forehead poker

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this isn't necessarily a request but y'know what is a good and pure mental image? poker pair forehead kisses. allen kissing tyki's stigmata, one by one, reaffirming that he loves even this side of him. tyki pressing sweet, reassuring kisses to allen's skin, carefully avoiding his scar out of a badly-hidden fear that it'll react to him as a Noah and hurt his boy, until one day Allen guides his hand to rest on the scar, dragging it slowly down over his closed eye to prove he won't get hurt... :)

listenn,, i know u said it wasnt a request but u cant expect me to read this (the sweetest most pure and wholesome thing i’ve ever?) and not do anything about it. So. Ur just gonna have to deal with 1,300 words of Tykillen fluff okay ur actions have repercussions js

Allen dozed somewhere between sleep and half-wakefulness, whatever consciousness he had focused only on the warm hand trailing over his stomach and waist, up his chest and across his collarbone. Slow and calm and Tyki. Not because Allen knew Tyki’s touch so intimately (he did) or because he remembered them falling asleep just like this (he definitely did), but because no-one touched him like Tyki did. No-one’s hands were as gentle, as careful or as reverent as Tyki’s were when he traced undefinable patterns across Allen’s body. Painting him with love, his fingertips the softest brushes.

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