The class, the elegance and the luxury, always make a good pair with a beautiful Mustang.

A gentleman with a car like this, show style, good taste, make the impossible possible, and when he look his beautiful car, he got an impulse to feels invincible.


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Ok, this is going to be in bits and pieces because it was a dream and wierd shit happens.

I had a dream that I guess was my mind’s version of how Gravity Falls ended, all I can remember was, I guess it takes place after Part 2 of the finale when Ford was brought back to life and it involved Ford attempting to take something off Bill’s head that would fix everything but every time he did, Ford would get caught, thrown through a door and sent into a world of his own mind (like Mabel’s dream bubble).

At some point, Dipper, Mabel and Stan end up with him and now they’re all attempting to stop Bill but results remain the same. There’s a running joke with Ford trying to get what’s on Bills head in the same fashion and getting the same result, sometimes with variations as Ford realizes this, I’m thinking a time loop is involved. In Dipper’s instance of being sent into his mind, it gets all meta and I think he summons the voice actors (in cartoon form) to help him but Bill retaliates by turning them into kids and their first thought is to create a whole government/battle HQ/form of attack/something like that in Dipper’s world and when Dipper tries to reason with them, one of them (I know it was a boy, probably the kid version of Jason Ritter) says that Dipper could be their leader, he could turn Bills pyramid into his own command center and lead all the voice actors from there. Dipper considers this but overcomes the temptations.

I think there’s time travel involved or some meta warping shit because at one point, I think Peridot from Steven Universe becomes involved and I think Dipper enters the real world. There was also something like Time Baby’s dimension is right next to the Bills Pyramid dimension (this is the wierd shit).

In the end, I think Ford summons the writers of Gravity Falls to which Bill responds by fusing them together in one huge blob mess but they still keep their minds and make note that they’re still the writers of this world and then something happens and I think I woke up at that point but yeah, it ends with a Dream Demon and what essentially are the Gods of the GF world about to fight.

If you watch Gravity Falls backwards, it’s a show about two children who visit a town full of sad people in Oregon, which shortly after their arrival is plunged into an apocalypse after one old man shoots another old man with a ray gun, creating a triangular demon. It burns out really quickly though and is defeated when the girl child takes the magical snowglobe from a bald man and the demon is banished to another dimension. They destroy the snowglobe by pushing one of the old men into a portal, then spend the rest of the show hanging out with the other old man.