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Do people tend to get burned out on Warframe after awhile? I've noticed I play for a long time, every day for maybe a month, then I just get bored and take a break for a day or two.

apparently it’s a really common thing, but i can’t really say for sure. i played Warframe for over a year straight, before hitting my first burnout in late november. i force-fed myself the entire dragon age series, and that seemed to help. now i go back and forth between the two.

How to Deal with Cosplay Internet Hate

Unless you live in a world comprised solely of sunshine and rainbows where everyone can eat cake and be happy, you probably have received or will receive at least one hateful comment when posting about cosplay online. It sucks. It really sucks. And it can really destroy your motivation. But there are ways to deal with these comments and help avoid any future instances.

I’ve been somewhat lucky throughout my cosplay career in that I have received very few hateful comments. The few I have received are forever engrained in my brain… but instead of letting them get me down, I use them more as a driving force to make myself better. Why let some stranger on the internet tell you what to do and try to ruin your fun?

Here are some things to keep in mind if you receive internet hate:

1) Ignore the comments if you can. It’s not always easy to ignore mean comments, especially the first couple you get but it’s best to not angrily respond to them because usually that’s just adding fuel to the fire.

2) If you need to respond to a comment, go about it in a calm and collected manner. If they said something mean and hurtful be like “Hey, what you said really hurt my feelings” instead of just swearing at them in caps lock. If you need to justify something, do so without putting the other person down. Keep the high ground. Sometimes if you go about things calmly and make your feelings known then the other person will actually realize the error of their ways and apologize.

3) Remember that most comments are made in the heat of the moment or out of spite or jealousy. Sometimes people don’t really mean what they say and were just having a bad day. Sometimes people are saying mean things just to be mean and to try to elicit and unfavorable reaction from you.

4) If your new con/internet friends are constantly talking smack about other cosplayers, most likely they’re also talking smack about you to someone else. Also the more people post about “hating drama” the more these people usually are the instigators of said drama and these are people you might want to distance yourself from.

5) If a specific person is bothering you, do not hesitate to report them to any online moderators/admin and block them from being able to contact you/turning off any anonymous features.

I remember when tatinof ended and I walked out of the palladium and I just burst out crying in the middle of Oxford street and all these people were looking at me but I forced myself to keep walking even though I could hardly breathe and my tears were making my face all wet and cold but I didn’t care because I had just watched these two amazing people perform a beautiful, heart warming performance in front of hundreds of loving fans and I’d never felt so much love and pride and happiness in my entire life

😱 Holy heart failure, Batman! 😲 I’d be concerned if I were you! 😂
Get it Supes! 👊💪
• • •
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Warm up phase for Superman training started today! Posting this pic to set myself a minimum goal…and force myself to actually keep going haha! @gritandteeth” ~ 5 February 2016

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Tbh I'm a pll blog , but I post mainly about the 100 and I might even change my name if this season doesn't pick up because for me, it's been more new questions than any new answers and idk I haven't enjoyed this season so far

It all comes down to: The 100 is much more interesting to me than PLL and I’m not gonna pretend I’m still invested in the show when I’m not. I’m not gonna force myself to reblog things I don’t really care about just because most of the people who follow me followed me for PLL. The one thing I still care about in that show is Emison and I’m not getting it right now so obviously I’m not going to be talking about it. The 100 is giving me not only what I want but what I need and deserve from a TV show and I will continue to give it more attention for as long as it continues to be so great.

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I unliked every sn8d video on youtube because i finally admitted to myself that i was forcing myself to like their recent 'music' and now i'll support jessica fully and wholeheartedly because she's the only one who deserves it (i didn't hate her before btw). And you have a part in this so thank you ♥

YEEEEEIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome, welcome!!!

(btw i always take the time to unlike SNSD’s shit lol XD)

It’s so nice that you’re joining us! the fact that you’re gonna fully support her now is so amazing!

we’re growing stronger! JJPS forever and ever!~

11 Questions Tag

I was tagged by @accidental-bookworm. Thanks Olivia!


1. Always repost the rules.
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1. Favorite Musical (and please don’t say High School Musical, I’m looking for actual musicals 😂 )
Les Misérables! It was the first musical I ever went to and it’s been my favorite ever since. Whether I’m listening to the Broadway soundtrack or actually watching the musical in person, I will sing along to every song while weeping uncontrollably. 

2. What are some things that you are forced to do but you actually enjoy?
Leave my house! I’m a huge homebody and I’m usually so exhausted from work and school that I just want to sit on my couch all weekend. But once I force myself to go out and do things I really enjoy it.

3. Currently Reading?
I’m currently rereading Cinder and Thrones of Glass for my senior thesis.

4. Best movie you’ve ever seen.
This is an impossible question! There are so many! Rear Window, Bringing Up Baby, Ten Inch Hero, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are some of my favorites.

5. Favorite TV show of the moment.
The 100 and I’ve been watching a lot of Masterchef Jr with the kid. Which is kind of paying off because he cooked me dinner last night.

6. The color of your dream car.
Probably something boring like a gray color. I’m not in to flashy colors when it comes to cars.

7. Favorite shape.

8. Lucky number?

9. A book series you can’t get over.
Harry Potter. I will never be over it. Oh and all of the Percy Jackson books! I can’t pick just one of anything. 

10. A book that made you cry?
The Book Thief.

11. How many times you or someone you have seen has slipped on ice in the winter?
None. I live in the South so we don’t really get ice. It was 78 degrees earlier this week.

Here are my 11 questions!

1. What was your favorite childhood book?
2. Which fictional character do you think is most like you?
3. What’s your favorite classic book?
4. An unpopular opinion about a popular book?
5. Your favorite movie or television adaptation of a book?
6. A book you couldn’t finish?
7. Your favorite book genre?
8. Your least favorite book genre?
9. What genre do you wish you read more of?
10. If you could only recommend one book to me, which would it be?
11. One thing followers probably don’t know about you?

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sad story: i haven’t done fractals runs for two days and apparently i’m broke (i couldn’t waypoint today from tarir ‘cause i got 0 coins lol)

so what i wanted to tell is…
i still need 184 (!!!) amalgamated gemstones for this stupid ugly worthless axe my astralaria and i’m so done with farming
i CAN’T force myself to enter maguuma again i literally want to cry and delete the game and curl up in a corner and never play again

though my friends are the best friends i don’t deserve, even with their help it’s not enough… RNG god just hates me i guess
so i’m out of incandescent dust and i wouldn’t dare to ask you guys to help me with orb but maybe - if you don’t need it right now - you could help me with it?

it’s making me cry to ask for help but i have to try. if someone take pity on a very tired and sad salad ranger who fell in love with the starry axe i would be very grateful ;___; in return i can help you with mats when i’m done or edit your screencaps or make you a gifset… just ask really i’ll try to do something

David and Wales

This morning I woke up sick and annoyed. I had to cancel my photoshoot, and I hate being sick in general. Feeling weak and bored. At least I had managed to develop film after yesterdays shoot, so I forced myself to scan today, even though my pose were looking like Quasimodo.