The sheer, utter innocence about this moment, though.

I’ve heard film critics say: “It wasn’t dramatic enough!” But, you know, I think it was.

Neither one has any clue how much they are going to absolutely destroy one another and just how nasty things are going to get. They’re both so young, naive and nice here. 

A cute, friendly little handshake. That’s how it started. 

The horror hasn’t hit them yet. And the viewer knows it hasn’t. We know more than they do. 

some things overlooked

hey so,, i find it odd that there are some episodes and characters that i havent seen anyone talk/analyze/make posts about at all??? even if there were some discussions about it, there definitely werent a lot, or at least i just never saw any of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  it kind of feels like there’s a big void in the fandom. guys, shipping is great and all, but i feel as if we’re forgetting about some important things in the show, so heres this post:

-i havent seen talk about “Is Mystery” even though it reveals that Ludo is doing some shady shady business and it will certainly come up again

-can we all just rejoice in Buff Frog’s character development?? i feel as if a lot of people have heavily overlooked Buff Frog and how much he grew and changed over this show 

-no one talks about most of the events and from this episode, the Bureaucracy of Magic, or Glossaryck as a character in general… ??  The Queen literally says something shifting magic in the universe and tells Glossaryck to train Star faster, and we have this whole revelation of Glossaryck and his wisdom with training Star differently… but guys. Glossaryck is gone. this IS IMPORTANT

-following the events of St. Olga, Miss Heinous sent a hugeass lizard to track down Star and Marco. although it was unsuccessful and this is literally mentioned once this season, we cant forget about this. Obviously the St. Olga issue has to come up again and tie into the butterfly monarchy and what not, adding another danger Star and Marco may face

-Can I just say that I was really impressed with the idea that all the little creatures in Star’s spells had their own little lives and community in her wand? It was a very neat and creative concept for an episode that was explored but i havent come across any cool theories/discussion about this…  has these creatures always existed in the wand? Do the creatures change depending on who holds the wand as it is passed down to generations?? ???   



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Vibri (Vib Ribbon) // Demoman (Team Fortress 2)

Hornet (Daytona USA) // Blue Falcon (F-Zero)

Parappa the Rapper // Xoda Rap (Noitu Love)

Gunstar Green and Seven Force (Gunstar Heroes)

Part 6! No Heavy for Team Fortress 2 because he gets plenty love already. I tried emulating the flatness and folding distortions that Parappa suffers in the game but that’s -very- hard to do being 2D and having these color limitations, you have to distort a -lot- to make that effect come across, and when you do, it looks too weird and not easily recognizable. Hopefully some of it still comes across to you?