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I want a fanfic involving Alfred taking Tim in a road trip. I really do.

I want Alfred to notice how much stress is on Tim’s young shoulders and how much he’s in desperate need of some recreation, and when Tim one day let it slip that he always wanted to go to one of those long cliche father-son road-trips that you always see on the movies, Alfred immediately go and demands that Bruce take Tim to one of them, so that both Tim and him would get the rest they need, but once Bruce pulls the “Eh, sure just after today’s meeting at the company…and the other meeting the next day…and the patrol the next next day it’s very important….matter of fact the whole month’s patrols will be important. You know what, I think Tim will understand if we don’t do it?” Alfred just knew that he would be completely useless in this department, and even if he made time for it, Alfred would highly doubt that Bruce would be an enjoyable companion that would help both Tim and himself to relax and forget about work.

So naturally Alfred would put on his cargo short and Hawaiian shirt and pull his good old Ford out of the garage and honks infront of Tim’s room when no one else is in the house, to tell him to bring what ever he needed in a small suitcase and come down so that he can steal him for a while. Or in Alfred’s own words: “I’m afraid master Tim that I would be stealing you from master Bruce for this month in order to roam some of the US most touristy spots. Don’t worry, master Bruce has some ‘important’ patrols scheduled for the whole month, so he wouldn’t notice us being gone.” 

I headcanon Fidds was a major hippie and stoner back in his early years of college. Ford was definitely not a habitual user like Fidds, but Ford probably smoked once in a while to ease stress from studying. 

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Dream Garage

My Cherokee, only with a 4.5" lift, on 35 BFG Krawlers.

79 Ford F-150, 8"lift on 40 Super Swampers. 6.7 Cummins diesel.

‘89 Comanche. 4" lift with 35 BFG Krawlers.

78 John Deere Bronco. 6"lift on 40s.

Rattletrap. Nuff said.

2015 Dodge Hellcat, because fuck you.

'67 Impala SS427 2 door. Yes, I am a Supernatural fan. But I like the SS 2 door better.

2015 Harley V-rod. Again, because fuck you.

2015 Z07 Vette. 8-speed auto tranny, v8 engine. Shit looks like a hornet.