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suppose patroclus moves out. he finds the place on craigslist, a group of dudes looking for a roommate to share a double: $340/mo, utilities included, minus wifi. the deposit’s only first and last and pat’s got about nine hundred bucks saved. he meets up with the dudes, all fuckin’ like ten of them, and they like him well enough and he likes them well enough and he has a job starting in a couple days so they take his $680 and he moves in the same day.

well okay, mostly he kind of runs away. okay, not really but he definitely doesn’t tell his father about moving out until it’s over and all his shit is at his new place that’s like thirty minutes away. most of his shit.

so pat forgets to pack his bathroom stuff. whatever. there’s a cvs like two blocks from his new house. he probably should also buy like, food maybe.

he goes to cvs probably five times in the next week or so. pat’s absurdly glad it’s summer because he suddenly finds himself compelled to spend several hours a day deliberating toilet paper brands. softness is very important to him, okay? he likes his creature comforts.

also the guy who works the register is painfully, devastatingly, inhumanly attractive and pat really likes to look at him. he’s tall and blonde and so tan and his name tag says ‘ace’ and he chews a lot of gum and his forearms look so strong and his hands are so big. his voice is so sweet and clear, his teeth are white and a little crooked, and sometimes he looks at pat in a way that makes pat feel very, very warm.

pat’s roommates wonder why the house is suddenly full of extra paper goods, why they never run out of ziplock bags, and why they seem to have an endless supply of granola bars. they never get around to asking the quiet new guy why he keeps buying reusable cvs bags.

one day ace will say 'can i have your number?’ and pat will rattle it off because he thinks ace signed him up for a club card or whatever. when pat gets a text on the way home that says 'hi this is ace the cvs guy’ pat will realize he was wrong. he’ll say 'hey this is pat also a cvs guy’ and then want to kick himself in the shins until ace replies 'haha nice to meet you’ followed immediately by 'we should get coffee sometime.’

pat will say yes, of course. and when ace shows up at his house two days later in a navy blue button down and the tightest jeans pat has ever seen on a real human, pat will probably kiss him right there on the front porch. he’ll notice that he and ace are roughly the same height and he’ll probably blush through the whole thing, dark cheeks heating up where ace can feel them.

the important part is that ace will kiss him back.

hands will probably tangle in hair and butts will probably be touched. it will be the single greatest moment of patroclus’s young life and when they pull apart, ace will look a little dazed, like maybe he didn’t expect this, like maybe he never wants to stop either.

pat’s roommates will whistle and cheer from the front room, because they’re assholes like that.

I never should have taken that stuff, man.  Shit, what am I gonna do?

Rewind:  just three weeks ago my buddy at the lab said they were working on this new drug and movin’ on to human trials soon.  Guy asked me if I wanted to give it a try – said it was a real masculine sort of high, would make my beard grow thicker, make me able to get into it more when it came to the whole male experience.

I said sure, why not, I mean I already drank and smoked up every now and then, I’d been on ritalin for a while when I was a kid and that had been alright, always into trying new stuff.  I even did boomers once.

Anyhow, at first it’s workin’ great.  I let my beard grow out and yeah, it was coming in thicker, still looks pretty good I think but that’s not the point.  I got more masculine all over, man.  Like my muscles tightened up – I must have put on 10 pounds – I can see it in my face, my balls look bigger in their sac, I got way hairier than I used to be.  Like in my pits, all over my chest, forearms, legs, even my ass, man.

I’ve got more energy, started getting these boners and wet dreams at first but one night I blew my load – just woke myself up cumming in the morning – and realized I’d been thinking of naked dudes.

I was fine with that and all but that wasn’t me, so I went back and he gave me a couple pills to take that he said would help knock out those impulses.

Thing is, I took em and it’s not working.  I feel more into guy stuff than ever.  I’ve been looking in the mirror, flexing, really just getting off on the way I look.  So I went up to the mountains to see if I could clear my head and it’s not working, man.  All I can think about up here is finding some dude and getting naked with him, maybe hiding out in a cave – like I’ve got this craving to just take my shirt off and throw it away, and like this craving for cock is just flashing in my head, all sorts of twisted shit.  What’s worse is I’m really starting to like it more than the idea of going back to how I was.  Like, I’m into this, you know?

I just pulled off my shirt and took a look at myself – my chest is hairier than ever, my nips are hard and sensitive, the bushes under my arms and the hair on my forearms is looking strong, man.  Like thick as shit, a real turnon.  I really want a guy to mess around with but I’ve never done that before.  Maybe I could go back down the trail and get to my house and get out of the rest of these clothes, man, and just jack off but I really want to get a dude over, like, make out with him, even fuck, I don’t care man.  I can worry about whether or not it’s good later, I’ve just got to get my face in some dude’s butt like right now.  I can’t even believe I’m thinking these things but whatever they gave me’s so strong.  Like I am hard as a rock and would lick a stud’s cock so good, oh please, I gotta go find someone.  I don’t care what’s happening to me, it’s hot, I just need to find some dude who’s be into fooling around.  I hope it gets even stronger – if I stay this way I don’t care – I swear I could rip right out of these clothes and rip them right off the next man I see, too, I’m thinking crazier thoughts all the time and it’s just cuz I’ve gotta get off, man.  So glad I took that shit.  My body feels fucking awesome.  Like I gotta get back, man, I need some serious man to man contact.

Levi falls in love with Eren, a car mechanic, and purposefully damages his car in silly ways just to go see him. Levi insults Eren because he’s filthy (as cover so Eren doesn’t find out his true intentions). However, Eren already knows what’s really going on.
- prompt by KITSU-PON

words: 1.9k
rating: cute

i apologize again because i couldn’t do your previous idea. all i have been doing lately is failing people lmao. (i cry)

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