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Okay, this chapter just made me love him even more. This man just doesn’t quit.

You know, I don’t think it gets mentioned enough but Star vs. The Forces of Evil has some of the best female characters i’ve seen in a cartoon and the lineage of queens in Mewni is filled with unique characters that despite us not knowing a lot about them are given great care in their designs.

Just one of those things that makes me happy.


Hey Reylo fam!

So i watched this movie with my sis about a few months ago, and it has this really interesting plot. I cant even tell you how many Reylo feels I was getting while watching it for the first time!

Anyways, Without spoiling anything else, it’s basically a story about two people who can see threw one another eyes( Sort of like your name) it does have romance and a bit of drama in it! What they have reminds me of a “force bond” dynamic like in the Sw universe, but not quite.

I suddenly just remembered it and wanted to share it with the community!

my phone has been on the fritz too but thats just bc its getting old and im still on ios9. so like watch things play out the absolute worst way possible like: its water damage, i have to shell out enough money for it that i almost might as well buy a new laptop, repairs take a couple weeks and i have no way to do school work, and during that time my phone also conveniently decides to finally die

I’m a recipe for entropy
I’m too overwhelming
Give me your validation
I can taste your apprehension


The Ghosts of Mewni’s Past

An attempt to expand the lore of Cressieverse.

Each Queen has a respective feast day, whether it be their birth day or or their death (whatever is more significant). On their respective feast day, the spirit of a Queen will manifest and rise from their resting place in The Constellation (also known as The Graveyard of Queens). There, one day will be given for her to be celebrated by the kingdom, with permission from the current Queen. Many queens can be born or die on the same day, thus, not all Queens are celebrated. The less popular Queens fade from obscurity, while the more well-known are celebrated and glorified yearly. And those who are forgotten would want to make sure that people will say their name once again, whatever it takes.

A Queen’s cause of the death is visible on their so-called spirit, from the most peaceful to the most violent. Each shown has a different cause of death, and I wrote hints in each of the Queen’s captions. Try to guess correctly!

avatarking42  asked:

Just a quick suggestion, but what would Star and Marco's wedding photo with their friends and family look like?

this ask has been weeks old and so is the idea of this picture but i managed to finish it today so here it is!


at the beginning of the video, taylor crawled out from a grave that was engraved with “here lies taylor swift’s reputation,” whilst wearing the out of the woods dress. it’s the one she was running in through several treacherous, chaotic hurdles and situations, feeling like she couldn’t outrun the media/public’s nonsensical opinions, and their exploitation of her personal life.

there’s something profound, important and empowering about the way she mercilessly filled the grave of her “old self” in, alluded to the #taylorswiftisoverparty and buried all of the media’s “little games" they’ve played with all of her past selves. she’s continuously persevered through pain, and she’s channelling it into rising above and reclaiming every joke, caricature and incessant remark that’s been made about her over the course of a decade. she’s wholly taking back control of her life, her narrative and her reputation and she’s stronger than ever. we’re all so incredibly proud of you, taylor.