ford antique car


1967 Shelby Mustang GT350 cloaked in “Silver Frost” factory paint. This girl has a 306 horsepower small block 289 mated to an automatic. I would park this car in my living room and stare at it forever. :-)


Images from the History of the Soviet-Built GAZ Motor Vehicles:

These images come from a Russian book documenting the history of GAZ and was published in 1981. The company originally started out as a partnership between the Ford Motor Company and the Soviet Union, with its first vehicles being the equivalent of the Model A car and Model AA truck.


1965 ragtop Mustang with a 289 mated to a 4-speed. The factory rims and white letter tires are sharp! Didn’t get to see the motor. I was reluctant to post the pic of the spartan interior, but this car is a driver, not a museum piece. No air conditioning, just air vents, aftermarket console, dirt on the department store floor mats; just like I remember when my parents had two of them when I was growing up. Sweet memories!

I couldn’t think of a better shot to end my Henry Ford Museum coverage on than this- it’s an “exploded” Ford Model T, showing off the simplicity in it’s design. Do yourself a favor, and go check this place out sometime! Next up, we will dive into a massive private collection located practically in my backyard- tucked away in the city of Chicago, less than 2 miles from where I live!