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WHAT IS LeeSaku?

LeeSaku リーサク ( or SakuLee ) is the romantic relationship of Sakura Haruno and Rock Lee of Naruto. The ship is also known as Rockura, riisaku, blossomed lotus, SL / LS or springtime romance. The two officially meet in chapter 36 of the original Naruto manga titled: Sakura’s Depression!! (サクラの憂鬱!!, ). As stated by the Naruto’s couple wiki (NCW):

…Among the fans, LeeSaku is fairly popular among the fandom, who most likely support it due to the mutual respect between the two as well as Lee’s crush on her. “

Character design

↳In part one, both Lee and Sakura have green and red in their main color palettes, along with having red headbands and wearing theres in ways that were uncommon, such as Sakura wearing hers on her head and Lee around his waist like a belt.

Sakura and Lee also have another similar feature, they each have an unusual feature on their face, with Lee having Large eyebrows and round fish eyes, and Sakura having a large forehead.

Character motifs and themes 

↳ character motifs and themes

A similar motif between Lee and Sakura comes from how they were both bullied in their childhoods, such as Sakura being bullied for her large forehead and how shy she was, and Lee because of his inability to perform standard ninjutsu at his age.

↳ Romance and personality

Both Lee and Sakura have an interest in Romance and love, as Sakura’s favorite quote is ‘a life with love throughout’, and Lee speaks frequently of ‘the passion of youth‘ and (in Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth) is shown to care about actual romance quite a bit. With romance they both come off as quite hot headed, as Sakura is able to snap at a moment’s notice on Sasuke’s behalf, and is not afraid to assert her dominance over those who question the ones she cares about, such as Sakura punching Sai in the face when he slanders Sasuke (), and Sakura defending and cheering for Naruto during the Chuunin exams.Both characters focus mainly on taijutsu when fighting, each using hard style as well. By the fandom, Sakura is constantly pitted against a certain Hyuuga, while Rock Lee’s personal rival is a Hyuuga. Just like each other’s counterparts, they have opposite personalities that fit their fighting styles and motifs. Sakura being born to a civilian family and having to go out of her way to find a teacher to end up as one of the strongest shinobi in Konoha, versus Hinata who was born into privilege and didn’t have to work as hard to become strong. Their stories are identical, as Lee had to work for his strength compared to Neji who was born naturally strong.


❣ Both characters have a common Chinese theme, as Sakura wears a red qipao consistently and Rock Lee is clearly based off of Bruce Lee.

❣ Lee and Sakura are both in a love triangle with a loud, energetic blonde over their crush. ( Lee / Naruto / Sakura ) ( Sakura / Ino / Sasuke )

❣ Each of their first major fights are against a red haired ninja from Suna with parental issues who end up becoming allies after their defeats. ( Sasori / Sakura and Lee / Gaara )

❣ Both have a signature pose of encouragement. ( Lee’s nice guy pose and Sakura holding her flexing muscle while making a fist. )

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS…used the “animal on the forehead motif” to evoke the power of the Third Eye. Both cultures understood that we can create a trancelike state where we “awaken” our so-called “Mind’s Eye,” “Inner Eye,” or “Third Eye,” a symbol of spiritual illumination thought of as existing near the forehead above and between the two eyes―exactly where the animal is placed.

By Richard Cassaro