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Oh broth-er!

Stan starts calling Ford “Soup” while they’re out at sea. At first Ford thinks he’s mis-hearing Stan, but he is consistently being called ‘Soup’. Ford starts worrying it’s a memory relapse with nicknames, and one day decides to gently confront Stan about it, in case it brought up any lost memories yet.

“Stan,” he started, hesitating to ask what’s been most on his mind for the last couple weeks.

“Yeah, Soup? What is it? Spit it out.”

Ford steeled himself and came to sit by his twin, who had taken to retying some rope they had, practicing knots. “Stan, do you realize you’ve been calling me something different for the last couple of weeks?”

Stan looked up, eyes narrowed contemplatively. Then he nodded, mostly to himself, and answered. “Yeah. What’s the problem?”

Ford was not expecting Stan to be aware of it. He leaned in closer as he asked, “Why have you been calling me Soup? Are you confusing it for a former nickname or–” Ford was cut off as Stan put a hand over his mouth to curb the spew of words flying from Ford’s mouth. He briefly considered licking the fingers but instead just slapped the hand away, closing his mouth so Stan could answer.

“Listen, Ford, I call it like I see it. I’ve been calling you Soup because you are my BROTH-ER, after all!”

Stan leaned back, howling with laughter.

Ford scowled. All the worry and uncertainty over the last two weeks was just the set up for another of Stanley’s ridiculous puns.

“Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, Stanley. But from now on you’re going to have to watch your weight.”

Stan looked a bit confused at that and asked why, wiping a few mirthful tears from his eyes.

Ford grinned and rolled back his sleeves. “From all the knuckle sandwiches I’m going to give ya. Come here!”

And Stan yelps, jumping up and running away from Ford, all around the boat, until the two finally dissolve into laughter after slipping on the deck. 

Yes, Stan had worried him with the strange nickname business, but at the end of the day, they were still brothers, and they were finally living their dreams.

“Hey, pass the harpoon, Soup.”

Ford rolled his eyes, passing the weapon over.

They never said they were perfect.

Happy early valenPINES day, friends!!!! 💖🌲💖🌲💖🌲
I’d really like to make some Valentine’s Day cards for you all, to keep us all is good spirits before the finale!!! Because we all kNOW WE’RE GONNA BE EMOTIONAL wRECKS IN TWO DAYS aaaAAAAAA
so here’s the owl darling!!!! More to come!!!

Star Wars “dad” joke no.19

Leia: Do you know how beautiful our wedding was Ben?

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Ben: (Rolls eyes) How beautiful was it?

Han: (Cuts Leia off) I got this one sweetheart…Our wedding was so beautiful….Even the cake was in tiers!

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Leia and Ben: (Roll eyes together)

What do you get when you mix Ford and Fiddleford and a dinosaur?


Critical Role 2 drinking game

Because why the heck not?

Take a drink every time:
Someone makes a Ford pun
Sam rolls a zero or below
Matt facepalms
Someone makes a campaign 1 reference
Anyone jokes about Caleb’s smell
Anyone yells Nine/Nein
Nott steals something
Group chanting “level two/three/etc…”
Group rolls initiative
Someone makes a Seaman/Semen joke
Mollymauk uses Vicious Mockery
Jester blesses someone
Anyone says “falchion”
A nat20 or nat1 is rolled
Beau catches an attack
Yasha appears in the episode

Finish your drink if:
Molly or Caleb goes down in battle
“How do you wanna do this?”
Party levels up