ford of europe


vehicle: I like cars like the bmw E3 or a mitsubishi starion but they’re not ideal for where I live. So probably an older Range Rover that’s still in good condition or some old clunker like an old Ford Bronco lol idk

travel: Europe/Japan/Morroco

home: Town/city, I don’t know - somewhere still north but not here. But ideal home would be an architect designed modern house with scandinavian/japanese influence, inspired by Finn Juhl layout and Aalto design on undisturbed terrain. Simple but good quality. Douglas fir (pine) or oak plank floors, white walls. Filled with interesting treasures/handcrafts and useful products. Or like modernist cabin vibes.  

classes to take for fun: Irish step dance/ Norwegian woodcarving/ classes about architecture or interior design/ archery..if I could do any of these

job/occupation: Owner and curator of a small homewares shop. Selling quality hand-made things for the home. In another life I would have liked to have worked on animations as a concept artist..creating scenery and worlds for characters to exist in while writing and illustrating children’s books on the side. Being an IKEA employee also sounds kinda idyllic. 

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