fore opening

                              — GLORIANA, ALLELUJAH!

Welcome to Gloriana RPG! The main is now live. Look around and send in your applications! There are currently 12 skeleton bios in the drafts right now, and we plan to add more. They will be released throughout the pre-opening period. Historical canon characters include: Elizabeth Tudor, Francis Walsingham, and Robert Dudley. There are also both foreign and English nobles and other members of the peerage. We hope to reach a total of 15 applications before opening fore roleplaying begins. 

                                                     index / introduction / plot / message


Open Starter

Gek scrambled down the busy sidewalk, ignoring the complaints of the people he bumped against in his mad dash for the paper signed with a slice of his soul. But the piece of stationary whisked itself through the crowd despite the absence of wind, dodging every attempt he made to catch it.

As it flew into a clearing, it dipped toward the ground. Gek lunged for it. The tips of his fingers brushed to edge of the paper, but it flit out of reach before his hands could close around it. And worse still, the moment his body hit the ground, the paper containing his contract slapped against the side of someone’s leg, sticking itself there.

 Gek looked up slowly, eyebrows scrunched together. Please, please, don’t pick it up…