Take me down to the river bend
Take me down to the fighting end
Wash the poison from off my skin
Show me how to be whole again

Fly me up on a silver wing
Past the black where the sirens sing
Warm me up in a nova’s glow
And drop me down to the dream below

‘Cause I’m only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything there for you to see

For you to see

Linkin Park - Castle of Glass


Introducing, The Evolution of Stans! Been working on this off and on in my free time because I liked the idea of a timeline showing off the many different states of the original mystery twins’ relationship overtime. I’m planning on making this into a print in the future! So keep an eye out. I had a lot of fun with this, and I think I’ll be adding to it up until the series finale! Hope you guys like it =]


Some collabs I did with @paperboxhouse in the past couple days! 

1st image: drawing by me, inks by alfred, flats by me.

2nd image: drawing by me, inks and flats by alfred, final color by me.

3rd image: drawing and flats by alfred, final painting by me.

                  ~*Stanford Pines: The Violet Knight*~