Your Supremacy

I would hardly ever guess what brand Jong wore on his top, if it was not a map, kindly offered by the designers. Ta-da! This is a creation of Stampd, located in LA and thought of by many as a forefarther of street wear in the West. Jonghyun also sported his couple Nike x Supreme pair. As we already know from @bumkeyk account, another SHINee member was lucky to get those sneakers in gold as early as on April 24 (though the official release date was April 29 in Japan). For greater airport show, let’s add a Saint Laurent clutch, and a cap by Stussy. Are you still wondering what brand are his trousers? Me too, actually.

Taemin has proposed a good recipe for styling a black bucket hat having a gothic style logo from R.SHEMISTE. Rule One: choose basics (white tee + black skinny jeans). Rule Two: opt for grown-up shoes, the ones which have classy vibes and shining leather. Rule Three: show off your perfect blue hair color. Last but not least: showing off means you should leave your head uncovered. Please, contact me, if you can do this better.

This is how stunning you might look, if you choose for natural fabrics. Be it a shirt, or a dress, Minho insists - it should be made from quality material. Simple silhouette makes the look rich, a cuban collar makes it trendy, Gucci snake loafers add some naughtiness of a man in his twenties.

Though… if money can’t buy you Gucci, use your Vans in a slipper mode, take the pants that your grandad just wanted to throw, and a classic white shirt that iron would never touch. A viable alternative for a relaxed duty-free shopping tour from your favourite Onew-oppa.

Lately, I read many comments on Key’s outfits, saying that now he opts for comfortable rather than fashionable. Let me provide some clarification: what Kibum wears is on the peak of fashion. The super ability of this boy is the power to adapt both himself to the current trends and the trends to his own needs. Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration is at issue in 2017, just like Naomi Campbell was discussed in 1990s. But whether streetwear will eventually conquer luxury designs is up for debate.

Text and sketches by Fashion Tirorist (@sokey512). Design by Anna-Maria (@sh5untik).