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Chapter 30
I Can’t Lose You


Dr. Braum keeps her end of the deal with Stan, Dipper gets some medical care and rest, Mabel gets pranked then seeks revenge, and Stan and Ford entertain an audience.


~Warnings - injury mention and wound care, nothing graphic
~Thanks to @zonerobotnik for letting me blather about this and helping me see some things from the reader’s perspective!
~ The poll for Dipper and Mabel’s parent’s names is still open if anyone would still like to vote.
~I’ve been pretty busy working on background art for the Deep Woods project lately so I haven’t had time to add much to the notes doc but I’ll get back to it soon. We’re aiming for a deadline for the latest episode now and I’d really love to see it met! <3
~I’m also planning to do inktober this year so I might have to take a break from updating this for a bit. Ideally, I’d prefer to keep up the regular schedule but it might not be possible. I’ll post any details on delays or updates to my writing tumblr and any inktober art that turns out presentable to my art tumblr


And the title and cover to the graphic novel is revealed!

Gravity Falls Lost Legends will be out July 24, 2018!

If you missed out on all the fun today on trying to piece the cover together, check out the #PuzzlingPines hashtag on twitter!

Cover art by Joe Pitt and Ian Worrel.