ford combo

ford, lardo, and camilla are all dating!!!!!
  • lardo met camilla through jack and they’ve been dating for about a year. 
    • when lardo hires ford, they try to spend as much time together as possible so she can learn the ropes asap, so ford finds herself spending a lot of times in the art studios with lardo while she stresses over graduating
    • and ford’s so nice and she brings coffee for them both some days and lardo finds that ford is super easy to talk to, and she’s always quick with a joke to make lardo smile even when lardo is feeling her worst
    • and ford practically dies to first time lardo sketches her and the shine in her eyes when she tells lardo she’s gonna hang it up in her dorm GOD
    • (this got a lot longer than I meant for it to omg) 

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jumin x shy cat dakimakura

Okay I need to write this idea somewhere before I forget it.

Portal Ford gets taken in by a space bard with a thing for sea creatures for a few days. She helps him regain strength with music that stirs memories of home and strengthens his resolve to keep going and stop Cipher.

Bard may or may not be based on @scribefindegil. Will need to write this when not working on other multi-chapter fics.