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Cole, a 23-year-old DJ who struggles in the Hollywood’s electronic dance music scene, has dreams of becoming a major record producer. Eventually, older DJ James, begins to mentor him, but Cole makes a connection with James’ girlfriend, Sophie. When Cole’s relationship with Sophie blossoms and his friendship with James begins to break down as a result, he is forced into difficult decisions over his future.

↪ We Are Your Friends Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-08-28
Casts : Wes Bentley, Vanessa Lengies, Zac Efron, Alessandro Lindblad, Shiloh Fernandez, Jon Abrahams, Nick Rotteveel, Emily Ratajkowski, Jon Bernthal
Duration : 0 minutes runtime
Rating : 10

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Thank you for being such a grounding force for Mark.  Thank you for helping him realize what he needs to do for his community.  I know you sometimes say that you think of yourself as only a fanboy, but Mark really listens to you, and the fact that he’s going to start interacting with us more means the world to a lot of people.  Thank you for always being amazing with your own community, and thanks for inspiring Mark.

I bet you never thought in a million years you would be the one inspiring Mark XD

~the whole Jacksepticeye Family <3

using luke’s broad shoulders as leverage to push yourself off of him, his teeth nipping at your bottom lip until you’re completely out of reach. the deep pout that settled into his handsome features became a stark contrast to the former lust clouding the dark hue of his eyes and the prominent strain to his jawline. you just grinned in mock sympathy as you insisted i have to get going, luke. but he’s not having any of it as he’s shoving his hands into the pockets of his loose jacket as he encases your figure within the baggy fabric as you are forced to collapse against his chest as he draws the soft material around your shoulders and drags the zipper until it rests under your chin and when you turn to glare at him, a triumphant smile paired with his deep dimple now lights his scruffy features as he peers innocently down at you and offers a shrug that drags the tight fabric upward a bit against your twisted arms, “now you have to stay here with me.”

it is heavy raining and there is thunder and lightning where I live rn Lady Gaga’s satanic witch powers are definitely in full force tonight

How ‘Reblog Karma’ works.

Person is scrolling through dash.

“Oh look, a prompt I like!” *Hits reblog*

“Uh oh, our muses won’t interact well with any of these. I just won’t send one in.” *Continues about their day*

Other person sees notification that someone reblogged the thing from them.

“OMG NO ONE SENDS THESE IN UGH.” *Writes angry post about ‘reblog karma and how you need to send one in or it’s ‘rude’*

From here, it goes one of two ways.

Option 1- the person is emotionally forced back into that person’s inbox to drop a prompt because they were successfully guilt tripped by the offended person, then leaves and doesn’t care to even read the reply because they were guilt tripped into writing a thing in the first place. CONGRATULATIONS! You just made someone feel worse about their day and wasted your own time writing a reply no one will read.

Option 2- the person will shrug their shoulders and just never reblog a thing from you again, taking the prompt either from the source or someone else next time. CONGRATULATIONS. You pretty much lost a potential friend.

Reblog karma is bullshit. You wanna do a thing with someone who takes a prompt from you? GUESS WHAT?!? THEY JUST REBLOGGED A PROMPT! Why don’t you send them one?!?!?!?!? What a concept!!!!

I don’t do reblog karma and I don’t expect anyone to give me a half-assed starter and waste my time without even reblogging my answer. If you aren’t gonna care about the starter, don’t send me one. Just reblog it and go.

anonymous asked:

In the pics you posted Harry and Louis do look uncomfortable. You'll never see it because of your larry blindness, but it's good that you got your dying wish. Louis' smile is so tight-lipped and Harry's smile so fake I can feel their discomfort through my computer screen. Nobody is debating your politeness and the boys will do what a fan who is going to be dead soon asks of them, especially when it something as simple as holding hands. Your moment was forced but if it makes you happy, good.

this is all kinds of yikes! have a good day anyway tho i know i did. and louis and harry definitely did
Sagkeeng First Nation walk calls for inquiry into missing, murdered indigenous women
Indigenous community members walk over 100 km to Manitoba Legislature to raise awareness for MMIW

Families from Sagkeeng First Nation started walking from their home community Sunday morning calling for an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women (MMIW). They’re headed for the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg and hope to arrive Tuesday.

Crystal Bruyere, the event organizer, lost her cousin Fonessa Bruyere, 17, in August of 2007. She went missing and her body was found later that year along the outskirts of Winnipeg.

MMIW: The case of Fonassa Lynn Louise Bruyere

Project Devote, a task force dedicated to investigating missing and murdered persons cases in Manitoba, is investigating the homicide.

Janet Bruyere, Fonessa and Crystal’s grandmother, said they called police, put up signs together and set out on a desperate search for the 17-year-old before her body was found.

Fonassa Bruyere, 17, was killed in 2007. Her case remains unsolved.

“Police told me she was a runaway, but she was a good girl, a happy girl. She loved her culture, she loved to laugh,” said Janet Bruyere.

“I always think of her every day and night…. I always think she’s going to phone me and I wait for her at night.”

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I’ve been searching the tags here for a sort of masterpost on SM’s problems but haven’t come across anything so I decided to post this. If anyone has more information to add to this list or a link to a more comprehensive post I would appreciate it. I hope it’s useful to anyone who doesn’t understand where all the blatant hatred of SM Entertainment comes from.

Also, however biased in SM’s favor truetvxq’s site is the translation of TVXQ’s contract is accurate. Since SM has been ignoring the FTC for 13 years (if not more) it’s likely that current SM artists have similar contracts, and according to this contract:

  1. SM’s only listed obligations are to promote the artist’s popularity, and to notify the artist of their schedule.
  2. SM unilaterally decides on activities.
  3. SM is allowed to extend the contract if an artist is unable to fulfill obligations due to personal reasons.
  4. SM owns the rights to any music that is written or composed by the artist even after they leave the company.
  5. If the artist fails to perform activities that were decided upon by the company they are required to pay for any damages (there is no set amount, which means SM is allowed to demand whatever they want from the artist).
  6. In order to terminate the contract the artist has to pay 3 times the total investment amount and reimburse twice the potential lost profits. Which would amount to way more than most SM artists even earn working for the company.

It’s important to keep in mind that many SM artists are still minors at the time they debut and that their parents have to sign the contract as well. At the age of 14-19 it is unlikely that their artists fully understand how these contracts will impact their lives.

Also worth noting that various artists (JYJ, Luhan, Tao)  have claimed they never received pay stubs or legal documentation with a breakdown for their pay and SM has refused to present paperwork at court. They also have yet to pay fines to JYJ for interfering with their activities.

According to Forbes, SM is worth $660 million as of 2013. They are immensely profitable and the most successful company out of the Big 3, yet as far as I know, neither YG nor JYP have been plagued by accusations of unfair payment.

The flag was a gift for Harry. It was thrown to a part of the stage where it could easily be ignored if no one wanted to acknowledge it or pick it up. Louis VOLUNTARILY WENT OVER TO IT and kicked it to Preston- I think the general consensus is that this was not a negative action (although there will always be some people who want to find fault with anything one of those boys does). 

I can’t believe how damn extra some people are on this site to complain about how throwing a flag to the corner of the stage as a gift is putting ANYONE into ANY position. THE FLAG WAS ROLLED UP AND COULD EASILY HAVE BEEN IGNORED AND LITERALLY NO ONE WOULD HAVE NOTICED. THE INTERACTION IS IN NO WAY UNAVOIDABLE OR FORCED. 

No one did anything wrong- not Louis, not the person who threw the flag. I don’t usually get this riled up but some people need to sit their asses down. I’M NOT EVEN DRINKING THIS IS STRAIGHT-UP ANGER