• unarmed black boy gets shot:he was no angel and he robbed a store so he deserved it i mean he PROBABLY attacked the officer or something he definitely deserved what he go"
  • white boy shoots up a school out of spite:he was such a great person he was on the football team and nobody saw this coming i cant believe they would sentence him so harshly he obviously has a mental condition wow he was such a promising young man with a hopeful future that you've taken away from him

if you ever want to plot or do a thread with me or anything literally all you have to do is go to my ask box, keysmash a little, use excessive punctuation and caps lock, and say leT’S DO A THING and 10 times out of 10 i will say yes like it doesn’t even have to be in the form of a question just do the thing

reminder for all studyblrs!!!

don’t let anyone make you feel bad for what college you want to go to

want to go your local college in your hometown? thats really cool!!

want to go to an art school or music school? damn i bet you’ll do great!!!

want to go to an ivy league? i believe in you!!

this is your education, this is your dream, this is your life; don’t let some jerk make you feel bad for it.

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What have you done to me?
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Second project for the Library
Vladimir Tatlin 
The Monument to the Third International

One of the things I like about Boullée’s fantastical creations is the scale. Not how monumental, but that in the one building it contains multiple scales of interaction. I also like that about the design of some churches. Even the ‘Monument to the Third International' has this component to it. In the one space there is room for the epic and the intimate; perhaps also private vs public. I suppose the best architecture, even on a small scale, allows for those scales of interaction to co-exist.