ford 85

Mako, why?

Playing Mass Effect for the first time and just drove the Mako. I understand that some people love the awkward shark-car and I guess I can see why people would have the same kind of affection for the Mako that I have for my first car, the ‘85 Ford Thunderbird with the malfunctioning idle-control switch that made the car literally idle at 55 mph and required me to get multiple brake replacements because I basically had to ride the brakes in order to go under the speed limit in town, and also was absolute murder on the ice-covered roads of rural Illinois in Winter, throwing me into a ditch once and forcing my car to skid UPHILL because it could not get it’s rear-wheel-drive ass to face the same direction as its momentum.

That car was an absolute shitshow, but it was mine and that rusty deathtrap got me to college and home more often than it had any right to, and the Mako has now duplicated almost all of those feats: poorly controlled acceleration, poor traction, wonky steering, masochistic attraction to flaming ditches and caused outright murder. So basically, it’s Shepard’s first car that she worked at Dairy Queen for three summers to buy and it might be a piece of shit, but it’s her piece of shit, god dammit and she’s the only one who can drive it worth a damn.

Pines Portal AU

In this Gravity Falls AU. Stan, Dipper and Mabel get sucked into the portal in “Not What he Seems” After they are sucked in they find Ford right away. Ford is still mad at Stanley and punched him like in the Canon Gravity Falls. But here they make up much, much sooner then normal. Together they team up to face whatever is in the portal. Meanwhile in Gravity Falls the rest of the people knew they disappeared but they didn’t know where. Dipper and Mabel’s parents just think them and Stan died in a car crash. I’m the portal Ford, Stan, Dipper and Mabel still keep that family bond they had outside the portal. Stan teaches the kids how to fight and hunt. Ford homeschools them and teaches them what be knows about the dimension they are trapped in. They are trapped in that portal together for 11 years. ( that means Ford was there for 41 years). Eleven years after the Pines are sucked, on September 25 of 2023 in the portal, 19 year old Luna Evans. Sneaks into the portal room below the Mystery Shack, which Soos has run ever since Stan “disappeared” to try bring the Pines back. She knows all about mystery and the supernatural. Since the Pines disappeared there had been rumors that they were sucked into the portal. She is basically a female version of Dipper. After 5 hours down in the portal room, Luna finally succeeds. She is astonished. She immediately introduces herself and tells the Pines everything they need to know about the year 2023 ( gravity falls takes place in 2012 eleven years later would be 2023 ) Since he hasn’t seen a person besides Stan, Mabel, and Ford, for eleven years, Dipper is even more awkward around new people. Mabel and Luna becomes best friends quickly after even thought Mabel is 24 and Luna is still 19. Ford and Stan move to the Gravity Falls nursing home. Everyone is shocked that the Pines are alive, especially Stan and Ford because they are 85. They take some time to adjust to normal life again because in The Nightmare Realm. their reflexes had to be lighting quick In order to survive. Dipper and Mabel do find out their parents committed suicide because they got super depressed after they were trapped in the portal. Dipper is thankful for Luna saving them. He soon gets a little crush on her but is too shy too admit it. Luna is too shy to tell Dipper she has a crush on him. I’ll post more on this AU and a few drawings when I finish them feel free to make headcanons headcanons and ask me questions.

To anybody who was curious, a list of everybody who accepted the Ice bucket challenge by ALS

Felipe Melo de Carvalho[19]
Alex Nicolao Telles[20]
JJ Abrams[21]
David Alaba[22]
Jessica Alba[23]
Robbie Amell[24]
Stephen Amell[25]
Carmelo Anthony[26]
Sean Astin[27]
Iggy Azalea[28]
Victoria Azarenka[29]
Steve Ballmer[30]
Hakan Kadir Balta[31]
Elizabeth Banks[32]
Travis Barker[33]
John Barrowman[34]
Dave Bautista[35]
William Beckett[36]
David Beckham[37]
Nikki Bella[38]
Gary Bettman[39]
Jeff Bezos[40]
Jessica Biel[41]
Paul Bissonnette[42]
Jack Black[43]
Matt Bomer[44]
Jon Bon Jovi[45]
David Boreanaz[46]
JR Bourne[47]
Sergey Brin[48]
Chris Brown[49]
David Bryan[50]
Luke Bryan[51]
Dez Bryant[52]
Kobe Bryant[53]
Charlie Carver[54]
Max Carver[55]
Osric Chau[56]
Chris Christie[3]
CM Punk[57]
Emre Çolak[58]
Lily Collins[59]
Holly Marie Combs[60]
Harry Connick Jr.[61]
Tim Cook[62]
Dick Costolo[63]
Sidney Crosby[64]
Russell Crowe[65]
Kaley Cuoco[66]
Vin Diesel[67]
Novak Djokovic[68]
Shannen Doherty[60]
Robert Downey Jr.[69]
Hilary Duff[71]
Lena Dunham[72]
Kevin Durant[73]
Dale Earnhardt Jr.[74]
Ansel Elgort[75]
Jimmy Fallon[78]
Anthony Fantano[79]
Lou Ferrigno[80]
Fifth Harmony[81]
Nathan Fillion[82]
Mark Fischbach[83]
Darren Fletcher[84]
Foo Fighters[85]
Rob Ford[86]
Jason David Frank[87]
The Game[88]
Jason Garrett[89]
Martin Garrix[90]
Bill Gates[91]
Steven Gerrard[92]
Ricky Gervais[93]
Selena Gomez[94]
Mario Götze[95]
Topher Grace[96]
Seth Green[97]
Josh Groban[98][99]
Grant Gustin[100]
Jenna Bush Hager[101]
Lucy Hale[102]
John Harbaugh[103]
Calvin Harris[104]
Steve Harvey[105]
Colton Haynes[106]
Garrett Hedlund[107]
Tricia Helfer[108]
Chris Hemsworth[109]
Tom Hiddleston[110]
Steve Higgins[111]
Tyler Hoechlin[112]
Mark Hoppus[113]
Niall Horan[114]
Derek Hough[115]
Bob Iger[116]
Hugh Jackman[107]
Lebron James[117]
Bobby Jindal[118]
Don Johnson[119]
Dwayne Johnson[120]
Adam Jones[103]
Jacoby Jones[103]
Phoenix Jones[121]
Anna Kendrick[122]
Ethel Kennedy[8][123]
Angelique Kerber[29]
Gayle King[124]
Alex Kirk[125]
Jemima Kirke[126]
Vincent Kompany[127]
Mike Krzyzewski[128]
Ashton Kutcher[129]
Lady Gaga[130]
Larry the Cable Guy[131]
Zachary Levi[132]
Adam Levine[133]
Damian Lillard[134]
Dov Lipman[135]
Sabine Lisicki[29]
Samantha Logan[136]
Eva Longoria[137]
Jennifer Lopez[138]
Demi Lovato[139]
Stephen Lunsford[141]
Rachel Maddow[143]
Kate Mara[144]
Rooney Mara[107]
Bam Margera[146]
Ricky Martin[147]
Marissa Mayer[148]
Gates McFadden[149]
Stephanie McMahon[150]
Vince McMahon[151]
Levi Miller[107]
Sania Mirza[152][153]
The Miz[154]
Chloë Moretz[155]
Jennifer Morrison[156]
Jason Mraz[157]
Elon Musk[158]
Satya Nadella[159]
Gary Neville[160]
New England Patriots[161]
Ozzie Newsome[103]
New York Islanders[162]
New York Mets[163]
New York Jets[164]
Neymar Jr[165]
Bud Norris[103]
Conan O'Brien[166]
Keith Olbermann[167]
David Ortiz[168]
David Otunga[169]
Alexander Ovechkin[170]
Furkan Özçal[171]
Diamond Dallas Page[172]
Larry Page[48]
Brad Paisley[173]
Jim Parsons[174]
Lana Parrilla[175]
Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova[29]
Bo Pelini[176]
Missy Peregrym[177]
Markus Persson[178]
Troy Polamalu[179]
Mike Portnoy[180]
Tyler Posey[181]
Chris Pratt[182]
Fatima Ptacek[183]
Monica Puig[29]
Milos Raonic[185]
Jerry Reese[186]
Susanna Reid[187]
Tara Reid[188]
Emily Bett Rickards[106]
Rob Riggle[78]
Nicole Ritchie[23]
Jake Roberts[172]
Laura Robson[29]
Holland Roden[189]
Aaron Rodgers[190]
Ben Roethlisberger[191]
Seth Rollins[192]
Tony Romo[52]
Cristiano Ronaldo[193]
Gavin Rossdale[23]
Emmy Rossum[194]
Mickey Rourke[195]
Ronda Rousey[196]
Jordan Rudess [197]
Katee Sackhoff[198]
Cody Saintgnue[199]
Horatio Sanz[78]
Gabe Saporta[200]
Philip Schiller[201]
Jim Schmitt[202]
Paul Scholes[203]
Patrick Schwarzenegger[204]
Robert Scoble[205]
Ryan Seacrest[206]
Ed Sheeran[207]
William Shatner[208]
Buck Showalter[103]
Choi Siwon[209]
Karina Smirnoff[210]
Shepard Smith[211]
Torrey Smith[103]
Trey Songz[212]
Britney Spears[213]
Jamie Lynn Spears[214]
Tori Spelling[215]
Phil Spencer[216]
Steven Spielberg[217]
Brent Spiner[218][149]
Gwen Stefani[219]
Sloane Stephens[29]
Martha Stewart[220]
Lindsey Stirling[221]
Daniel Sturridge[222]
PK Subban[223]
Zoe Sugg[224]
Taylor Swift[225]
Joanna Garcia Swisher[226]
George Takei[227]
Bella Thorne[229]
Justin Timberlake[231]
Tico Torres[232]
Triple H[233]
Michael Trucco[234]
Justin Tucker[103]
Shania Twain[235]
Carrie Underwood[237]
Gabrielle Union[238]
United States Men’s National Basketball Team[239]
Keith Urban[240]
Jenna Ushkowitz[241]
Wilmer Valderama[129]
Iyanla Vanzant[242]
Eddie Vedder[243]
Meredith Vieira[244]
Diane Von Furstenberg [245]
Kerry Washington[246]
Heather Watson[29]
Lil Wayne[247]
Johnny Weir[248]
Russell Westbrook[249]
Dana White[250]
Ron White[251]
Oprah Winfrey[252]
Anna Wood[253]
Caroline Wozniacki[29]
“Weird Al” Yankovic[254]
Burak Yılmaz[255]
Mark Zuckerberg[256]