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5SOS Preference #36: Stay
  • Ashton Irwin: "Just call in sick." He mumbles against your neck, kissing it before giving your waist a squeeze. "You know I can't do that, hon." You laugh gently, running your fingers through his hair. "Yes you can, you just choose not to be in bed with your man all day, I understand." Ashton pouts playfully before looking at you. You laugh again and then give him a peck on his pouty lips. "Come on, baby," he smiles, kissing your cheek. "You and I both know what could happen, right here; on this bed today." You're cheeks warm up at his words and you breathe out before kissing his nose. "I want that Ash, but-" "Please, baby, don't go in." He whispers, pushing his head back into your neck and kissing it. "Ashton, you're killing me here." You groan gently before giggling. "I want you to be with me," He whines gently, putting a leg over your legs. "Please, babygirl, stay here with me."
  • Luke Hemmings: "I don't want you to go." You whisper before he pulls you closer to him with his hand on your waist. "And I'm not leaving you." He chuckles gently, kissing your lips before you "shh" him a bit and remind him that your parents are asleep in the next room. "No, Lu," you whisper while looking up at him in the darkness of your room. "I don't want you to leave all." He breathes out and kisses your forehead. "Baby, I'm not going anywhere, okay?" Luke mumbles, rubbing your waist with his thumb. "Just..." You choke out softly, closing your eyes as he rests his forehead on yours. "Hey," He coos in a whisper, rubbing your hip gently. "Talk to me." You open your watery eyes and breathe out shakily before you speak again. "Stay with me." He nods, leaning in and pecks your lips slowly and gently. "Always, pretty girl." Luke whispers back, scooting closer to you to snuggle.
  • Calum Hood: "Y/N..." He whispers softly, kissing your inner thighs with his hands grasping your hips. You shiver a bit as his lips travel down your body tenderly, nipping and licking then and there. "C'mon already Cal." You whine gently and then he chuckles. "Patience, babe." He says, his eyes casting up towards yours as his lips move their way up your center. You then moan blissfully once he kissing your underwear covered center. "God, I love you." He whispers before pulling down your panties with his fingers. Then he spreads your legs further apart before moving in and kissing all of you. You moan gently and smile a bit as he moves his tongue against you. "I could do this everyday." He whispers against you, making you squirm, whimpering his name. "Hey," he coos, squeezing your hips a bit. "Stay still, angel. For me, okay?"
  • Michael Clifford: "Shit." You whisper to yourself, closing your eyes gently to ease the throbbing pain in your head. "I'm so sorry." Your best friend mumbles next to you in bed. "Michael, we...we..." You swallowed while pulling the covers over your naked body more. "I know, I know," He mumbles, closing his eyes himself. "I didn't force you, okay? You wanted me as much as I-" "Michael, this isn't good," You whisper, shaking your head. "I don't want this to ruin us." He shakes his head. "And it won't, okay?" He reassures, taking your hand. "This is crazy, Mike. Friends don't do this." You admit, breathing out. "We were drunk, babe." He murmurs. "Still not an excuse." You snap back a bit. He sighs and rubs his face with one hand. "I love you, dammit." You close your eyes and shake your head. "I have to go." You whisper, getting out of bed. "Shit, Y/N wait." Michael rasps, grabbing your hand and making you stop. "Stay a little longer. Please?" He asks gently with hopeful eyes. You bite your lip and look at his glossy eyes. "I...I want to explain myself and plus, I make a mean breakfast." He chuckles before squeezing your hand.

imagine if it was storming outside and you were all alone in your house and you’re deathly afraid of thunderstorms and then you hear loud thunder and lightning strike near your window and you’re literally about to have a panic attack until you hear a banging at your door and taylor literally comes barging into your room and he locks his eyes with yours for a few seconds and you feel really secure and then it thunders again and you yelp and that’s when he runs over to you and cradles you in his arms and he just pulls the covers over both of you guys and he whispers cute little things to get your mind off of the storm and he strokes your hair and kisses your forehead and nose and nOPE I’M OUT