Code for Tumblr?
  • Reniel:Ima post what Dangerfield said on Tumblr
  • Sarai:(air slaps me) SSHH!!!
  • Reniel:What? Tumblr? you don't like it?
  • Sarai:(whispers) I do I have one
  • Reniel:So why you tellin/ me to shush? O.o
  • Sarai:Because!! there is a rule about Tumblr?
  • Reniel:Whaaat??
  • Sarai:dude yea it's...never talk about Tumblr outside Tumblr
  • Reniel:oh...i see
  • ----------
  • Truth is, Everyone in my group talks about Tumblr
  • so I made a new...can't stand them about Tumblr? Might as well fuckin' join them HAHA
  • but I still love it though!