1968 Pontiac Firebird
Engine: GM LS2 small-block
Block: factory Gen IV aluminum
Rotating assembly: factory cast crank, rods, and 10.9:1 pistons
Cylinder heads: stock cathedral-port aluminum castings
Camshaft: COMP Cams 222/224-at-.050 hydraulic roller; .566/.568-inch lift; 112-degree LSA
Valvetrain: stock
Induction: stock LS2
Ignition: factory coil packs and plug wires
Exhaust: custom stainless steel headers, X-pipe, and dual 3-inch Borla mufflers
Transmission: Tremec T56 Magnum six-speed trans, stock clutch, custom shifter
Rear axle: Ford 9-inch rearend with 3.92:1 gears and limited-slip differential
Front suspension: Art Morrison front clip, upper/lower control arms, spindles, and sway bar; Strange coilovers
Rear suspension: Art Morrison three-link, sway bar, and Watt’s link; Strange coilovers
Brakes: Wilwood Aerolite 14-inch discs with six-piston calipers, front; Wilwood 14-inch discs with four-piston calipers, rear
Wheels: Forgeline RB3 18x8, front; 19x12, rear
Tires: Nitto NT05 255/45R18, front; 315/35R19, rear
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1972 Dodge Monaco Wagon
Engine: Chrysler 493ci big-block
Block: factory 440 block bored to 4.350 inches
Oiling: Melling oil pump, stock pan
Rotating assembly: Eagle 4.150-inch steel crank, Carrillo rods, JE 9.24:1 pistons
Cylinder heads: ported factory iron castings
Camshaft: Crane 214/222-at-.050 hydraulic roller; .488/.508-inch lift; 112-degree LSA
Valvetrain: COMP Cams roller rockers and timing set
Induction: Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold and 750-cfm carb
Exhaust: TTI headers and dual 3-inch mufflers
Cooling system: custom four-row radiator and 20-inch mechanical fan
Transmission: TorqueFlite 727 transmissions with 2,600-stall converter; Gear Vendors overdrive unit
Rear axle: Chrysler 8.75-inch rearend with 31-spline axles, 3.73:1 gears, and limited-slip differential
Front suspension: heavy-duty 1.06-inch torsion bars, shortened strut rods, custom swaybar
Rear suspension: heavy-duty leaf springs, custom sway bar and air shocks
Brakes: stock 11-inch discs, front and rear
Wheels: 17x8 American Racing Torq-Thrust II
Tires: 235/65ZR17 Michelin
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Cars of 1958 Part I:

After WWII auto manufacturers were scrambling to fill the demand for new cars, since auto production had stopped early in 1942.  Early in the 1950’s a price war between Chevrolet and Ford started to squeeze out the independent car companies.  Nash & Hudson merged to form American Motors Corporation and Studebaker & Packard merged into one company.

The sellers market had dried up by the mid-fifties and an economic downturn in 1958, that became known as the Eisenhower Recession, hit the automotive market hard.  The recently expanding middle price car territory took the biggest hit, effecting Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Dodge, Chrysler, Mercury.  It was a fatal blow for DeSoto and  Ford’s new entry into the field the Edsel.

The period did produce some of the most extravagant and glitzy cars ever produced.  If you want to see more cars from 1958, click the link below:


10 fastest classic muscle cars of the 1960’s

1) Dodge Charger Daytona - 185mph
2) Chevrolet Corvette ZL1 - 182mph
3) Plymouth Superbird - 175mph
4) Shelby Cobra - 170mph
5) Shelby GT500 Super Snake - 170mph
6) Ford Torino Talladega - 165mph
7) Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 - 155mph
8) Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 - 144mph
9) Pontiac Trans Am 455 - 140mph
10) Plymouth ‘Cuda Hemi - 130mph

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1968 Mercury Pickup
Fast facts
Wheelbase: 115 inches
Modifications: Shortened 16 inches, front stepped 3"; C-notched rear
Rearend / Ratio: Crown Victoria 8.8 with Trac-Loc / 3.08:1
Rear suspension: Parallel leaf. Lowering blocks and LMC dropped dampers.
Rear brakes: Police Interceptor
Front suspension: 2009 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor subframe with Eaton Detroit springs
Front brakes: Police Interceptor 12-inch rotors and dual-piston calipers
Front wheels: Modified Ford disc style, 18x7.5; 6.25" backspace; 20x8.5, 4.5" backspace
Tires: Pirelli P-Zero Rosso, 215/45R18, front; Goodyear Excellence Run Flat, 275/35R20, rear
Engine: 1968 Ford
Displacement: 390ci
Induction: 750-cfm Holley 4150
Ignition: Stock with modified advance curve and Pertronix ignition module
Cooling fan: 19-inch belt-driven
Radiator: Champion three-row aluminum
Exhaust / Mufflers: 2½-inch steel mandrel bends with Flowmaster mufflers
Transmission: Ford C6 by National Transmission
Driveshaft: Pat’s Driveline
Body mods: Rods N Restos
Hood: cut for Cougar Eliminator hood scoop; color matched to existing paint
Paint type / Color: PPG Omni acrylic enamel / Swiss Aqua
Headlights / Taillights: United Pacific LED Crystal / stock lenses with reverse lights tinted red
Bumpers: Shaved and tucked
Stereo / Speakers: Kenwood KDC X496 Receiver, XR-4s amplifier, KFC-1393PS coaxial drivers in the kick panels, and Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-8 8-inch subwoofer
Air conditioning: Old Air Products hurricane
Steering wheel: Stock, Parchment finish
Steering column: Stock, modified for steering rack
Interior mirror: Speedway Motors
Seat: 1993 Ford XLT seat
Upholsterer: Steve Ottens, Old Iron Kustoms and Upholstery in Strathmore, Alberta
Material / Color: OEM Ford Parchment
Carpet: Aqua nylon loop
Seatbelts: Juliano’s three-point retractable
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1969 AMC Ambassador 401
Type: AMC 401 displacing 444 ci
(4.250 bore x 3.915 stroke)
Block: ‘71 vintage 401
Oiling: blueprinted stock pump,
Milodon 8-quart pan with swivel pick-up
Rotating assembly: offset-ground forged
OEM crank, Carillo 6-inch SBC rods,
J&E custom 10.8:1 forged pistons, TRW rings
Cylinder heads: Indy aluminum SR heads,
2.10/1.65 valves, 235cc runner, 61cc chamber,
ported by Proair (Escondido, CA),
Unique Engineering sheetmetal valve covers
Camshaft: COMP solid roller, .650/.622-inch lift,
251/254 duration @ .050
Valvetrain: COMP springs, COMP pushrods,
COMP 1.6 roller rockers,
Cloyes dual roller timing set
Induction: Indy 401-3 single-plane intake,
Holley 950 HP carb
Ignition: Mallory 685 CD digital ignition,
MSD Pro-Billet distributor,
Taylor ignition wires
Fuel system: Mallory regulator,
Mallory 140-gph electric pump
Exhaust: 2-inch primary Hedman Hustler
race headers, 3.5-inch collector,
Dual 2.5-inch custom exhaust,
Flowmaster 50-Series Delta Flow
mufflers w/turndowns
Cooling: FlowKooler aluminum water pump,
CR Racing Products aluminum radiator,
bottom third of block filled with
Hardbloc (no overheating either!)
Built by: LAM Automotive, Kenosha, WI
Transmission: 727 TorqueFlite,
TCI internals
Torque converter: Dayco 9-inch, 4
Driveshaft: stock, shortened by Don’s Auto
Shifter: stock floor-mount
Rear axle: Strange Engineering Dana 60,
4.10 gears, narrowed 1.5 inches
Front suspension: stock, N.O.S. shocks
Rear suspension: Hotchkis adjustable upper
control arms ('66 Chevelle),
Hotchkis lower control arms ('70 Chevelle),
upper mounts fabbed by owner,
QA1 coilover adjustable shocks
Brakes: stock 10x2.5-inch drums, front;
1970 Mopar 11x2.5-inch drums, rear
Wheels: vintage Rocket Racing Wheels;
15x7, front; 15x10, rear
Tires: BFGoodrich 225/70R15, front;
BFGoodrich 275/60R15 Drag Radial, rear
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