forehead kisses!

doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!


Forehead Kisses

Shiro: [kisses Keith’s forehead]                

Keith: [frowns] you missed.                

Shiro: … ?                

Keith: [leans forward and kisses Shiro’s lips]    

- by @sheith-is-beautiful          

Saw this quote and loved it… But tumblr won’t let me add pictures to my reblog. :( But I had to draw this.


“doggos with backpacks to carry more doggos”

based on this post which immediately reminded me of makkachin and vicchan :’) a lovely family <3 guys i actually think im going to make a doggo sticker sheet

more doggos