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All that could be heard from him was his hissing breath and from it came a purple, dusty smoke.

Rythian pierced his arm though one layer of the force-field, unfortunately he could not pierce through the protective blue barrier that was keeping him in… meanwhile the red barrier he broke through ravages his arm to get back in place.

3-4 hour stream + 7 hour stream = I’m sleepy but the page is done, so Yaaaaay. This streaming thing is actually a lot of fun and it helps me keep focused on the work. It’s the whole peer pressure, people watching you work, thing…. god… It’s 5 am. I’ll check it for mistakes when I wake up in the afternoon.

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Are you religious? Do you go to church?

Nah, I can’t go to church.

Haven’t you read Leviticus 21:18?

No one who has any defect may come near: no one who is blind or lame, disfigured or deformed;

Have you ever seen Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow? It’s kind of like that. I just wheel up to the church and end up hitting an invisible forcefield before screeching and riding off into the night.

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Could u do seventeen with types of superpowers please? ily ❤️

Love you too anon <3 sorry this took so long, my computer wouldn’t charge!


Forcefields= the ability to create and manipulate force fields to protect others


Persuasion= the ability to control others with spoken commands


Memory manipulation= the ability to allow others to relive experiences from the past


Adoptive muscle memory= the ability to perform any physical activity after seeing it


Shape shifting= the ability to change one’s appearance and form


Intuitive aptitude= the ability to comprehend complex equations and patterns


Empathetic manipulation= the ability to sense and change others emotions


Cyberpathy= the ability to intercept and conjure electronic waves and transmissions with one’s mind


Primal rage= the ability to fill others with uncontrollable anger

Minghao (The8)

Cloaking= the ability to make things/people disappear and reappear


Healing= the ability to heal oneself or others


Omnilingualism= the ability to understand all verbal and non-verbal forms of communication

Precognition= the ability to predict the future through painting/making art

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So like, I really gotta share this really sad and dark thought with someone who likes Jasper meta because I can't stop thinking about it. Jasper went to the Earth following rumors that Rose Quartz was still alive and Crystal Gems were still active right? What was Jasper expecting to do if she found them all? She went to the Earth effectively alone. What did she think was gonna happen?

She probably didn’t think what was left of the CG’s would be a match for her, and really, she and Peri did have the upper hand - a huge ship (w lasers), advanced technology and weapons, you name it. If it wasn’t for Steven and his ability to pass through the forcefield on the cells in the ship, he and the gems would’ve been taken back to Homeworld to be handed over to YD and dealt with as she saw fit. 

If it had been Rose standing on that beach instead of Steven, I have no doubt that Jasper would’ve abandoned her mission completely to finally have the face-off and the closure she’s probably been desperate for since she lost Pink Diamond. But let’s be real here - Rose had her shield, her bubble, her floating powers, and a bunch of other abilities that I haven’t mentioned or that we haven’t learned about yet, whereas Jasper has her helmet and her strength (and her destabilizer, I guess, although I doubt she’d use that on Rose and cut the fight short). As powerful and durable as she is, I don’t think even Jasper could win that fight. But I wonder if she even cared about the outcome - sure she wants to exact revenge for the betrayal and loss of her Diamond, but just being able to look Rose in the eye and tell her what she took from her would bring a sense of closure I think. And if she lost, well, she already failed her Diamond anyway. Now she can finally stop fighting. 

plot drop oo2.

the first thing that blaine thinks is, jeez, no one here asked to be your fucking replacements. and then he feels bad right away, because shit– these are omniscient people, what if they could hear him think? what if they haunt him in his sleep? fucking ghost ancestors. literally no one asked for this, and then they lump a bunch of teenagers with such a huge responsibility? assholes, the lot of them. 

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K. I clearly have an it damaging forcefield around me cuz my laptops wifi card has blown and msging and some windows arent opening on my hubbie’s ipad. And i wont be using my workphone for tumbling. Sigh. @garotteandgoodnight sorry to miss out rest of our conversation. @howler32557038 i was trying to msg to say am so thrilled you arent dead! Lol. But my computer is. K taking this as a sign to just enjoy a few days holiday now that the conference is done. Capetown is gorgeous and a nice change from the crazy hot eastern north american summer this year. Love you all and back online in a week

omfg, the games all fucked up bc it says that I snuck out when I can’t (I’m forced to kill him) and the blue forcefields to the elevator are still up ??? Wtf do I do I’m fucking stuck

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BB POWERS DAE: Super strength. He's not all muscly for nothing. RI: Fire, suits his impulsive nature. GD: Mind-reading? He seems all-knowing at times. BAE: Forcefields. Protective mother hen. TOP: Invisibility. All the pranks and sneaky pictures.

I also like to imagine Dae is scared of his own strength and clumsily breaks things. This is also why he doesn’t initiate skinship very often. T.O.P just sneaks up behind him to make him jump then immediately ducts so he doesn’t fly across the room.

Don’t forget RI accidently setting T.O.P’s favourite chair to ashes when he has a cold and sneezes. Bae then puts a forcefield round Ri at night so T.O.P can’t strangle him in his sleep.

Maybe GD has had a long day in winter at YG and wants nothing more to curl up and go to sleep but first drops off at RI’s to pick up his own personal heater.  Ok I’m sorry, I’m done now, I just had a brain fart/wave thing.

I love the thought that went into each one. You should seriously consider making this into a fic! I thought of drawing each of them with their power, but then I remembered that I can’t draw that well lmao.

Thanks for sharing!! I enjoyed reading it!

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Cassie/Jonas, no 30? A happy one would be great.

30. Under the Rain

Jonas says, “It’s going to rain now,” barely a minute before the clouds open up, and they have to run for cover, laughing as they duck under a store awning.

Cassie looks up at him with a grin on her face and water droplets clinging to the tip of her nose. “Somehow I feel like you should have something for situations like this. Like, a forcefield or something.”

“That’s not quite where my abilities lie.” He tilts his head thoughtfully. “You, on the other hand, could easily grow bigger and shelter my delicate electronics from the rain.”

“You say that, but you don’t know how much these jeans cost, Mom almost killed me when we got them and she would kill me if I got big and shredded them.”

“If she paid full price for them, they were sixty-nine dollars and ninety cents.”

“Oh my god don’t use your magic internet powers, you cheater.

“Well, I don’t have anything to protect you from the rain.” He swings her around like they’re dancing, and she laughs. “So I have to do something.

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If the kids were in a superhero/comicbook-esque universe, what powers would they have? Or if they didn't have powers what would they be?

1.) Thank you for the ask, this is really interesting! 

2.) Disregarding their weird/ghostly powers they have now, I’m thinking…

Ashanti: Weather Control (snow/rain) / Poison / Intangibility 

Otto: Self-Detonation / Regeneration 

Bellamy: Levitation / Self-Duplication 

Pierce: Synesthesia / Telepathy / Telekinesis

Gerardo: Forcefields / Pocket Space (that thing that allows you to pull impossibly heavy/big objects out of seemingly nowhere)

Yue-Yan: Time Travel / Death Prediction 

My beloved @kaltsektion and @whothefuckarethemanics tagged me to spell my username using song titles, so I’m finally sitting down to knock it down!! Wish me luck because I’m honestly going to need it :) 

@kaltsektion honey I’m sorry for taking so long!! ILY <3 

  • I- I Only Think Of You- The Horrors
  • O- O’Children- Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • F- Fade Together- Franz Ferdinand
  • T- To Here Knows When- My Bloody Valentine
  • E-  Evenflow- Pearl Jam
  • N- No Surface All Feeling- Manic Street Preachers
  • T- Tightrope- Suede
  • H- Hirnlego- Einstürzende Neubauten
  • I- I Love You…Nor Do I- Mick Harvey Ft. Nick Cave & Anita Lane
  • N- No Horse- The Dead Weather
  • K- Keen On Boys- The Radio Dept
  • O- Our Day Will Come- Amy Winehouse
  • F- Forcefield- Beck
  • T- The Complete Knock- Blood Orange
  • R- Ready To Start- Arcade Fire
  • A- A Black Man’s Breakfast- Foxy Shazam 
  • G- Giudecca- Ghost Culture
  • E- Echo Home- The Kills 
  • D- Diet Mountain Dew- Lana Del Rey 
  • I- In Dreams- Roy Orbison
  • E- Espectro Sol- Zoé
  • S- Subterranean World (How Long…)- Anita Lane & Blixa Bargeld

So, there it is!! I now tag @werkaetzchen @marfina @superfurryaminals @empresstomatoketchup @kingadora @salomemaloneys and everyone else who wants to do it! Of course, IF you want to do it, if you don’t, you know it’s cool by me. Thank you for reading, love you all!! <3 <3 

Unity of the Guardians ~ Chapter 2: Ember

A/N: See picture above for what Ember looks like and to see her superhero outfit.


Unity of the Guardians:

- Summary

- Chapter 1


First Name- Ember 

Middle Name- Reese 

Last Name- Donahue

(Ember Reese Donahue)

Nickname- Em

Eye color- brown
Hair color- dark brown
Hair length- long
Height- 5'7"

Superhero name- Phoenix (She is not possessed with The Phoenix Force. Phoenix is just the superhero name she uses. She’s good.)

1. Flying
2. Fire/Heat
3. Forcefield
4. Telekinesis

Occupation when she’s not Phoenix: Kindergarten Teacher

Fact: She has not met Clint, Natasha, Bruce, Tony, Thor, or Steve. So, yeah, she hasn’t met any of them.  

The public’s view of her powers: Obviously both of her sisters know and basically so does everyone else that knows her.

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Read chapter 3 here.

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Unless ur a yin yang monster and have multiple powers. Name a power I mite have it oh I never told you my name. My name is RiverFrost I belong to an AU called Magicworld my sans and papyrus can help bubble u with a forcefield.

OwO then protect me mr potato man