foreground in focus

This is still my favorite picture of my dog, I took it as a practice shot for a photography class in high school <3

That’s a pretty good shot for a practice! Cool foreground focus.

for all the honest world to feel (trixya) (2/8) - dare

When your skill set is limited to being a real person around your friends and family and a fake person around random strangers, you’re kind of fucked for being a real person around a basically-stranger.

He texted Katya: ’can’t remember how to interact with ppl when they’re not paying and lining up to meet me. do u know a good therapist.’

(AN: part two! i meant to get this up on monday so it would be one week squarely, but, on the flipside, this is legit twice as long as part one at 8.3k words. whoops? this is for M, who is to blame, because she said “where’s my 100k trixya slowburn fic with bonus adore friendship” and sunk me down this rabbit hole. i don’t quite love u 100k worth, but like, somewhere between 30-40% of that probably. thank u to dandee for reassuring me that this isn’t garbage!)

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anonymous asked:

hi, I'm new to the studyblr community and I was wondering how I could take nice pictures for my blog/studygram, do you have any tips? 😊

hello there! i do have some tips! 

so you want that aesthetic you love seeing on your dash? here are some things you can do that aren’t difficult at all! 

  • lighting makes a huge difference
    • natural light makes photos clear and adds to the aesthetic
    • lamp light is okay if there is a lot of it!
    • usually, if it’s too dark outside already, i wait until the next day to take a picture. it’s just higher quality when taken in the daytime. 
  • use photo editing apps for nice filters or other editing options
    • vsco is awesome (that’s what i use!) 
    • instagram has some good ones, too
    • if photos look dark, increase the exposure or brightness 
  • positioning and angles make a difference, too!
    • try to take pictures directly above what you want to photograph
    • position the things you want in the picture the way you want them to show up
    • changing up the angles by focusing on one part of your notes or another creative angle helps when you want to upload more than one photo at once. your photoset will have different perspectives! 
  • you don’t have to take a picture of your whole page
    • bringing the camera closer to the page to get certain details works well, too
    • press and hold the phone or camera button to bring the foreground into focus. this will blur the background and add depth to your photos! 
  • experiment!
    • find out which filters you like/match the lighting you have 
    • tweak the exposure/brightness/contrast to see what makes your picture better
    • try black and white to see if that looks cool!

i know this sounds like a lot, but it’s pretty simple once you figure out what works for you :D have fun!

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could share some thoughts on how to layer the colors of backgrounds and shadows? Idk if you already answered something like this but I'm very new to digital art and your art is gorgeous! And your blog has been very helpful! <3

ok let’s start with color!

first off. Colors in backgrounds are the same as colors you do a body with. it’s about decision making- not rules. I’m talking about color in general here because sometimes the rules you have for one piece’s colors won’t work for another. 

more importantly you have to learn that backgrounds are supposed to be the context for a figure or subject, it’s not a compliment to something but an interaction. If a background doesn’t add anything to a piece, why are you drawing it? you’re wasting your time if it doesn’t add something. If you’re gonna force yourself to add one (which is good! excellent practice) have an idea of what you want it to accomplish.

Color is a fundamental of art, it’s something you always consider in some way, even if you decide to have no color. Color is closely linked to value (how dark or light a specific… color? is) and you can’t master or get a grip on one without the other.

this drawing has super liberal colors (they aren’t adherent to ‘reality’) but they work because of 

  • value
  • color theory

so first, value is a whole other issue and I’ll address it with shadows, but keep in mind the VALUE of the color in relation to others, not just the change in hue/saturation.

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Tips for Moon Photos

I’ve finally gotten around to writing my tips on taking photos of the moon. I apologise to everyone who I told I’d get something done in the next few days, but it’s actually been months. I was born a procrastinator.

  • I’m not a qualified photographer. I’ve learned from very good friends who are professional photographers.
  • Every moon shot is different, and will most likely require very different settings. The same settings rarely achieve the same result because you need to take into account things such as light pollution and atmospheric conditions.
  • This is purely general advice based on what works for me.
  • Tripod
  • Remote shutter release
  • Long zoom lens
  • Ample patience
  • Yummy snacks

This is where I differ from most and I do so from practical experience and not from technical knowledge, therefore, these may not be professionally correct.

  • Learn to use your camera and lens in manual mode otherwise you will struggle with crisp and clear moon shots.
  • As a beginner, don’t wait for when it’s too dark. It’s easier to get the clouds and a little landscape into your shot around sunset and sunrise. The sun is low, but still bright enough to cancel out some of the reflective light from the moon, thereby allowing you to capture the craters and shadowed surface of the moon more clearly while adding a few extras into the background.
  • Don’t settle on ISO 100, especially in the black of the night – the moon turns out too dark. Play around with the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture (read on) until you’re satisfied with the result.

This has been a common question and I feel really bad when I answer with the truth: I can’t give you exact settings because there are too many environmental factors to consider. However, I will share what I know about the exposure triangle and you can apply this to see what works best on the day.

(**Please do your own research here because this is my understanding of the exposure triangle and I might have it totally wrong!**)

Photography is largely based on the inclusion and exclusion of light. Each of these elements of the exposure triangle control the amount of light you want to capture, but each effects the other, therefore, forming a triangle.

  • ISO = the amount of light hitting the sensor. The higher the ISO, the more light you will allow, but your picture will also retain a lot of noise making it appear grainy.

I range from ISO 100 to ISO 640 depending on the time of day and the final image I have in mind. Because I crop/stretch some of my images, I find anything above ISO 640 can appear pixelated, plus I start to lose the shadowed parts of the moon because I’m allowing too much light into my exposure. However, there are always exceptions.

  • Shutter Speed = determines motion blur/sharpness of your image. A slow shutter speed means more motion blur in your photo. A faster shutter speed means a sharper image, however, you will capture less light unless you alter the ISO and/or aperture to compensate.

If you want a moon shot with some of the brighter stars, you can try a slower shutter speed of 1/10th of a second with ISO 640 and sometimes still retain some of the shadowed parts and craters of the moon. It really depends on how clear the sky is. Usually, because our planet and the moon are in movement, I find it better to use a quicker shutter speed (1/125) and higher ISO (maybe ISO 640) to get a quick and sharp shot, and, if I’m lucky, a few stars linger in the picture. 

  • Aperture = determines the depth of field of the image. The aperture is also known as f-stop (for the focal length measured in fractions). A small aperture (high f-stop) brings images in the background and foreground into focus. A large aperture (low f-stop) blurs the background.

The aperture basically acts as a barrier to control the amount of light you allow in through your lens and controls the area of focus in the picture. I enjoy testing it out when I want to include bokeh in my exposure, or when I’m taking portraits of my family/friends where I can blur the background and focus on the person. I don’t alter the aperture for my night shots, but the camera does when I change the shutter speed. 

Most Importantly:

Try not to be disappointed if you don’t get the shots you want. It’s all experience, which counts towards the perfect picture!

I apologise if there are mistakes in this or I’ve missed things out. I hope it makes sense. It can probably be better worded, and if I ever decide to work on it for a little longer than 10 minutes, I’ll be sure to post an improved version! 

Mostly, I genuinely hope this helps those who have been kind enough to praise my work and deluded enough to ask me for tips!

Love, Abi 🌙

cryshalis  asked:

Hey! I Really like how you do backgrounds, I'm just curious tho, did you draw the whole background an then blur with blur tool or do you have another method??

Oh!! thank you for asking, it’s actually not too tricky, although it depends what kind of background you’re working with as well as the time of the day, the atmosphere and the composition!

If you want the short answer, yes, I drew it out (kinda?) then I slapped some gaussian blur and gradients on multiply and linear dodge. If you’re curious on how the entire thing was done, I’ll explain it as best as I can!

Since in this case it was a fully lit up gym and the time of the day was afternoon/evening, it wasn’t too complex to work with. I’ll explain roughly how I make a half-assed background like the one in this picture below.

I’ll put a whole explanation under the cut so it’s not too long in the dash.

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Some contrast here to the previous images featuring older, seasoned, male firefighters. This young girl, just beginning her career, is extremely focused on the task at hand. Not concerned with the cold temperatures which turned the water dripping down the wall into ice, or the fact that her coat and gloves are soaked, she concentrates on her assignment. 

The use of a wide aperture dramatically separates her from the distracting background and keeps just enough of the foreground in focus to maintain the texture of the frozen siding. 

Even though the background is very bright, the viewer is still drawn to her face which is framed by the dark helmet and turnout coat.

What the special characters’ Tumblrs would be like:

Isabelle: Reminders about upcoming events, photos of pretty locations in town, interviews with the villagers, etc. Basically the town’s official blog.

Tom Nook: Interior design and architecture blog. Almost entirely original content, but has never made a personal post.

Timmy & Tommy: They co-run a coupon code aggregate that has a non-Tumblr url and a bunch of ads on the side. Never provide codes for their own store.

Blathers: Runs like five different history blogs appealing to different niches. Remains impartial on his analyses but makes huge walls of text on his personal feelings on stuff whenever he gets an ask.

Celeste: Celeste is actually the creator of every single astrology meme post on Tumblr as of this moment.

Reese: Thrift shop finds and scenes; everything above half saturation from prettycolors; selfies of herself posing with the furniture in the shop.

Cyrus: Nothing but reblogs of Reese’s selfies with super enthusiastic commentary.

Brewster: More artsy foreground-focus photos of coffee than you thought existed on Tumblr; lots of original gyroid artwork.

K.K.: Meticulously watches the hashtags about him, reblogs every upload of one of his songs, answers lots of asks from fans. Rarely actually uploads any of his own songs, and even then, usually only the demos.

Shrunk: Memes upon memes. Has never made an original post that’s gotten more than 20 notes, despite having hundreds of active followers.

Redd: Redd is definitely the guy who keeps making all those blatantly untrue fun fact posts that require like five seconds of Googling to debunk but get like 200k notes.

Booker: Booker is the guy who keeps reblogging Redd’s posts and gets really passionate about them in his tags.

Copper: Copper only has a Tumblr to debunk Booker’s reblogs (which Booker then reblogs while apologizing really hard to his followers for spreading false information).

And the Parallel Continues...

“Many years ago, the kingdom I come from came under attack by a powerful menace…

…The only one in any position who could save us was a princess…

…But she never fully embraced who she was… 

…what a hero she could be…

…And, as a result, our Kingdom was lost. 


 It’s in the past, and it’s no longer important…

                                                 …except for what can be learned from it.” 
-Shireen/Princess Jasmine, “Strange Case” 


The establishing shot has the apples in the foreground, in focus, before it refocuses on Snow. The very next shot is of Jasmine. 
And while Snow certainly has had her fair share of experience with apples, we all know the apple is truly Regina’s device. And, in this scene, Snow blatantly rejects them. “For reasons that I just can’t get behind…”

Regina, like Jasmine, never was able to fix her abandoned kingdom. It lies in ruins because she, like Jasmine, left for her own land of untold stories… a land called Storybrooke… 

But someday, Snow says, maybe she will fix things. 

I feel that “someday” is right around the corner. Regina is about to embrace her truest self, and be the ruler she was always meant to be, with the people she deeply cares for right by her side. 

Isshuukan Friends

I had this one on the back burner for a while and I finally had time to watch it all the way through and boy am I glad I did. Don’t let the story fool you or turn you away from it because although it seems repetitive it’s much more then that. It begins with the introduction of a high school boy named Yuki Hase who tells his friend Shogo that he is interested in a girl in his class by the name of Kaori Fujumija. His focus lies on helping her make friends as he notices that she doesn’t talk to others and is always alone. After working to make friends with her however, he quickly learns that she loses her memories of her friends at the start of every new week. Yuki decides that he is going to find the cause of her memory loss no matter how much effort it takes.

The Characters

The first thing I noticed was the extreme amount of effort that went into creating each one of the characters. Not only that, but I also saw that though who were in the background were always present and reacting to the things going on. This made the whole environment come to like and it made it seem as if you were looking through the eyes of the main character that was speaking and seeing everything they saw. Each character has their own development period, but the best part about it all is the moment a new character comes along the perspective and outlook changes. Just when you think you have one of the characters fully figured out something happens and you learn a little bit more about them. In particular you can really sense the struggle that Kaori goes through day in and day out and how it weighs on all those around her and in her own mind. The constructing of her character is gradual, but done in a way that you feel as if you are growing with her and breaking from the shell that currently surrounds her life. This gives you a sense of attachment to her and each one of the characters that interacts with her on a daily basis and it really helps to push the story alone and convey the real life meaning of the story. That connection is what drew me in and kept me watching it and each of the characters have their own struggles and their own growth with all seems to connect together in the end. I could tell that the story wasn’t rushed and that a lot of through went into showing particular parts of each character at certain moments where it allowed you to gain a deeper understanding of them. The Inclusion of characters in the background gradually also does a great job of illustrating the growth of Kaori metaphorically. Each character is given their own spotlight and their own time in the story and it’s nice to see each character gain that amount of focus in such a short amount of time.

The animation

As with the characters, elements of the animation play a key part in the character development and conveying of meaning throughout the story. The animators did a good job with lighting and weather in a way that it immediately conveys the inner feelings of the character at that moment in time and it doesn’t in any way feel like something they randomly added. The use of color to enhance foreground focus and focus on main characters is also a nice touch and it ensures that you don’t miss small keys from each one of the characters throughout. The animation is very smooth and transitions well throughout and I really like the fact that detail went into the people in the background at all times so that you really felt as if you were there watching the characters. Another thing that really stood out to me was the way in which the animators went about creating flashbacks for all of the characters. It was sudden as would be expected, but it was also quick. In doing this they keep your focus on the present and allow you the amount of time to connect the dots. The lighting is very even and I didn’t notice instances where it was to bright and everything felt very natural.

Rating 10/10

It’s not often that I give a perfect score, but in this case you can’t take anything away from this anime. Though it’s only twelve episodes long, the pacing of it is done in a way that you feel like you learn so much in each episode. This really gives you the feeling that it’s much longer then it actually is and when it finally did end I was sad that it was over. I can’t get enough of the characters and the structure of the story was incredibly well done. It’s not easy to fit that kind of story in a limited amount of episodes, but this anime did it and did so remarkably. It’s an emotional one, but one that I hope you don’t miss your chance of watching.

[NEWS] 140728 Ten Cameramen, A Comparison of Block B’s Music Broadcast “HER” Comeback Stages

Block B’s stages are stages full of the carefree colors of 7 men. Even when they dance the same dance, the members have different eye-catching steps. Each individual expression is a factor in the color of the stage. Here, every member’s performance is added like seasoning. Block B’s charms have been upgraded with the release of their fourth mini-album “HER” this past 24th. From Park Kyung’s gossip-sharing choreography in his part in verse 1, to B-Bomb’s hammer-striking choreography in verse 2, to the light-headed and dizzy bouncing choreography, etc.—in addition to a performance full of teamwork, their colorful performance even includes aegyo poses and Park Kyung’s individual dance to show off their personal talents. Which music broadcast brought out Block B’s charms the best?

# Mnet ‘M! Countdown’: Congratulations on 10 years!

Camerawork: ★★★
10 years of goodness+regret: ★★★
PO’s back-turning points: ★★★

The point choreography, such as the gossip-sharing, hammer choreography, and Park Kyung’s individual dance came out well on M! Countdown’s 10-year anniversary special broadcast. However, possibly due to it being a 10-year special broadcast, the stage and sound system were more regretful than usual. Because it was a live broadcast, PO’s introductory part was done as an intro video, and the stage began from Zico’s appearance. Even so, the stage had a rushed feeling. Even the camerawork lacked detail-oriented full shots, relying primarily on the side cameras rather than the jimmy jib cameras that illuminate the entire foreground. Additionally, the continual focus on members who had finished their parts and were heading upstage was regretful. All of the major points were shown, but the level of completion was regretful.

# KBS2 ‘Music Bank’: A certain priority is necessary!

Camerawork: ★★☆
Ranking of affection for B-Bomb: ★★★☆
Prioritizing fireworks over artists ranking: ★★★

At ‘Music Bank,’ Block B boasted of their unique freshness while wearing their sparkling stage clothes. Park Kyung’s individual dance and the HER chorus dog-leg choreography generally turned out well, but the overall camerawork was disappointing. First of all, by switching between close-up and full shot at a rapid speed, the engagement in the performance was lowered. The obviousness of their love for B-Bomb was severe. Because they only showed a close-up on B-Bomb during his verse 2 hammer-striking choreography, the point of the choreography couldn’t be captured. During B-Bomb’s ‘I’m light-headed and dizzy’ part, in verse 2 there was a close-up on B-Bomb even during the choreography that was thrown out at once. Similarly with ‘M! Countdown,’ after PO’s part was finished, the camerawork showed a lack of sense in capturing his back as he went upstage to find his place in the choreography. Additionally, fireworks were used as an affect during Zico and Taeil’s climax part, but because of the fireworks the members’ faces were obscured.

# MBC ‘Show! Music Core’: This week’s best!

Camerawork: ★★★★
Sense of timing: ★★★★
Taeil’s Micky Mouse cutie ranking: ★★★★☆

On ‘Show! Music Core’ (hereafter Music Core), Zico’s winter fashion compared with the other members’ summer fashion had an interesting feeling. As expected from Music Core, who uses low angles often, the use of a low angle during Zico’s rap part was able to show off the full majesty of Zico’s rap. During highlighted parts like ‘I’m light-headed and dizzy,’ ‘HER!’ etc., the camera angle captured the points of the song while also using appropriate transitions. In particular, during ‘I’m light-headed and dizzy,’ at ‘light-headed’ the camera angle expanded to capture all of the members doing the bouncing choreography. During B-Bomb’s hammer and Park Kyung’s individual dance it was also appropriate. Even the set at Music Core matched well with the concept of ‘HER’ through its vivid coloring. They also captured most of the members’ sesame-like expression acting. Taeil’s Mickey Mouse was particularly cute.

# SBS ‘Inkigayo’: The camera was dancing. Excitement

Camerawork: ★★★
Camera’s dance ability: ★★★☆
B-Bomb and U-Kwon handsome guy ranking: ★★★★★

Inkigayo expressed the excitement of Block B’s music through a set that seemed like coming to a rock bowling place. With their bangs, B-Bomb and U-Kwon showed a handsome guy image among the neighborhood hooligan-like Block B. Wasn’t it a little too excited? Even the camera was excited along with them. During ‘I’m light-headed and dizzy,’ the camera nodded along with the members who were nodding their heads. During Park Kyung’s individual dance where he waves his hand, the camera also waved along with him. There were also instances where the camera showed members other than the member who was singing the current part. However, they did show sense in being the only one of the four broadcast station who did not capture only the backs of members as they returned to their positions in the choreography.

SOURCE: 10Asia

Translated by: Kari @ blockbintl

Please take out translations with full credit.