I totally couldn’t get the idea of this voice being such a good singing voice for older dipper and ford and dipper singing together, so heres something I whipped up! woah yikes there goes any resolution I thought I had on this thing, thanks tumblr


Used all today and ruined my shoulder to get these guys done before the finale tomorrow :D

I thought this song was fitting for the last hooray and I wanted the Pines family to dance along like they do in the video

Ford Sync bluetooth audio streaming fix

For whatever reason, bluetooth audio streaming stopped working on my Ford Sync system.  Hands-free calling worked fine, but I couldn’t stream any music.  I searched Google for some possible fixes, and the solution was to pull the fuse to reset the system.  I checked the manual to first locate the fuse box and pinpoint which fuse needed to get pulled.  Getting to that fuse was a major pain in the ass.  I got the fuse out ok, but getting it back in took a few tries.  I saw a few small sparks with each attempt.  I was afraid I was frying the system or something.  Eventually I got it back in, and started up the system again.  The screen was black for what seemed like an eternity.  I thought I had killed it.  Sync did boot eventually, and bluetooth audio streaming works once again.  At what point is technology going to advance beyond turning it off and turning it back on to fix a problem?  It would be nice if there was a power/reset button that was easily accessible.  How about a reboot option in the menu somewhere?  All I gotta say is that this better not be a recurring problem.