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Do you think ford will do the evils

honestly, no i dont. the 3 things we know most about ford is 1. hes stubborn as hell 2. he holds a fucking grudge like no other and 3. he hates bill

i dont think theres any way in hell he’s gonna be like “ok bill yea lets do this i’ll join you” especially after he screamed “I’LL DIE BEFORE I JOIN YOU” in wmg1

as for this screencap

i think this is probably a sequence where bill is trying to convince ford to join him, talking about or showing him the kind of power he can have if they join. bill needs ford to help him with the barrier around gravity falls, hes going to try to bargain with him first, that’s what bill does.

also if ford REALLY became a fucking GOD then i dont think disney would include that in the trailer, that seems like an enormous spoiler if it actually happens in reality, and not just some projection by bill or inside ford’s mind. 

and plus, i think ford is a good man. i dont think he would betray his family and his humanity like that. i have faith in him

You know what really strikes me about the fact that a vending machine is used to hide the entrance to the portal. It’s that I assume Ford installed that.

In his house of scientific and mystical horrors he uses a freaking vending machine to hide the entrance.

It’s so inconspicuous that in the insanity that is Ford’s house it becomes conspicuous and out of place.

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To be fair, even if Stan did read the blacklight warnings, a lot of Ford's invisible ink writings read like someone who was slowly being driven crazy. Combined with how Ford was acting when Stan got to Gravity Falls, it might be hard to decipher what was a legit warning and what was Ford's paranoia talking. Plus, when Ford shows him the portal, he only mentions the portal being "potentially dangerous if in the wrong hands" which is very vague and could mean anything.

I’m pretty sure Stan could figure out what he was doing was very dangerous when he had to steal vats of toxic waste to power the portal. I’m convinced he’d destroy the universe for his sibling anyway though, whether he knew exactly what he was doing or not–to which at this point we can’t be certain.

In Gravity Falls, we see that risking the universe for someone you love is, um, I don’t want to say presented as a good thing, but it’s common. Stan risks the universe for Ford by activating the portal (whether he knows it or not). Dipper also risks the universe for Ford when he chooses to save Ford and risk breaking the Rift in DMVTF rather than do what Ford wants and seal the Rift back up with the adhesive. Dipper, like Stan but to a less extreme case, wants Ford safe and with him more than he wants the universe safe, and both Dipper and Stan (if we’re considering that Stan had some knowledge that the portal is dangerous–the way he knew the Gravity anomalies were going to happen seems to suggest so) performed selfish acts to the majority while acting selflessly for the person they were trying to save.

Human beings are generally selfish, and although Dipper will make great sacrifices for his loved ones, especially Mabel, he is a pretty selfish character, thinking about what he wants before others he’s not close with–such as when he accidentally puts the town in danger trying to solve mysteries because of his desperate need for validation. Granted, he’s a child, but I highly doubt the personal loyalty aspect of his personality would change even as an adult. I think that’s just the kind of person he is. Stan has that kind of personal loyalty too.

Ford represents the opposite: the person that thinks of the many rather than the few, and I think this is part of the reason part of the fandom gives him a hard time. They think he’s selfish for not thanking Stan for essentially destroying the world for him, but it is Stan in a majority sense that is the more selfish character here (I’m excluding other issues like Ford not sharing his college money, I’m just focusing on the portal and its consequences), although Stan’s actions for Ford are selfless in nature. Neither party is really right or wrong, but the show seems to be favoring Stan’s mindset more as, not a good thing, but what we, the audience, are to be rooting for as I mentioned above.

With the theoretical example I used in the first ask of Dipper choosing to save Mabel instead of stopping the apocalypse: I believe that Dipper would for many reasons, one being that I feel that Dipper would think that if he’s got Mabel with him, then they can fix whatever mess he causes to save her and they can ultimately save the world or universe together. The Pines, our main characters; Dipper, Mabel, and Stan all seem to share the mindset that they’re better together. There’s a good chance that if Stan knew that the portal was very dangerous to activate, he assumed the kind of thinking I’m sure Dipper would have, that whatever mess he creates he and his sibling can fix together. Stan kind of confirmed that with his line about how everything he’s done is for the family.

I..I lost my train of thought. Basically I believe that both Stan and Dipper would risk and even destroy the universe for their siblings. Stan arguably did it. Dipper arguably admitted he would by forgiving Stan after NWHS, and Dipper did risk the universe to save Ford. There’s no doubt he wouldn’t do the same and more for Mabel, who he loves more than anything.


Sara Marchiori (Ford+) attended the Ford+ Open Call Spring 2012 on May 5 and was signed the very same day.

Golf 1.6 Automático x Focus 1.6: comparativo de consumo

Em artigo anterior nós fizemos uma comparação de desempenho entre VW Golf 1.6 MSI Flex Automático 2016, Ford Focus SE Plus 1.6 Manual e Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 LT Automático. Agora, porém, vamos compará-los em relação ao consumo de etanol.

External image

O Golf 1.6 MSI adota um motor quatro cilindros 1.6L aspirado de 120 cavalos e 16,8 Kgfm de torque @ 4.000 RPM, associado a um câmbio automático de seis marchas, e pesa 1250 Kg. Já o Focus incorpora um motor 1.6 aspirado de 135 cavalos e torque máximo de 16,7 Kgfm @ 3000 RPM, com transmissão manual de cinco marchas, e pesa 1310 Kg. A tabela abaixo traz os dados de consumo aferidos pela Revista Carro para o Golf 1.6 MSI AT (veja aqui) e Focus 1.6 Manual e Cruze 1.8 Automático (aqui).
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Ford va se retirer du Japon et d'Indonésie cette année

PÉKIN/TOKYO (Reuters) - Ford Motor a annoncé lundi l'arrêt de ses activités au Japon et en Indonésie cette année faute de perspectives de rentabilité dans ces deux pays, où le constructeur automobile américain a des parts de marché rachitiques.

Le groupe automobile va mettre fin à toutes ses activités dans ces deux pays, ce qui passera par la fermeture de concessionnaires et l'arrêt des importations de véhicules de marque Ford et Lincoln, selon un courriel du président de la branche Asie Pacifique adressé lundi au personnel et Reuters a pris connaissance.

“Malheureusement, cela signifie aussi que les membres de notre équipe basée au Japon et en Indonésie ne travailleront plus pour Ford Japon ou Ford Indonésie après ces fermetures”, écrit Dave Schoch.

La décision de Ford, l'un des “trois grands” constructeurs automobiles de Detroit, intervient quelques mois après celle de General Motors, qui également mis fin l’an dernier à la plupart de ses activités en Indonésie face à la concurrence des marques japonaises.

Ford s'est implanté au Japon en 1974 et emploie 292 personnes dans un réseau de 52 concessionnaires. L'année dernière, le groupe a vendu environ 5.000 véhicules au Japon et détenait une part de marché d'environ 1,5% sur les voitures neuves importées.

En Indonésie, marché sur lequel Ford s'est installé en 2002, le constructeur compte 35 employés et dispose de 44 concessionnaires franchisés. En 2015, le groupe américain a écoulé dans le pays environ 6.000 véhicules, soit une part de marché de 0,6%.

“En Indonésie, sans fabrication locale (…) il n'y a tout simplement aucun moyen pour les constructeurs automobiles d'être compétitifs, et nous n'avons pas de fabrication locale”, a déclaré une porte-parole de Ford installée à Shanghai.

Ford souffre également de la concurrence des marques japonaises telles que Toyota Motor, Honda Motor, Nissan Motor et d'autres qui font de l'ombre à ses véhicules Fiesta, Mustang et Explorer.

(Jake Spring à Pékin et Naomi Tajitsu à Tokyo Claude Chendjou pour le service français, édité par Wilfrid Exbrayat)

Steve Carell’s Golden Globes Table Was Packed With Superstars - CONAN on TBS

Steve Carell’s Golden Globes Table Was Packed With Superstars – CONAN on TBS

External image

At one table was Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale & Harrison Ford. Plus Steve, eating caramels.

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