Tumblr’s New Blocking Feature!

Tumblr’s new blocking feature is a drastic improvement over the previous “Ignore” setting. Here’s what it can do:

  • They can’t reblog your posts!
  • They can’t follow your blog at all!
  • They can’t view your blog at its address!
  • They can’t text you while you’re both logged into tumblr!
  • They can’t walk within 500ft of you thanks to our new forcefield tech!
  • They can’t contact you at all, even by their own email!
  • They can’t think of you without crying!
  • They can’t see you in person! You’re invisible!
  • They can’t say your name without a burning pain!
  • They can’t even brush their teeth anymore! Why? Who knows!?
  • They can’t vote in American elections!
  • They can’t ever have kids!
  • They can’t even eat!
  • They can’t listen to the old Ludwig Van without feeling sick!
  • They can’t live! They cannot die! All they they see: Absolute horror!
  • They can’t survive for longer than 3 minutes without a painful injection of sulfuric acid into their eyeballs and genitals!
  • They can’t ever touch their families again without causing them to fall apart like ashes, all they love, all they know will burn, condemning them to hell itself, alone and broken, tormented by pain and sorrow until the end of time and even then they cannot escape the torment you’ve inflicted upon them for you are become death, destroyer of worlds and they are but ants condemned to your unholy wrath!
  • They can’t link to your blog in their posts!

Please note that use of the “block” feature is forbidden by the Geneva Conventions, U.S. Federal Law and The Holy Bible.


Moffat’s Women - Oswin Oswald

Oswin is a genius, so smart that the Daleks decided to convert her when the Alaska crashed at the Asylum. She proceeds to build her own little world in her mind, in which she is still shipwrecked among the Daleks, but carries on bravely, baking soufflés (with varying degrees of success) and sabotaging the planet’s systems. Oswin projects an air of self-confidence and flirtation, she’s always good for a quip and quick to make friends - but she still never loses sight of her own interests and goals.

Finding out the truth about what she had become is horrific. Nevertheless, the same girl who pursued her dreams to travel across the universe, who kept the Daleks out of her head for a year by nothing but strength of will even if it broke her, succeeds at holding on to her identity. Ultimately, Oswin values her humanity to the point where she sends the Doctor away and stays behind at the Asylum, fully knowing what would happen once she takes down the forcefield.

the signs superpowers

♈️ARIES♈️- super strength, heat vision, self-combustion, super speed, firebending.

♉️TAURUS♉️- super strength, super endurance, eating certain foods makes them more powerful in one aspect, for example maybe eating carrots would give them superhuman vision, earthbending.

♊️GEMINI♊️- soundbending, full power and control over vocals, sonic scream, mimicry, doppelgangers, airbending.

♋️CANCER♋️- empathy, forcefields, night vision, invisibility, telepathy, powers are based on what the moon is going through, waterbending.

♌️LEO♌️- energy manipulation, super strength, light manipulation, faunal communication, powers are based on what the sun is going through, firebending.

♍️VIRGO♍️- faunal communication, flight, knowledge replication, floral communication/manipulation, earthbending.

♎️LIBRA♎️- photographic memory, flight, enhanced senses/reflexes/dexterity, avian communication/manipulation, airbending.

♏️SCORPIO♏️- x-ray vision, regeneration, telekinesis, shadow manipulation, genjutsu, waterbending.

♐️SAGITTARIUS♐️- faunal communication, enhanced jumping and bones that can take it, omnilingualism, firebending.

♑️CAPRICORN♑️- bone protrusion at will, knowledge enhancement, density control, shadow manipulation, earthbending.

♒️AQUARIUS♒️- flight, telekinesis, electric manipulation, weather manipulation, time travel, airbending.

♓️PISCES♓️- telekinesis, telepathy, empathy, psychic shields, shape shifting, waterbending.


get to know me meme: favorite female characters [3/?] → johanna mason

“I don’t care if you are knocked up. I’ll rip your throat out.”

I’m going to make my theory about who’s next and everything later. Right now I wanna get this out there.

Xiumin and Suho were the two people who ((allegedly)) found an exit but were blocked by the forcefield, correct? Even if it wasn’t necessarily an exit, the two were obstructed by the forcefield and then the MV started.

I’m betting money that Suho, when he appears in the teasers, isn’t going to be wearing rings either and for now I’ll leave it at that.

<< Page 44 >>
All that could be heard from him was his hissing breath and from it came a purple, dusty smoke.

Rythian pierced his arm though one layer of the force-field, unfortunately he could not pierce through the protective blue barrier that was keeping him in… meanwhile the red barrier he broke through ravages his arm to get back in place.

3-4 hour stream + 7 hour stream = I’m sleepy but the page is done, so Yaaaaay. This streaming thing is actually a lot of fun and it helps me keep focused on the work. It’s the whole peer pressure, people watching you work, thing…. god… It’s 5 am. I’ll check it for mistakes when I wake up in the afternoon.

My variant cover for INVADER ZIM: Volume 2 that I did with @cunch! Leaving the thick, shaped outlines off the characters always gives them a nice, liberated look, like they can actually move around without that heavy, black forcefield containing their bodies.

@cunch did an awesome job on the colors, so follow her and consume all that she has to consume!

@onipress will have a bunch of these on hand at the San Diego Comicon this weekend, so if you’re there maybe pick one up, ya know?


Tonight at the RISD Museum of Art, come celebrate the opening of What Nerve! Alternative Figures in American Art, 1960 to the Present, curated by Dan Nadel (yours truly). The Hairy Who, Funk, Destroy All Monsters, Forcefield, Christina Ramberg, William Copley, Gary Panter, H.C. Westermann, Elizabeth Murray, Jack Kirby.

Tomorrow we will have two panel discussions with Gary Panter, Peter Saul, Carroll Dunham, Nicole Rudick, Michael Williams, and Jim Drain.

And available any day now: the 368-page catalog!

WALK THE MOON Song Masterpost (Updated 2-19-16)


1. Don’t Take Me Back

2. Forcefield

3. Jaguar

The Anthem EP - 2008

1. Stone Cold Fox

2. Angeline

3. Anthem

4. Jenny’s Got A Body

The Other Side: B-Sides and Rarities - 2009

1. Ball & Chain

2. San Augustine

3. Candycane Jane

4. La La Metropolitan

5. House Burning Down

6. Entropy

7. The Autopilot

8. For All We Know

9. The Ballad of Sebastian Jackson

10. Stunning, Honey (Please Stay)

11. Sirens

12. Break a Heart

13. Flying Through Red Lights (Bonus Track)

14. Long Shadow (Bonus Track)

I Want! I Want! - 2010

1. Anna Sun

2. Lisa Baby

3. Quesadilla

4. The Liftaway

5. I Want! I Want!

6. Blue Dress

7. Jenny

8. Me & All My Friends

9. Iscariot

10. I Can Lift a Car

11. William Blake

Anna Sun EP - 2012

1. Tightrope

2. Anna Sun

3. Next In Line


1. Quesadilla

2. Lisa Baby

3. Next In Line

4. Anna Sun

5. Tightrope

6. Jenny

7. Shiver Shiver

8. Lions

9. Iscariot

10. Fixin’

11. I Can Lift a Car

Tightrope EP - 2013

1. Tightrope

2. Anywayican

3. Tête-Á-Tête

4. Drunk In The Woods

5. Tightrope (Acoustic)

6. Burning Down the House (Live)


1. Different Colors

2. Sidekick

3. Shut Up and Dance

4. Up 2 U

5. Avalanche

6. Portugal

7. Down In The Dumps

8. Work This Body

9. Spend Your $$$

10. We Are the Kids

11. Come Under The Covers (aka Set Me On Fire/Summer is Over)

12. Aquaman

Different Colors EP - 2015

1. Different Colors

2. It’s Your Thing

3. Boyfriend

4. Different Colors (Lost Kings Remix)

5. Different Colors (The Griswolds Remix)

You Are Not Alone (Live at The Greek) - 2016

Coming February 26! Preorder now!

Other Songs/Covers

This Must Be The Place

Young Shoes

Tiger Teeth

Mono No Aware (Fleeting Beauty)


Anna Sun (Acoustic)

Big Bad Wolves

The Knocks - Best For Last feat. Walk The Moon


If you have any links to songs missing links/songs not on the list or any of the links don’t work, be sure to inbox penderied!