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I don’t really know how to explain but I need to take some time off this site so I can think. This is my final year of high school before I go into university and I’m so worried about being accepted into uni. Cause I know all the courses I want to take but now theres an air of uncertainty and I don’t know how to feel. So I need some time off so I can think.


I’m just gonna list the fandoms I’m into and forever will be into them

•Steven Universe
•Star vs the Forces of Evil
•Adventure Time
• Off (game)
• Undertale
•Bravest Warriors
•Bee and Puppycat
•Death Note
•Tokyo Ghoul
•Gravity Falls
•Panty and Stocking
•Soul Eater
•Evil Within
•Free eternal summer
•Welcome To Hell
•Dramatical Murder
•Scott vs The World
•Boku no Hero Acadamia
•Black Butler
•Attack on Titan
•Blood Lad
•Kill la Kill
•Killing Stalking (I’m in it for horror dudes •Durarara
•Deadman Wonderland
I wanna apart of the Star Wars fandom :,0


didnt wanna risk star magics-ing her hair into oblivion so marco decided to grow it out manually. it’s a process, but she’s getting there. (the hoodie remains a staple, obviously,)

PDA police at work.
they should probably care about their own actions. tsk.