forces of mordor

Imagine the Forces of Mordor dancing to Hollaback girl.

Uh huh this is my shit. All the girls getting down to this.
A few times you been round that track, but your ass is still fat, gunna stay like that coz I ain’t your hollaback girrrll.

(I know that the words on the gif are the wrong song shhhh, it was the closest I could find, if the gif belongs to you then tell me and I’ll credit you.)

Submitted by anon (Who I here by dub hollanon)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Bad Guy Brawl

Somewhere in the infinite possibilities of the multiverse, there is a small pocket dimension that has a single planet and four unlikely enemies.

The names of these enemies are:
Emperor Palpatine
The Borg Queen

Each of these villains was pulled from their respective realities to this world with no heroes and no civilians. Each one has been told that the only way to return to their world is to destroy all of their enemies on this one.

Each villain was brought here at the height of their power, and they are not alone. Each of them has been given a continent on this planet, modeled after the places they call home. They also have every ally, minion, and slave that was ever theirs to command.

Let’s take stock of these armies…

Sauron - Whole and corporeal, Sauron possesses his precious One Ring and all the forces of Mordor. Not only does he command his orcs, trolls, and the Nazgul, he also has the army of Balgrogs that followed him during the First Age. Also on this world he has his servant Saruman and their spy Grima Wormtongue, as well as all men who ever served him.

Emperor Palpatine - Though unable to leave the planet (or blow it up with the Death Star) the Emperor has no shortage of resources. His entire continent is modeled after the imperial city-planet of Coruscant and it is full of clone troopers, storm troopers, and battle droids (with all battle accessories and vehicles included.) In addition, the Sith Lord has every one of his Sith apprentices alive and present for the conflict, including Darth Maul, Count Duku, and Darth Vader. General Grievous is also at his command, along with Boba Fett and every other galactic bounty hunter ever employed by the Empire.

Voldemort - While “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” has the entire continent of Europe as his territory, the majority of his forces are concentrated in England. While there are no good wizards to oppose him or Muggles to oppress, everything else is there. Diagon Alley, Gringott’s, the Ministry of Magic, and even Hogwarts are all present, as well Malfoy Manner. Every witch and wizard that was ever loyal to the Dark Lord is there, along with a whole host of other magical resources such as his snake Naigini, the basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets, dementors, inferi, giants, trolls, and werewolves. He is armed with the Elder Wand and each of his horcruxes is accounted for.

The Borg Queen - Like the Emperor, the Borg Queen is unable to leave the planet until all of her enemies have been destroyed, but she and her borg drones still have all of their other technological resources. An entire continent covered with the Borg Collective, and cube ships flying overhead.

So… who will be the victorious villain? What would such a battle look like? Which match ups would you most want to see? How long would the war last, and what would be the major turning points?!

I know how it plays out in MY head, but I want to hear what YOU think!! I hope to hear from you!
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