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In case you’re confused! This comic is implying polyamory between Rick and the Stan twins (Rick Stanwich). Apparently Ford is the more likely one to kiss his neck? Because he immediately blames Ford? idk

I was doodling Stanchez one night with tesazombie. The next day I looked at one of the pictures and there was a smudge that looked like a hickey on Rick’s neck. I drew an entire comic based on an accidental drawing.

The SMH as stuff I've done during finals week 2017
  • Bitty: Came up with the nobel-worthy innovation of putting samoas girl scout cookies into brownies when I should've been writing papers
  • Jack: spontaneously cut myself some swoopy bangs
  • Shitty: encouraged my friend to get an undercut
  • Lardo: realized I own like forty kinds of pen/marker
  • Ransom: alternated between packing and studying and cleaning in intervals that made it difficult to be efficient at either
  • Holster: tried to motivate myself by putting on my broadway playlist, ended up just singing along
  • Nursey: longed for a time machine to smack some sense into certain literary theorists
  • Dex: while cleaning my cafe for the summer, volunteered to get a screwdriver and take down the magnetic poetry board we all hate cause the word magnets fall down and get into the vacuum
  • Chowder: hugged my IKEA shark & cried a little
  • Tango: "Siri, how much caffeine is lethal?"
  • Whiskey: got so deep into writing a paper in another language that I forgot the word "cheese" in English for a few seconds
  • Ford: contemplated deleting groupme to free myself from all group projects
  • Johnson: started writing this post