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Look Stanley! After all these’s still there. Amazing…

I think about this a lot. Stan and Ford visit New Jersey for the first time after 40 years. Some things stay as a lot has changed. 

It’s been long enough the Jersey people don’t even know or have forgotten about Stanley being “banned” anyway. 

Mabel Pines doesn’t know it, but wildflowers spring up wherever she walks.

Dipper Pines doesn’t know it, but the stars always shine just a little bit brighter directly over his head.

Stanford Pines doesn’t know it, but there is always six of something in every room he enters.

Stanley Pines doesn’t know it, but the sand on every beach he’s ever been glistens like gold.


What a difference 43 years makes Alternating images of Ford F-150, 1975 and Ford F-150 2018MY. The F-150 has been the US’s best-selling truck for 33 consecutive years and its best-selling vehicle for 28 years. Ford sold more than 820,000 F-series trucks in 2016. The Ford F series dates back to 1948 but the F-150 debuted in 1975, the extended cab version, dubbed “super cab”, was introduced the year before. The 2018 refresh sees the availability of a diesel engine for the first time. 

And here’s another revelation - no matter what we do, we’ll never succeed in attaining the ‘perfect’ body or the ‘perfect’ face. This isn’t just because perfection is an unattainable goal; it’s because capitalism relies on people being constantly unhappy so it can keep selling us the promise that consumerism will make our lives better.

- Clementine Ford, Fight Like a Girl

President Ford and President-Elect Jimmy Carter met at the White House on November 22, 1976. They discussed the transition in the Oval Office and toured the West Wing while Betty Ford showed Rosalynn Carter around the second floor of the White House residence.

Image: President Ford and President-Elect Jimmy Carter Walking Through the Rose Garden Prior to Their Meeting to Discuss the Presidential Transition, 11/22/1976 (White House photograph B2327-21)

Eye Colors

So get this: 

at the end of Ford’s dream in “The Last Mabelcorn”, there is a creepily wonderful animation shift featuring a number of familiar, yet eerie images: Ford’s hand, a constricting eye, and then what looks like an extended Cipher wheel. Upon first watching, my thought was, “Okay, Ford eye color confirmed: blue”. Naturally, I took the thought further, concluding that Stan’s eyes must also be blue. Twins, right?

But here’s the thing… just a few hours after watching The Last Mabelcorn, I saw someone reblog a screenshot of a question and answer on Alex Hirsch’s twitter:

This question is from a few years ago, but it seems pretty safe to deem canon. So Stan’s eyes are brown, and the twins’ eyes are brown… it would be natural to assume that, being twins and all, Ford’s eyes are also brown.

Which started to make me wonder: Whose eye is this?

My best guess? McGucket.

In the McGucket’s Conspiracy Corner shorts, he mentions that his eyes are in fact blue. So, let’s say it’s Fiddleford’s eye. It makes sense, then, even in the context of the dream: as far as we know, Fiddleford was the first to see the true horror of the void, a horror then paralleled and shown in Ford’s dream when Bill projects the images of the demonic-looking, blood red pattern behind the Portal/beyond the void. Ford was the one to pull him out of the Portal, and was there for McGucket’s prophetic message. 

Then is it possible, that after 30 years exploring other dimensions, when confronted with the nightmare of Bill and the Void, that Ford’s thoughts and dreams would immediately turn to his old friend, the one who first saw the evil of Bill’s true nature? In all that we’ve learned about Ford so far, never once has he openly expressed regret or concern for Fiddleford. But maybe, just maybe, his colleague and that day are still very much on his mind:

              FALL.             IN ME.          I’LL LET.            YOU   BLEED.                


“Force Awakens” lead John Boyega, 23, may also be the franchise’s biggest fanboy. The film’s sets were already familiar to him, because he had long ago memorized the behind-the-scenes DVD extras. One day, he brought his enormous Han Solo action figure to the set for Ford to autograph. “But when I looked at it, he was cross-eyed, its mouth was looking weird,” he says.

Boyega asked Ford’s makeup artist to redesign the figure in Ford’s image. After some support from co-star Daisy Ridley, Boyega presented Ford the figure. “There’s never a good moment,” Boyega says. “I had it in my hand and I was walking to Harrison, and he turned around and he was just like [grimaces], ‘Jesus.’ It’s the way Harrison shows affection. He signed it, and he gave me a hug.”

Asked about the incident months later, Ford looks mortified at the fuss. “John makes a lot of me signing his toys,” he says. -  ‘Star Wars’ fans aren’t just the filmgoers; they’re also in the cast