I have so many other things I could and should be doing but I’m a fucking weeb and I had the flat to myself for the weekend 

And yeah I watched Yuri on Ice Friday morning and I started making this Friday afternoon send help

See, the thing is, he doesn’t know what he means to me.
He doesn’t know that every time I look into his eyes I don’t only see the most perfect shade of emerald, I see everything I’ll ever need and want from life.
He doesn’t know that whenever he kisses my nose, my forehead or the corner of my mouth a wave of the most amount of serenity that anyone could ever feel rests itself in my veins. 
He doesn’t know that every time I pass a place we spent time together, even if it was for five minutes, I smile to myself back at the memory and that such a small moment means more to me than my heartbeat itself.
He doesn’t know that without him, every breath I would take, every time the sun would rise, every time I would open my eyes to another morning; it wouldn’t mean a thing.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (M.R)
I could sit in this chair beside him forever and just watch how his hand moves as he writes. I could watch the veins beating beneath his skin, signalling life with every movement. I could watch how his eyelashes flutter as he stares at his page, I could watch how his forehead creases in concentration, how his mouth parts slightly in thought.I could tell you he shifts his weight to the left when he’s writing, I could tell you he shakes his leg when he’s nervous.
And yet I could never tell him all the things I notice. I could never look back into his brown eyes and tell him I’ve noticed and counted each freckle on his face just because I wanted to. I could never tell him I’ve spent exactly 284 days watching how he moves and in those 284 days somewhere along the line I fell in love. I could never tell him"

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In the last chapter of Gaiden when Sasuke saw Sarada making that sad face saying "Don't make that face" do you think he was thinking the same thing when he saw Sakura making the face? And then poke her forehead lol like he did to Sarada

It’s certainly possible, they were making the same type of face after all, because they were upset at the same thing, the fact that he was leaving:

Like mother like daughter I guess ^_^

Sea of Love

Notes: Silly fluff, set right after Small Potatoes. 

The biggest thank you to the wonderful, @therobbinsnest!!

Word count: 3079

“Faster,” Scully yelled while gasping for air.

“I’m going as fast as I can,” Mulder panted, beads of sweat on his forehead.

“I’m almost there, are you coming?” she yelled as she checked up on him.

“Not so loud, you’ll draw attention,” he hissed.

“Just come,” she hissed back.

“Right here,” he suddenly said into her ear.

Mulder was now inches from Scully’s side and he quickly grabbed her hand while they ran as fast as they could through the dark forest. This was not how he’d imagined their first real date.

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tfw u see art of that one ship no one ever talks about and is reminded of the BURNING LOVE YOU HAVE FOR USHINOYATSUKI and the hc that they go APPLE PICKING and NOYA CONVINCES TSUKKI TO SIT ON USHIJIMA'S SHOULDERS WHILE NOYA CLIMBS THEM BOTH TO PICK THE HIGHEST UP APPLES AND THEY FALL DOWN BECAUSE THEY'RE GODDAMN SAFETY HAZARDS and they make apple pie with really good crust and they very casually wipe crumbs off each other and it kills me every damn time - spam anon

oh my gosh they’re the cutest disasters together that’s so cute hahaha

i can just imagine tsukki lying there on the ground with a blank face, like he totally saw this coming. Ushijima just remarks that it didn’t work, and perhaps they should try again when he’s even stronger and they should practice their balances. tsukki slaps a hand on his forehead but noya is laughing and crawling over to them with a cut on his cheek

he gives his boyfriends each a kiss and shows them the basket of apples

and dude yes, like think of noya getting crumbs all around his mouth and then ushijima just reaches over to wipe the off with his thumb like it’s second nature

and tsukki very subtly shoves some crumbs on his face so ushijima will do the same, and he acts super nonchalant about it but noya laughs at him like he knows

oh gosh this is getting too sweet for me i need to go lie down for a moment