Ominous!Wiggins from the Series 4 trailer could easily enough turn out to be a misleading edit. But as long as everyone’s trying to figure out what his potentially-creepy deal is in the meantime, I will reintroduce you to the theory I recently made my peace with after forcing it out of my system for a couple years…

Wiggins: Can I come? I think I’ve got a broken arm.
Mary: No. Go away.
John: No, let him.
Mary: Why?
John: Yeah, just get in. It’s a sprain.

Since a sprained arm should involve a joint in some way, completely avoiding the elbow and wrist joints and instead wrapping a bandage around and around the middle of Wiggins’ forearm seems like an unorthodox first aid choice.

It would, however, be the perfect thing to do if you wanted to cover up one of these:

[Image via Edginton & Culbard’s graphic novel adaptation.]

The Scowrer brand from The Valley of Fear.

And if Mary is actually based on Birdy Edwards from the same novel, well…

Let’s just say she’d be aware of the significance.

For The Time Being (ch.2)

this story is set in an alternate universe where time has become the universal currency and people, born with a digital clock on their forearm, stop aging at the age of 20 

Chapter 1 l Chapter 2

Pairings: Jungkook x reader

Word: 3617

Genre: dystonian au / fluffy fluff / angst / maybe a bit of smut idk

Summary: where you fall into Jungkook’s grasp and there is no time for excape

A/N: A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL YOU LOVELIES WHO ENJOYED READING CH.1 AND ASKED FOR MORE <333 tbh it was my first time writing fics so knowing a lot of you actually liked it means the world to me i’m flattered :D btw go watch nirvana in fire so gooddd

Being Jungkook’s personal assistant is like pioneering ventures up the same drastic slope over and over again, each step undermining aged old perseverance, only to find yourself tripping over a certain boulder and falling on your knees repeatedly, bruised and lone. The harder you try, the further away you are from the mountain peak, where he looks at you in haughty disdain as a display of the superiority naturally embroidered within the rich.

As far as you are concerned, there is nothing amicable about Jeon Jungkook. He speaks with a trained lifeless tone, his words laced with authority. He is always one step ahead of you, oblivious of your endeavour to catch up both in actions and in time. Eventually, you give up trying and succumb to this forced isolation. If he is not to pour his heart out to you and make your days easier, you need not ferret behind cold steel bars, risking your life for an unfeeling boy.

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A conversation between a punkish Ravenclaw girl and an adorable (tall) Hufflepuff boy
  • Ravenclaw:Hey! *Awkwardly puts her forearm on the Hufflepuff's shoulder* So, how are you doing on that project you needed the book for? Because I might need that back soon.
  • Hufflepuff:*Tries to lower his shoulder so the Ravenclaw is more comfortable* Not well. This really isn't my area.
  • Ravenclaw:I understand, an it's not an easy assignment anyway. Tell you what. I remember that stuff, I can help you.
  • Hufflepuff:*Smiles with relief* That would be great!
  • Ravenclaw:*Grins* You're welcome. I could take you under my wing. When I think about it, you can be my legacy!
  • Hufflepuff:What-
  • Ravenclaw:Yeah! Setting off fireworks,
  • Hufflepuff:No-
  • Ravenclaw:Vulgar jokes while annotating quidditch games,
  • Hufflepuff:Bad idea-
  • Ravenclaw:and just being an all-around genius hell-raiser!
  • Hufflepuff:No, that's-
  • Ravenclaw:Yes.
  • Hufflepuff:But-
  • Ravenclaw:YES.

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Oooh what tattoo?

there’s a radiohead lyric that is everything to me and i want it either on my thigh or my forearm 

the lyric is “for a minute there, i lost myself” and for my it symbolises my fight against my mental health and how i’ve come out stronger from it all :-) 


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37. 79.

37:Tattoos and piercing i want

I want so many tattoos omg I want a very intricate sleeve full of nature & fantasy things with the main focus being a dragon coiling up my arm with it’s head like under my collarbone. I want something pretty and naturey and floral on my other shoulder. I want a dagger on my other forearm. I want song lyrics somewhere probably, maybe just the Paramore symbol. I want an underboob tattoo, a moon phase tattoo, and a barn owl tattoo. Lavender, purple wildflowers, and dogwood. Just so many idkkk

79:What would I want to be written on my tombstone?

honestly no idea

Words can hurt and words can heal

read it on the AO3 at

by Samipleir

Jack looked down at his forearm. The first words his soulmate would say to him were written there. The words that had plagued his every waking moment for the past seventeen years. He subconsciously scratched at the words. He’d tried to erase those words to many times to count. School had been hell. Kids constantly made fun of him. Home hadn’t been great either. His father was always insisting finding his soulmate wasn’t important. He said that settling was just as good. Jack had been beat up, excluded from everything, and ridiculed all because of four simple words.

‘But I’m not gay.’

Words: 11089, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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✦ - {miles}

Rolling up their sleeves to keep cool, showing off their forearms

Mairead watched as Miles rolled up his sleeves- perhaps it was to keep them from getting wet as they cleaned the kitchen up. Mae and Angus had returned to their cottage not far away, leaving just Mairead and Miles to clean up.

“I’ll get the dishes,” she volunteered, already fetching her apron off the peg.


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are u still taking those minific prompts? if so, M and/or P for my sweet boys jared & richo

Sure am! So long as you don’t mind that I’m going to write some weird nonsense.

m - when it rains/snows/storms

Her hands are cold. Always cold. Like the first snap of winter. A palm pressed soothingly to his forehead, while he wrestles with a fever in bed. Fingers tapping out a rhythm against his forearm, in time with the rain against their roof. Gently, she says, listen, Donald. The sky wants to sing you to sleep.


A broken umbrella. A coat that doesn’t zip right. Puddles in the bottoms of his shoes. The dryer at his latest home is broken. Donald strips off his soggy sweater and rings it out over the sink. Cold – so cold – the cold burrowed deep inside him. Better not get sick again, he thinks. 


Walking back to the dorms from a capella practice. The sky overhead is sublime. An unsettling sort of violet, electric with the promise of snow. It’s romantic, thinks Donald. So terribly romantic, he reaches over, bravely, to take Max’s hand.

Max pulls away, disgusted. You’re so cold, he says, Donald. It’s like touching a corpse. Later, he’ll kick Donald out of bed into the snow.


The kind of hot it rarely is in Palo Alto. Thick, muggy, tense – a build-up of pressure – expelled, only, by the violence of a storm.

Richard is always warm. Too warm. An engine hums inside him. Crackling, burning, throwing off sparks. It’s too fucking hot to think, he groans, pushing sweat-drenched curls back from his forehead, shifting his laptop away from his lap.

Jared, in bed beside him. Cold lips against his neck. Cold hands under his t-shirt. A contented sigh. A delicate balance. Rain against the rooftop. The moment when the pressure breaks.

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✦ - Rolling up their sleeves to keep cool, showing off their forearms


Well he had seen Archer without his shirt and all, but for some reason he had just came inside .It was a hot day and he had  rolled up his sleeves and Reyna couldn’t take her eyes off him. So she just let out a mild gasp and continued to look at him, knowing well he would definitely notice that. “You’re back already I see..” she said stopping her cleaning , well she was helping Orana again.

I had a dream I met Tyler and josh bc I followed them to their little trailer thing where they were getting ready for the show and I asked Tyler about his wrist tattoo and he said something really underwhelming and I was lowkey disappointed and then I felt bad I didn’t really have as burning of a question for josh and then Tyler asked me what his tattoo meant to me and I told him my favorite ideas about it and josh just like looked at me w puppy dog eyes like all sad because he thought I wasn’t as interested in him and then Tyler was like here touch it and I did and I saw self harm scars on his forearm and didn’t have the guts to ask him about them and then I gave josh a big hug and then like jogged into the venue bc I was afraid I’d be late for the show