I was tagged to do the 9 fav pics of your bias challenge by the lovely @dorkytaehyung & @hobipd ♡ ♡

My BTS biases are so cute it’s impossible to just have 9 favs tbh. Oh well~

I’m tagging some wonderful mutuals who probs have A1 pictures saved
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  • expectations:their son's 2nd birthday. they throw a huge birthday party with a giant cake, colourful balloons and party games. they have evening cuddles with a bedtime story then tuck him in together; forehead kisses and sweet dreams. it's a three person family - small, but select.
  • reality:their son's 2nd birthday. phil celebrates the two year anniversary of him on the toilet. dan refuses to buy a cake.
Kiss Art Challenge

Dire does a thing. That thing is the [Kiss Art Challenge]

Modified though to keep it SFW.

Give me a pairing and a number and I’ll draw them kissing.

  1. on the forehead
  2. on the nose
  3. on the cheek
  4. on the eyelids
  5. on the ear
  6. on the lips (cute)
  7. on the lips (passionate)
  8. on the chin
  9. on the neck
  10. on the shoulder
  11. on the back
  12. on the hand
  13. on the foot
  14. on the leg
  15. on the chest/torso

I’d like to stream the process too through out the week if possible

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soft clexa + naps


clexa + “we never get days like this together but life and duty are exhausting so please don’t hold it against me for sleeping through the entirety of it”

clexa + “i have an hour tops before being summoned away to another meeting and i was hoping we could go have a meal together while i have time but you’re already sleeping and damn you’re cute as hell and honestly your idea is better so i’m gonna curl up next to you”

clexa + “i know we haven’t seen each other in weeks and there are a million other things we should be doing or handling but i really just need to be close enough to hear your heartbeat right now”

clexa + “it’s hard for you to sleep through the night because of your nightmares so i’m not gonna move despite my arm going numb because you’ve actually managed to doze off and i refuse to take this away from you”


lazy forehead kisses upon waking, brushing hair out of each other’s faces, one waking up earlier than the other and tracing gentle patterns across arms and shouldblades…

i’m so endeared

Goodnight Moon / Peter Parker

Pairing: CA:CW!Peter Parker + Reader (Y/N)

Description: Reader and Peter have been friends for seven years, Peter let’s it slip that he may feel a little more for the Reader while having a couple of drinks in his system.

Warnings: This will be a couple of parts (let me know if you want to be tagged in the other parts). Fluff!

I grunted as Peter put more of his weight on me. I told him he shouldn’t have drank this much (he could never handle his alcohol - no matter how many times he protested that he could), but he never listened to me when it came to me trying to take care of him, he argued that I “mothered” him too much. So, here we are: his arm around my shoulder subconsciously letting all of his dead weight rest on me.

“Can I please sit down?” His free hand rested on his forehead, trying to stop his throbbing headache, I’m sure.

“Yeah, I need a break, anyway.” I looked at him as he sat on the curb outside of the house the party we came to was being held at.

“Will you sit next to me? I need somewhere to rest my head.” I obliged while laughing softly at him. His head rested on my shoulder as my hand went to grab his. Our hands have fit together since we met seven years ago. Peter had been my favorite person for seven years. When we were thirteen he punched a kid who held me against a locker after I told him I didn’t want to go out with him. Peter warned him not to touch me again, making the threat as a teacher dragged them both to the front office. I walked to the nearest dollar store and bought him a card and a box of heart-shaped candies as a thank you. I walked back to school and waited for detention to be over. When Peter walked out I went up to him and gave him what I had bought him, he blushed a little and told me I shouldn’t have bought him anything, he was just being a decent human being. And although I agreed with him, I still wanted him to know I appreciated him. He’s been by my side ever since.

“What are you thinking about?”


“You’re quiet. You have to be thinking about something, or else you’d be making fun of me.” I laughed a little before nodding my head against his.
“I was thinking about the first day we met.” Peter lifted his head to look at me, causing me to look at him and see the smile on his face, making me mirror it.

“I think about that day a lot.”

“Oh? Why?”

“It’s one of my favorite days, like, ever.” He continued to smile at me and then looked down toward the pavement. “I remember the first day I saw you in English class. It wasn’t the first day of school, though. No, it wasn’t until the third week in. We had to learn a monologue from one of our favorite plays over the summer and then recite it to the class. You picked The Taming of the Shrew, remember why?” I didn’t have to answer, I knew why and so did he. I had only heard of the play because it was readapted into one of my favorite movies. “You got up there and you didn’t look at anyone… but me. You looked at me as you spoke and I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t, and I guess you couldn’t either.”

“I thought you were cute.”

He looked up at me with wide eyes. “What?!”

I shrugged at him, “I thought you were cute. You were the first person I saw when I got up there and when you saw me and our eyes locked, I somehow didn’t remember how to divert my eyes anywhere else.”

It was quiet for a while, until he reached out and took my hand in his. “I thought you were cute, too. I mean, I still do.”

I felt my face get hot at the compliment but I ignored it, looking up at him to smile. He smiled back and we sat there looking at each other for a few seconds, just like that time when we were thirteen in English class. Peter’s smile fell a little as his expression grew serious. I almost asked him what was wrong until I saw him leaning in. To what? To kiss me? I didn’t want to find out. Not like this. I placed my hand on his chest, pushing him back a little, causing him to open his eyes and his mouth to fall open in shock.

“I-I’m sorry. It’s just - I - you’re drunk.” He shook his head, begging me to stop talking.

“You don’t have to explain yourself. No is no. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t - I shouldn’t have done that, I’m drunk. I’m not - I’m okay. I’m sorry.” I grabbed his hand only to have him pull it away from me, shoving both of them into his pockets as he stood up. I stood up along with him.


“My head is feeling better. Will you just drive me home?”

“Peter I just-.”

“(Y/N), it’s okay. Really, I’m okay. I’m just really tired. Please?”

I sighed before helping Peter walk to my car and getting him settled in before walking toward the driver’s seat, thinking about everything that just happened.

The car ride was silent with the exception of the very low music playing from the radio. I think it was Go Radio or maybe it was Coldplay, my thoughts were too loud to hear anything else - I wonder if Peter was thinking about it, too. We pulled up to his apartment and I stopped the car.

“Peter, wait.” He closed the door he had already opened and then looked at me.

“I think we should talk about-.”

“(Y/N), I’m really drunk. Can we talk when I’m sober? Besides it isn’t a big deal. Honestly, it’s just – you’re my favorite person, I was just blinded by nostalgia. I just appreciate you. You’re the one who gave me the heart shaped chocolates, remember?” He smiled a little at me, resting his hand on top of mine that rested on the steering wheel.

I smiled back at him, taking his hand and squeezing it lightly, him returning it. “Okay. We’ll talk tomorrow?”

He nodded before leaning over to kiss my cheek, “Goodnight, moon.”

“Goodnight, sun.” He got out and I watched to make sure he got into his apartment safely before driving back to my place, still not being able to forget what happened on the curb.

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Can I have pleeeassse have Kise and Sakurai becoming sobbing begging messes in bed??~

I suppose

Kise: “W-wait!” Kise was cut short as you turned on the cock ring. The soft buzzing noise indicated it was running if his red face didn’t tell you already. His hips jumped upward and he threw his head back. Kise twisted his eyes shut and fisted the sheets under him. “A-ah!..ha..” his voice began to waver as he tried to find his voice. A bit of drool escaped his lips while he tried to sit up. “___-cchi…a little lower..” he pleaded eying the device. You were only on level 3 of 5 and he was already a mess. Sweat began to form on his body, causing his hair to cling to his forehead. “Mmmm no” you shot him a devilish grin as you turned the dial to 4. Kise released a choked sob and arched his back. You could see his dick throb as the ring increases speed around him. You leaned over his body and stuck two fingers into his mouth. “Suck Ryouta~” you ordered. His eyes were downcasted as his tongue began to wrap around your digits. Once you had enough of watching him, you pulled away and drag your finger down his chest. You stopped just before his dick. “Are you doing your best Ryouta?” you asked gliding your finger up his shaft. Kise inhaled sharply and released a shaky moan in response to your question. “That’s good, really good” you purred turning the dial to 5. “____!” Kise yelled thrashing on the bed. His hips began to thrust upward into your hand as he tried to quell the heat. You moved your hand down to the base of his cock and slowly raised the ring of him. When the ring passed his tip, he released his long awaited load in front of you.

Sakurai: “I’m sorry” came his apology again as he fisted the sheets. Sakurai was on all fours with his ass in front of you. He had moved forward when he felt you push two fingers into his ass. You reapplied the lube onto your fingers again and pressed them to his opening. “Don’t make me punish you Ryou” you warned, your digits slowly entered him and applied the lube. Sakurai let out a shameless moan and buried his face into the bed. You raked your nails down his insides until he raised his head back up to whine. “I want to hear your voice, so don’t to that again” you ordered pulling your fingers from him. “I-I’m..sorry” he cried trying to relax. His ass clenched when he felt something bigger than your fingers on his ass. You had a dildo pegging him gently. “W-wait…I think it’s too big…” Sakurai began to whimper when you pressed it with more force. “Then you better relax” your reply made him shiver. You heard him intake large breaths and release, his asshole began to relax and you forced the dildo in. “A-ah!!” Sakurai resisted the urge to crawl forward and away from you. When you had the whole device inside him, you turned it on a low level and stepped back. “How does it feel?” you asked. Sakurai’s face was burning red and he was panting hard. “I-It…feels…” his tongue felt heavy and his mouth full of saliva as he spoke. “Too slow” you increased the level before he could finish. Sakurai released a yelp and buried his face into the bed. His body was practically shaking, his dick bobbed with his erratic movement. “That made you hard awfully quick” you wrapped your hand around him. “S-sorry!” Sakurai gasped as you began pumping him. He felt ready to cum, but he knew better. “M-may I cum, please? I really…really…” he cried out. You felt pre-cum ooze from his tip and coat your hand. “Good boy, go ahead,” you said giving his cock a hard squeeze. Sakurai released a high pitch moan as he came all over your hand. The vibrator still moved inside him, making him ride out his climax.

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Mokita + iwaizumi & oikawa ? ^~^

mokita (New Guinean)  the truth everyone knows but nobody says | here@ao3

The moment that training camp is officially over, all the energy abruptly drops from Oikawa’s body. The last of the bags are piled into the back of the bus, and the doors are closed with a final click. Oikawa brushes his bangs back from his forehead and tilts his head upwards to the sky, the fading light of the day catching on the sharp angle of his cheek and the bridge of his nose for a moment before he rolls his shoulders and lets his head fall back down again.

“Tired?” Iwaizumi asks, standing by the bus with his arms crossed over his chest.

Oikawa huffs, his demeanor a shade short of indignation. “Of course not.”

“Then hurry up. Everyone wants to go home. You’re holding us up.”

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