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Fic Title: Haute Mess

title: haute mess

pairing: pansy parkinson x harry potter

Once upon a time, Pansy Parkinson was a princess.

She isn’t one now, obviously, thanks to a rabid pack of bearded revolutionaries in red Adidas tracksuits, but she’s willing to concede that things could’ve turned out much, much worse for her. She could be dead, for example. Or a political prisoner. Or married. The possibilities are as endless as they are chilling, and Pansy is more than satisfied with the so-called “luxury apartment” that Daphne’s found for them to hide out in.

It isn’t permanent, of course.

Pansy will be stealing her crown back just as soon as she can safely get in touch with the proper authorities. 

For the time being, however, she’s sharing nine hundred square feet of living space and a 2014 Ford Escape with her only surviving lady-in-waiting, and that’s–fine. Everything is fine. Daphne is very cheerfully working at a hair salon, and Pansy is very sullenly pretending to attend a nearby community college, and their assumed identities are boring enough that they’re left alone, for the most part. It’s fine. Pansy learned how to make a stir-fry the other night. She’s fine.

Or, she would be fine, if it weren’t for their next-door neighbor.

His name, according to the lobby directory, is Harry Potter. His handwriting is atrocious, and he runs around their neighborhood shirtless every morning, like some kind of heathen, and he watches basketball in his living room with the volume turned up far too high–and he sneers at her when she throws her empty Jamba Juice cups into the recycling bin, and he stares at her when she goes down to check the mail in her favorite silk robe, and he’s rude, really, outspoken and scruffy and rough around the edges in a way that makes her grit her teeth. 

Naturally, she starts sleeping with him.

It’s like she tells Daphne, though, who’s collapsed in frankly insulting hysterics on their fake hardwood floors–he was wearing eerily familiar red track pants the day they moved in.

Harry Potter is clearly a spy for the revolutionaries.

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good cars for transporting dogs?

Alright alright dog people … tell me about your cars?

I am hoping to get a new used car before the winter to replace my tiny Toyota Echo that is falling apart. I want an SUV. 

Good SUVs for dogs? I want to be able to fit an Intermediate Ruff Tough kennel in the back without folding the seats down. Know any I could do that in? If you have an SUV, do you know the dimensions of your trunk space? Or how many crates of whatever size/model you can fit? 

My dad is an autobody repairman and works at a shop that has its own used dealership. He can help me get a good deal on a car for that dealership. My options from there are:

  • 2010 Dodge Journey
  • 2012 Mazda Tribute
  •  2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014 Ford Escape. 

Any of these decent options? Or should I be looking somewhere else? 

My ideal was a Honda Element, but they aren’t in my price range it seems.