stupid smile that makes my heart melt -t h i g h s -his tan skin -his sharp nose -honestly his eyes just fuck me up so much -his! dark! hair! -his body shape in general tbh -that faint smile he has when hes just hanging out and nt doin anything -everything

Also 1 thing you forgot 1 thing you forgot his nervous tick of touching his lips

-Admin Bi☀️

head canon that Maggie is a huge bookworm and when Alex goes to her apartment for the first time she’s amazed at all the books

When they’re so far into their relationship that Alex has her own key, she often walks in on Maggie curled up on the couch, novel in hand, biting her other thumb in concentration and Alex just walks up and kisses her forehead and is so in awe of this amazing person that she’s IN LOVE WITH and she makes Maggie a cup of tea and they sit and cuddle for hours while maggie reads out loud to alex who has no clue what’s happening she just loves hearing maggie’s voice

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Bucky covering you up with a blanket when you fall asleep while reading, making sure he puts a bookmark so you don't lose your place, removing your glasses and placing them on the coffee table so they don't break, & topping it all off with a gentle forehead kiss? Except he doesn't count on you waking up after the kiss. "Bucky?"

“Shh.. go back to sleep beautiful” he says carefully lifting you in his arms and carrying you to bed. 

Fluffy Friday™

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Send a ship and I’ll tell you who

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses

  • Gets jealous the most
    Sirius mostly…unless it’s closer to a Full Moon.

  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive
    Pfft who needs to drive when you can apparate. XD

  • Takes care of on sick days
    Remus mostly….but even then there is so much of Dramatic Sick Sirius he can take and Sirius always takes care of Remus after a full moon.

  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day
  • Gives unprompted massages

  • Drives/rides shotgun
    Again…why would would you drive when you have magic…although on Sirius Motorbike Remus still calls it a death trap.

  • Brings the other lunch at work
    Hmm…Sirius…Remus gets so into work sometimes he forgets to eat.

  • Has the better parental relationship
    Remus 100%.

  • Tries to start role-playing in bed
    LOL. Hmm…neither? I don’t think that would be their thing?

  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer
    …both none of them can dance.
Still cries watching Titanic


·         Firmly believes in couples costumes


·         Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Hmm…probably Sirius.

·         Makes the other eat breakfast

Hmm probably…Remus?
·         Remembers anniversaries

…hmmm I feel like they both would.
·         Brings up having kids

Sirius….and Remus doesn’t want them. >_>;