forearm tatoo

For You Beautiful Descendants Fan fiction Writers

Or people interested in some random facts ❤
First of all you’re awesome.
Right to it:
•Jay’s ears are pierced. It is not mentioned in the book but can be seen in the movie.
•Mal has the Double Dragon mark on her forearm, looks like a tatoo.
•Book cannon Evie has completely blue hair, but it’s perfectly good to go with movie and add black.
•Carlos must have some scars, as painful as the thought is.
•Mal has really green eyes, see movie Maleficent.
•Evie’s apple pendant is just colored glass.
•Mal is supposed to be /slightly/ short, but of course, deadly.

Just in case you may want some extra facts to throw into your story, sometimes I starve for some cannon facts after throwing in too much headcannon :) (not that that’s not good that’s cool :D)