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Jason Mills as the Phantom

His short run is still somewhat of a mystery. He had previously played Raoul and understudied the Phantom in the US Tour. When he took over as the principal Phantom from John Cudia in late 2007, it was reported he was a hard Phantom to catch. And by early 2008 he seemed to have disappeared alltogether.

Stephen Tweksbury was listed as the performing Phantom for some time, until Richard Todd Adams was presented as the new principal in June. Richard Todd Adams didn’t stay long with the tour either - he’s listed as principal from June to November 2008, until John Cudia returned.

Dark Horse Tour 1974

“We finished right around Christmas in New York City, and he had a little party for everyone. He gave me a picture of a guitar, and said: ‘This is my Christmas present to you; it’s being made by Gibson.’ He had custom ordered it. It came to me later in the mail. He was such a warm person.”- Robben Ford, excerpted from “George Harrison remembered by Alan White, Joey Molland, Robben Ford + others“  25 February 2015, by Nick Deriso, Something Else


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