forces me

When I was searching for reference pictures of The Great Mouse Detective I found out that every screencap of Basil is a perfect reaction image for situations where you play Twitch ADC.

When you’re Twitch ADC & the jungler ganks bot but he steals all your kills

When you steal the jungler’s kills in late game

When you’re Twitch ADC and have Annie Support

When you’re Twitch ADC and someone flames your Support

When Toplane feeds but blames the jungler n literally everyone else on the team & you and your Support analyze their wrong build and bad score like

“I’m just gonna change the title of this piece to “I’m crying” I stg… #starwars #sw #RogueOne #chirrutimwe #jynerso #bohdirook #bazemalbus #cassianandor #k2s0 #musetap #musetapstudio #tyrinecarver #wilwoods“
(All credit goes to the artist - found this on musetapstudios on Instagram)


Some “Dark Cupid” Miraculous!AU @dumbluckycharm requested forever ago that I just now remembered (there was originally supposed to be more, but I decided this was enough for now. Hope you like it!)


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