forehead kisses!

just imagine isak and even slept in after going to a party yesterday and, even though they decided not to drink too much, they’re both incredibly tired and thus spent the morning in bed, peacefully sleeping next to each other. when even wakes up, he watches isak sleep, isak’s lip slightly curled, his hand clutched into even’s night shirt.

after even watched isak for a while - ten minutes, half an hour, an hour - he can’t really be bothered because it seems like time doesn’t exist with the two of them and it’s just them in isak’s room, only filled with laughters coming from noora and eskild in the living room every now and then, even decides to wake isak up and kisses his forehead, and his temple, and his cheek, and caresses isak’s lips with his fingers and places a soft kiss on isak’s mouth and isak mumbles and cuddles closer but also opens his eyes and whispers a “good morning” all sleepy voiced and even smiles at him, then after a while of cuddling and talking about everything and nothing, they decide to really get up and make some breakfast and maybe do something fun today

Art trade with @beerwolves for more bunny!Stiles :) I don’t know if this counts since the Sterek is so small comparatively :<

I was going to do a cute drawing with bright colours, and then it turned into this wallpaper sized monster with a background.

  • [ directed by me ]
  • jimin: tae why are you not afraid that people will find it weird if you're so sweet to me?
  • taehyung: why would i be [laughs] it's not like i need their consent to do this things.
  • jimin: but wha-
  • taehyung: do you want me to stop being sweet?
  • jimin: [shakes his head]
  • taehyung: [smiles and kisses his forehead] then let me show my love for you, okay.
Stretch Marks

request ; How about a chris x reader fic where the reader has stretch marks on certain parts of her body answer is just really self conscious about her body? [@aham-threw-his-shot-away]

pairing ; chris x reader

words ; 807

warnings ; insecurity; stretch marks??

note ; first request i’m really excited!

You softly tugged on your husband’s arm, pulling it off your waist and placing it on the bed as you got up, in order to not wake him. Though, you did stir him just in the slightest by kissing his forehead, before padding away from the bed as quietly as possible.

Once you made it to the bathroom, you closed the door and looked at yourself in the long mirror just above the sinks. Lifting your shirt, you glared at the faded stretch marks on your stomach, wishing they weren’t existent, then down at the little bit of exposed skin of your thighs (also adorned in faded stretch marks), feeling your self-consciousness begin to peer through your thoughts.

Maybe if you used those dumb creams people always talked about, you criticized yourself for not having done so already. Most had said that it helped with their marks, but for you, it seemed pointless ─ if it only fades them, what’s the point? That’s what stage your stretch marks were already at, so would it even help at this point?

Furthermore, you knew it shouldn’t have mattered. Your husband didn’t think any less of you… right? Chris didn’t think you were ugly, right? He didn’t think your stretch marks were repulsive… right?

Sighing, you dropped your shirt, averting your gaze from your reflection and feeling as though you were just being dumb ─ of course Chris loved you. He swore everyday he loved you with everything he had and more, as well as the children the two of you had, so why were you questioning it now?

Maybe because people’s opinions change and that could’ve happened with Chris, a condescending thought screamed.

He still loves me, you swore to yourself, there’s no doubt that he does. He loves me, I love him. We’re happy. He doesn’t care about my stretch marks… they’re beauty marks… things that make me more unique… right?

You almost jumped when your husband opened the door, thick eyebrows furrowed and squinting slightly at the bathroom lights, smiling at you the best he could. “What are you doin’, baby?”

“Nothin’,” you lied, smiling at him. His eyelids fell over his chocolate eyes, hiding them from view as he padded over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. His forehead leaned on your shoulder before he moved it and pressed sleepy kisses to your neck.

“What are you really doin’?” He asked, knowing you lied. He knew you like his own mind, so of course he knew you were lying.

“Doesn’t matter,” you whispered, dangling your arms off his shoulders.

Chris looked up from your neck, eyes open and aware, “Baby, don’t lie. What’s the matter?”

You hesitated, looking down and closing your eyes, “My stretch marks,” you mumbled.

“Speak up, sweetheart.”

“My stretch marks, Chris,” you said a little louder, looking up at him with wary eyes. You hated worrying your husband with your insecurities, not wanting him to be concerned about you ─ that was your job with him.

“Your beauty marks, you mean?” He corrected, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“No,” you whispered, shaking your head, “they’re not beautiful. They’re ugly. I don’t know why you stay with me ─ I’m not good enough for you.”

“Hey, hey,” he leaned back to make eye contact with you, withdrawing one arm from your waist and lifting your chin with his thumb and forefinger. “Don’t say that. You’re beautiful, baby.”

“I’m not,” you denied once more.

“What did I just say? Don’t say that. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen ─ never think otherwise,” he smiled at you, his thumb caressing your cheekbone, “you do realize that our kids’ definition of beautiful begins with the word ‘mom’? And that you made those beautiful, amazing children out there?”

You looked down, still doubting yourself.

“You’ve got to listen to me when I say that I love you more than anything, and that your stretch marks, they’re not just stretch marks. They’re memory lines ─ things left behind by the children. They’re battle scars ─ remnants of what you’ve been through in life; of the things you’ve endured. They’re beauty marks, baby. You’re even more beautiful with them in my eyes. Don’t you ever forget that.”

You were smiling softly at this point, your eyes just a little red with tears. “Thank you, Christopher,” you whispered, looking directly into his sparkling brown eyes.

“Anything for you, sweetheart,” he whispered back. Leaning forward, the two of you met in a sleepy, loving kiss, just taking in the special moment.

Chris was right ─ they were beauty marks, battle scars, memory lines. Things left behind by the amazing moments in life, lines given to you as a gift to remind you everyday of what you’d been through. They were beautiful ─ you were beautiful.

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#28 & Stilessssssss :-*

Stiles Stilinski - “Drive Safely”

You stared at the fully packed jeep, held together by more ducttape than you had ever seen in your entire life. You had known for weeks already that you and Stiles hadn’t ended up at the same college, but knowing that he would drive eight hours away from you made your eyes water.

“Hey! You don’t need to look as if I’m gonna leave you forever, okay? I’ll visit you whenever I can!” Stiles pressed the palms of his hands to your cheeks.

“I can’t believe that you’re gonna be an FBI-agent…” You whispered and you bit your lip to prevent yourself from crying. The last thing you wanted was having Stiles remember you with red and swollen eyes.

“And I can’t believe that you’re gonna be a famous journalist.” Stiles kissed your forehead and you wrapped your arms around his waist.

When the two of you had met, two years ago, going to college had seemed so far away.

Right now you wondered how you would survive your days without him after having shared each and every minute with him for so long. You had been the one to help him deal with his guilt and nightmares after he had been possessed by the nogitsune. You had been the one never leaving his side, no matter how dangerous it had been. You had been the one making him hot cocoa when he was googling in the middle of the night to figure something out for the pack. You had been the one knowing that one day Stiles would follow in the footsteps of his father.

“Luckily we live in the time of the internet.” Stiles spoke softly while he pressed his forehead to yours. “We can skype and chat and send each other video messages and we can app and text during boring classes and I promise that I will think of you every minute of every day.”

You smiled, but the tears that had been gathering in your eyes started rolling down your cheeks. You would think about him too. You would send him countless messages. You would make him a thousand video’s, but that was not the same as having him near you, as being able to hold him, as being able to kiss him and hug him and touch him.

“Don’t cry, please, don’t cry.” Stiles leaned towards you and he started to kiss the tears away one by one. “I’ll be back before you know it and then I’ll make up for all lost time and I’m gonna spoil you rotten.” His lips touched yours and you kissed him back while you closed your eyes.

“I’ll be counting the days and hours and minutes until that moment.” You stepped back carefully and you knew that at a certain point Stiles would get into the jeep to ride away from you. “Drive safely.” You leaned on the tips of your toes to kiss him again and Stiles nodded.

“I will. Of course I will.” He paused for a moment. “If anything weird happens here in Beacon Hills you call immediately, okay? I will come and get you the hell away from this town if I have to.”

“I will be fine, Stiles. I promise.” You swallowed. “We all will be fine.”

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Crutchie gets jack a new set of pains for his birthday and one day he comes up to the roof to find jack asleep working on a project but there's more paint on jack then on the actual paper. Crutchie just grins and kisses jacks forehead whispering "my masterpiece"


Dear Journal,

Today we were going back to Hogwarts. Mum didn’t want me to leave. I told her that I would write to her more often and she finally let go of my hand. I kissed her forehead and took hold of Sirius’ hand. Dad drove us to the train station where the train would be picking up students who went home for the spring break. We sat down in an empty cabin and the train started moving.

“I can’t wait to see James and Lily and Reggie and Peter and everyone!” Sirius said.

“Pads.. Look! We’re in the cabin we first met!”

“You know what that means..” He smirked.

He slowly pushed me on the soft bench and kissed me.

“ The first time I saw you, i felt something inside.. It’s the first time i felt love..” he said, looking in my eyes.

“I love you pads.”

“I love you Re.”

He layed his head on my lap and I opened my book.

“Can i take a nap on your lap?” He asked, yawning.

“Of course babe..”

“Can you play with my hair so I fall asleep?”

I didn’t answer. I just slipped my fingers in his black curls. He loved when I played in his hair. Is it dog related? Maybe.. i massaged his head and he let out a soft sight and rubbed his cheeks on my clothed lap. He stayed like this until we arrived to Hogwarts. We walked in the hall, heading to the common room and we saw James for afar. When he saw us, he ran and we ran too. We all collided in a hug.

“My boys! I missed you!” He said.

“We missed you too Prongs!” Sirius giggled.

“How about we go spend some good boy time at the bar tonight?” James asked.

“We’re 16 James..” i said.

“I can get us in.. So you guys up for it?” He asked.

“Hell yeah!” Sirius said.

“It’ll be fine Remus..”

“Okay.. But if we get caught it’s your fault!” I laughed.

“Sure whatever you want!” He laughed too.

Sirius went to spend some time with Regulus while I talked with Lily. When the sun came down, we walked to the common room to change and headed to Hogsmeade. When Sirius saw me, he gasped. I stole on of his leather jackets.

“Remus.. Merlin you look hot!” He said.

“You think so?” I asked.

“Merlin i can’t believe I can call you my boyfriend! God you look so good..”

His words made me smile. I felt handsome now. We walked to the bar and James talked to the doorman. He nodded and let us in. When we were inside, we leaned on a wall next to eachother and James got us drinks. The air was warm and humid and the music was loud. We talked and talked and talked until James and Sirius went on the dance floor.

“Come on moons!” Sirius said.

“I can’t dance babe you know that!” I said.

“I’ll dance around you.. it’ll make you look even hotter.. Please babe come with me!”

“Okay.. but don’t laugh at me!” I giggled.

I followed him through the crowd and tried to dance. I really tried. After a while, I needed fresh air so I told the boys I would be outside. There, a girl was leaning on the stone wall, smoking.

“Hey.. You go to Hogwarts right?” She asked.

“Hum.. I do.”

“Yeah I saw you a few times.. You’re pretty cute.. I’m Blake. I’m in Slytherin so you might not know me..” she said.

“Nice to meet you Blake. I’m Remus.” I smiled.

“Would you like to go on a date with me? You’re like really hot!” She laughed.

“I huh.. I actually have a boyfriend..” i said, feeling awkward.

“You don’t look like the gay type..” she laughed.

“Oh.. okay. I’ll go now..” i said.

“No wait! I didn’t mean it in that way.. I just, sorry I’m a bit direct.. But i’m glad you have someone in your life.” She smiled.

I didn’t say anything.

“Fuck! I have detention in five minutes! I gotta go! Have a good life Remus the hottie!” She said, walking away.

“Have a great life too Blake..” i laughed to myself. Weird.

I went back inside and found Sirius and James. James was kinda drunk and Sirius was a bit tipsy. We walked back to the castle and i got them both to bed.

“I had fun Moons. Thanks for coming with us.” James said, rolling in his bed sheets.

“You’re going to be hung over tommorow.. Goodnight Prongs.”

I walked back to our bed where Sirius was laying. He had no shirt on.

“Babe Come in bed i’m cold..” Sirius said.

“Then put a shirt on love!”

“No.. I want to feel you on my skin.. Come on!” He giggled.

“My back hurts..” I said, sitting on the side of the bed, taking my shirt off too.

“Do you want me to give you a massage?” He asked.

“You would do that for me?”

“Of course love! Lay down..” he said.

I layed down on my stomach and he massaged my back and shoulders. I let out a soft moan and he giggled.

“Are you feeling good?” He asked.

“Mhmm..” I mumbled.

“Is it because of the last full moon? Maybe you got yourslef hurt in the back..” he said.

“Mhmmaybe..” i mumbled.

“Sorry I’m gonna stop talking so you can relax.."He giggled.

He massaged my back a few more minutes until I felt sleepy. I thanked him amd he layed down next to me. He took me in his arms and i instantly fell asleep.

February 24th 1976

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Okay so this is the anon from a few days ago whose friend jsut hugged them bc they were angry, and today i had my head in his lap and i was ranting abt class and he leaned down and kissed my forehead and i jsut froze and he was like "it would have been too complicated to hug you, so i found an alternative" and I was like "Holy shit,,, bro,,," because i had to be a meme it physically hurt not to be. and he just laughed at me. what a bro.

this is it this is my new otp anon/their friend buddy i cant handle this


So I open my bathroom door still somewhat undressed and this whiny baby jumps up on the sink, slaps my arm and meows like the most demanding little devil FEED ME FEED ME and I’m like “it’s not your dinnertime, bro” but does he speak english? No, so I pucker my lips and he headbutts my mouth for a forehead kiss.