ford raptor

“Que😠 tanto 😤les cala😣 que me 😧gusten🙌 los😋 corridos🎶 🔫que 🙈pinche 😔alboroto🎺🎷 traen😦 conmigo 😐Que 😳como 😰me visto👔 que😝 como😏 hablo que 🏇como🐎 actúo😬 que 🙅a que 😅se dedican 😯mis 💣amigos 👬🔪Qué 🔫me 💣miran🎺 ensillado🔫 que si🙅 estoy😖 apalabrado🙈 puro 😏pancho😓 eso es 😲mentira😧 yo soy 😕hombre 😉de trabajo🚜🐎 Qué🚙 me gasto💸 mi dinero 💰en lo 🔫🚁que quiero⛵ y como 💎quiero 🏰y que😀 te importa😂💯✌ ”


07/17/16 car show in Arnold,


One hell of a Ford Raptor.  I loved these things when they came out, and it seems the future production of them is uncertain.  There has been talk of continued production but it the 3.5ltr ecoboost as opposed to that gas hog 6.2 ltr v8.  Makes sense to me.  


This thing was freaking awesome however.  I’ve already seen it around town a bunch and man…  What a machine!!!  Very custom, very red, very mean, very expensive, cool, badass, etc etc.


Like other serious custom projects, this is where only bits and pieces of the original manufactured marks are left.  The grille on this vehicle speficically.  other than that, I’d say it’s 5% Ford, 95% fucking incredible.