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#6 meeting online ereri

Levi sorted through his photographs as he worked out which ones he wanted to post. His favourites were the action shots, and Isabel had been very patient, taking photo after photo from a truly awkward position on the ground while he tried to get a flying kick just right.

He didn’t like showing his face. He always looked, well, wrong. Not like his character should look; too short, too scowly, too much like himself.

That one was okay, he thought. The sun had been setting by that point and it slanted just right to hide his amateurish attempts at makeup. He really should try and get into some live action fandoms, he thought. At least he’d have something actually achievable to aim at.

It wasn’t like anyone would notice anyway, he thought. Everyone liked his action shots. His forearms had fans. He posted the picture in among all the others, still feeling weirdly nervous anyway.

No one would notice. Someone noticed.

Finally get to see your face! Your makeup looks great :3 So do you ofc

Levi didn’t know how to respond so he clicked over to the commenter’s profile and was met with a whole lot of face. Was this guy kidding? Levi’s makeup looked crap compared to the art he’d plastered all over his own skin.

Levi said as much. Bullshit it is. Yours is way better. As soon as he hit send he regretted it. Couldn’t he just be gracious for once? He’d never been good with compliments.

Luckily rougetitan (IT’S NOT A SPELLING ERROR IT’S A PUN) didn’t take it personally.

It’s just practice, he replied. Like how you work out.

They kept talking, and rougetitan became Eren and Levi thought he was finally getting the hang of this making friends thing. Only he’d totally overshot the mark, because Eren was kind and gorgeous and funny and far too far away. Safely far away as well; he didn’t need to know how Levi felt.

Until he wasn’t, until his delighted announcement that he was going to fly in to attend a con Levi had already bought tickets for had him breaking out in a cold sweat. This was agonising.

At least he wouldn’t be going as himself. His costume and makeup would hide him. He hoped.

He waited for Levi near the entrance, among all the other people making last minute adjustments and greeting friends, and he posed whenever someone asked for a photo, but his attention was always on the stream of people walking up from the parking area.


He hadn’t recognised Eren at first; he’d been keeping the finer details of his costume a secret and suddenly he was right in front of him.

“Hi,” Levi said, dazzled.

“Oh my god those costumes are amazing.” Levi heard someone say as cameras came out. “I ship it.”

Eren beamed, “So do I,” he said and Levi didn’t say anything, but he didn’t stop Eren putting his arm around him either.

The Crown - Loki (Part 1)

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Prompt: You were born into a royal family of ancient lineage. The eldest of four daughters, you suddenly feel the heavy burden of being the heiress of a huge power falling on your shoulders. Suddenly everything changes when a mysterious stranger enters your life. But the king’s last words, your father, were marked in your mind to haunt you: the crown must always win.

Warnings: You’ll have different characteristics and name. Loki will be rocking everybody’s hearts soon.


ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ Chapter 1 - Long live the queen.

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[You are in a dark hall. The walls are made of stone, with narrow slits near the top which let in weak light. At the end of the hall is a heavy, wooden door. The air is damp and smells of mildew.]
[ACTION] > Scratch at your forearm

I moved @esotheria-sims‘s Silas Moonfeather into Dawson Mesa, the desert-y neighborhood, where he will be the resident hottie. :)

Before he left the lot that all CAS Sims move into initially (to give them some skill points, among other things; it makes no sense to me to have adults with absolutely no skills), he got brought up to date on all the neighborhood gossip by the guy who owns said lot. Forewarned is forearmed and all that.

I’m currently working on building a really funky little house for him and a yet-to-be-determined random roommate. (The first guy to walk by will be made playable and moved in.) Right now, the lot looks like this:

…which isn’t much to look at yet, I know. I don’t even know if I’ll keep those colors. It’s funky because it’ll have two nice, large master suites, Silas’s downstairs behind the garage and the roommate’s upstairs, above the garage, and a shared small great room, also upstairs. There’s also a screened-in sunroom off the back. I’ll have more pics when it’s actually done, of course…but that probably won’t be today.

top 6 guns i wouldn’t really mind getting killed with

if you’re gonna come up and shoot me dead, at least have the decency to shoot me more than once. but, unfortunately, you can’t normally shoot somebody dead with any more bullets if you already shot somebody dead with 1 bullet. solution? 10 bullets all at once. good. nice

oh, but what’s better than 10 bullets?? 16 lead projectiles, aka bullets. that’s 60% more bullets than 10 bullets! really makes the compound fractures in your wrist and forearm worth it

my biggest deal with your run-of-the-mill revolvers is the fact that they can only fire 1 bullet 6 times. they’re not even worth it when you can fire 3 whole bullets 6 entire times

please launch a child’s leg-sized slug right at my chest and send my lungs into my neighbor’s place. they’ve really been on my nerves lately and i’ve love to give them a good spook. that’ll show them

if u ever want to hit me in the neck with a battle axe and then shoot the aforementioned neck wound five times, please do so with this abominable apparition. it would make the whole situation that much more tolerable

did you just turn my mortal form into a crimson slurry? fear not, for you can further liquefy my remains with 3 more rockets at your leisure! gotta give that flesh pile a nice char so it gains that admirable smokey flavor

Something Inspiring Happened Today

The most adorable and inspiring thing just happened to me when I was getting groceries today. Kids are some of the most inspiring people. I’ve been up since about 6 this morning- I had my directing class from 9-2, drove about two hours to get home- then went to get groceries and that took another couple hours. I was exhausted. So I’m in line and this mother with identical triplet girls was ahead of me, one of the girls kept looking at me so of course I said hello! And I noticed she was looking at my tattoos, my most prominent is my film reel tattoo on the outside of my forearm- she came right up to me and she started tracing the tattoo with her finger and said “It’s just like the movies!” I immediately forgot how tired I was, I asked if she liked movies. She said “I love Disney movies, I just saw Moana! Do you like movies?” I told her how I love movies too and I hope to make them someday. This little 5 year old girl just smiled and said “Maybe I’ll see one of yours someday!” And I said “I hope so” and gave me a hug and left… If you’ve ever felt like your dreams were out of reach, all you need is a child to believe in you for you to believe in yourself again. I honestly nearly cried when I got in my car. I was so tired and everything felt so out of reach and this little girl who I’ve never met- just restored faith in myself and in what I’m doing. Sometimes you really need someone to believe in you, even if they’re a strangers kid.

Ice Skating

December Drabble 3: Sonny Carisi

Masterlist | December Drabble Prompts

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In his defense, controlling six feet of arms and legs is difficult. That was why his mother had never taught him how to ice skate and why he was having so much trouble learning now. 

Sonny was holding onto you desperately as you skated around the frozen pond, shooting you a glare every time you laughed at him.

“You’re okay, Sonny,” you giggled. “I’m not going to let you fall.”

“Don’t think I’m not going to hold you to that,” he warned, releasing your forearm just long enough to point a finger in your face.

“You’re awfully good at holding.”

Hand poked symbols, including Virgo Zodiac sign and Mercury planet symbol. Tattoo artist: Ann Pokes

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Do you think you can make a drawing soulmate au with atsushi where he randomly writes on any part of his body from boredom only to find a reply form on his skin, like they can communicate by writing/drawing on their skin(bonus if they meet)

Sure thing!

‘Why does my life suck so much’ Atsushi wrote as he suffered from extreme boredom; it was a slow day in the Agency.


“Wait, your life sucks? Why didn’t you say anything?” Your friend joked as she pointed at your arm. Confused, your eyes trailed down to where she gestured at and lo and behold, ‘Why does my life suck so much’ was written in permanent marker on your forearm.

“I didn’t write this…?” You said, eyes squinting as your brain tried to recall when you’d written the sad statement in a handwriting that wasn’t yours.

“Maybe it’s your soulmate,” she snorted, “ya know? That dumb legend about communicating with your soulmate by writing on your skin?” Her voice was quite sour, you ignored her tone since you know she was hurting since she’d just ended a relationship.

You sighed before grabbing a permanent marker and wrote a reply underneath the sentence. ‘Idk, don’t ask me.’


Dazai was shocked awake by a scream coming from opposite him.

“I wrote on my arm and there’s a reply?!” Atsushi screamed in fear. An overreaction, to Dazai, but his curiosity overwhelmed his slight annoyance.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Kunikida asked nonchalantly as he continued to type up his report, eyes never leaving his computer screen.

“I’m serious!” He said, showing his arm to everyone in the room. “Look!”

“Ooh!” Dazai exclaimed before grabbing a marker and added another line, ‘ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ‘


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Richard grabs his scalpel away from the soldier. "Please stop messing with my stuff... I am trying to heal you..." (((ask-disabledmedic)))

“Sorry…I always found medical was intriguing, ” the RED was sitting on the the Gurney. The RED had his arm scratched from today’s battle..well not nessarily scratch ed but, had lost his forearm.


Draco X Reader: Busted!

Ok this is just gonna be a cute (hopefully) little soulmate fanfic.
WARNING: language

Your forearm was still tingling. It was mid-day so only half of sixth year would have gotten the charm yet. The spell allowed you to write on your arm and it would turn up on your soulmates arm. You decided to skip lunch, too anxious to eat. You knew that soon (if your soulmate was in your year) your forearm would start tingling again.

You ended up in library in an alcove near the restricted section. Due to the way the shelves were arranged, the alcove was hidden from all. You had stumbled apon it in first year while looking for a book, and you were sure you were the only student that knew about it. There was a comfy seat (large enough to be a small sofa) built into the alcove with plump, (y/f/c) pillows. You curled up there with your favourite book. (Y/f/b) had always brightened your mood and cleared your mind. But sadly it also had another effect…

It wasn’t until 8:55 that you realised how much time had passed. shit you thought to yourself. There was no way you’d make it back to the (y/h) common room in time….unless…

if I take the passage in between the transfiguration room and the suit of armour, with no interruptions, I should be able to make it… and if by magic ( A/N I know MAGIC) you ran into someone.
“Ughhh” you groaned as you’re thrown into the ground by the impact. anyone but Snape! Anyone but Snape! but oh no it was someone MUCH worse.

“Why hello there, (Y/N)! What are you doing out of bed, past curfew tonight?” A familiar voice drawled.
Actually Malfoy I still have…” You look down at your watch, “…an entire minute to get back! So if you don’t mind…” You said as you tried to slip past. You knew if you carried on talking to Malfoy you’d say something stupid and embarrass yourself like you did 2 years ago…


you’d been dancing all night: with each of the Weasley boys, with Harry, with Michael Corner, even Blaise Zambini. You were massaging your feet, while glaring at Pugface Parkinson who was currently dancing with the one and only Draco Malfoy.

You had had a crush on Draco since 1st year, but had dismissed your obsession as hatred for the boy and you’d been enemies since then, which is actually how you formed many of your friendships with the beloved Gryffindors and enemies in Slytherin, but most of the slytherins secretly liked how you sassed Malfoy. The Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs tried not to let your attitude towards Malfoy affect their opinion of you but they were warmer to you because of it.
(A/N: I tried to include friendships in all houses so that readers from all houses wouldn’t feel I was being biased to my house: Slytherin; or to the most popular house: Gryffindor. Hope I did a good job!)

You heard footsteps approaching you and looked round. Then you saw him. Draco was walking towards you, with a smirk on his face.
“Hello there, (Y/N)! I was wondering if you’d like the honour of dancing with me.” He drawled.
“The honour? The honour?” You asked incredulously. You really didn’t want to but you had a reputation to keep up.
“so I’m guessing that’s a…” You cut him off
“You think you can just waltz


…up to me after hours of dancing with Pugface and ask me to dance and expect me to just be swept off my feet of something?!?!” You half screamed at him.
“Look I didn’t mean it that way…” Once again you cut him off.
“Look, MALFOY not everyone on this planet is just gonna hand you everything on a silver platter! Do you know why? Because your an honest to Merlin, Dickheaded twat!” You screamed at him.

You knew you’d taken it too far but instead of apologising, you stormed off to your dorm, threw yourself on your bed and cried yourself to sleep

That night you’d made a fool out of yourself and Draco. As you tried to slip past him, his arm shot out and grabbed you by the shoulder. He seemed as shocked by his actions as you did. He started blushing furiously.
“I… I… I uh…think I should accompany you to your common room… uh… you know… so you don’t… So I can make sure… Uhh… You know that you actually go back” he said as he rubbed the back of his neck, something you’d seen Ron and Harry do whenever they did something stupid in an awkward situation. Draco was nervous. You had no idea why. So you shrugged it off.
“Sure. I don’t see why not.” And with that you started walking off, leaving Draco standing there confused about why you hadn’t argued with him. He eventually shook himself out of his revoir and caught up with you.

“Soooo…you never told me why you were out so late.” Draco attempted to strike up a conversation in the awkward silence.
“I was reading. In the Library. I lost track of time.” You kept shrugging and giving short answers to all his attempts at a conversation. It was quite amusing to watch him come up with conversation starters. Although, you were still confused as to why he was trying to talk, to you of all people.

“ sooooo…” You said mimicking him.
“you still haven’t told me why your trying to talk to me.” At this Draco stopped, blushed furiously, and just stared at me like I’d asked him to name all the stars in the universe.

He started mumbling something along the lines of: “SHIT! she doesn’t know? How does she not know? My friends said it was fucking obvious. Either they lied or she’s an idiot” at this you reminded him you were there with a sharp
“What was that? I’m an idiot, am I?” He looked up like a deer in headlights.
“Wha…? Oh no! No you’re not an idiot! I’M the idiot.” And then started mumbling “FUCK! why? why would I say that? I AM a fucking idiot.” To which you just had to cut in.
“not that I’m denying you’re an idiot but, why are you calling yourself and idiot? And what don’t I know?”

He knew he was caught. You could see it in his eyes. He would have to start explaining something. He quickly looked round like he was surrounded by dementors, and BAM just like that he was kissing you.

It took a moment for you to realise what was happening and then, as he started to pull away, you responded eagerly. You threw your arms round his neck and pulled him closer. You felt his arms gently slide round you waist. You pulled apart cursing the need to breathe. You looked up at him sheepishly and giggled. You heard footsteps coming down the hall, and pulled Draco into the nearest cupboard.

The footsteps sounded like Professor Snape. You pulled Draco closer and whispered in his ear.
“Just incase we get caught, I need to tell you something: Draco, I’ve loved you since 1st year”
“I love you too, Y/N” and with that the cupboard door was yanked open. There stood professor Snape in his ever billowing robes, staring displeasingly at the couple.
“And what exactly are two of my students, doing in a broom cupboard.”
“My office, now!”
“Busted!” “Shit!” you and Draco whispered simultaneously.
you looked at each other and burst out laughing. Snape sighed.
“just head back to your dormitories, I can’t deal with misfits like yourselves right now.”
and with that you and Draco walked hand in hand to your dorms until you had to go your separate ways.

ok guys I think that was a lot better than my previous fan fiction. Still not very fluffy but I’m working in it. Friendly reminder to request fanfics, I know I’m not great but I do it for fun. I don’t think any requests are not worth it, but I don’t do smut. Please request!