The kiss of the signs

- Sun, Venus. Also, if you would like, Moon and Mars - 

Aries: They have a light hand on your side, and their top lip above yours. Taking small breaths in between to take you all in, they make that single moment seem magical.

Taurus: Their lips are powerful and strong, and protective. Their is so much energy in their kiss that you are lost. It is long and you never want it to stop, it feels like they have a forcefield around you.

Gemini: They give short and playful kisses, pausing to smile at you every now and again. They sigh from happiness as they gaze at your lips, and it all starts again.

Cancer: The kiss that reminds you of home. It is soft, it is warm. They are the bottom lip, never letting you fall. Their kiss let’s you know you are safe. It is slow, with slight pressure.

Leo: They have mastered the art of showing their love with just one kiss. They come to you soft, and leave you like they just signed your lips. They pause, breathe out, and slowly sign you one more time.

Virgo: Their kiss conveys selfless and happiness. They lose breath from kissing you so much and gaze into your eyes afterwards. Their kiss is firm, reminding you of how much you are loved.

Libra: They play with your lips first, softly touching theirs against yours. They pause to look at you, and then give you a cheeky, quick kiss. When you don’t expect it, they slowly caress your cheek, and kiss you long and slow.

Scorpio: They leave a pressure on your lips for weeks. You will not forget it. In the moment, it is hard to focus, because the passion they press against your lips is so pure and so great. 

Sagittarius: It’s up beat and hard. Almost like they are teasing you, they kiss hard and fast. Eventually, it slows down, and their love shows through the firm pressure of their lips.

Capricorn: A humble kiss, very soft and proud of you. They show their love with the brush of their cracked lips, and the breath they take beforehand. It is like kissing artwork.

Aquarius: A triumphant kiss. Hard and with pressure, reminding you that - in that moment - you’re both top of the world. Perhaps biting your lip and giggling softly, they keep it fun.

Pisces: The cinematic kiss, they slow down and speed up. They want you to feel like a movie star. Their soft lips feel like the last piece of the puzzle against yours.

Imagine Loki asking to team up with the Avengers and Tony Stark slamming the door in his face. Reader is a college student but sort of hanging out at Stark Tower after saving Captain America’s life with a forcefield she produced, causing certain people to take an interest in her newly manifesting powers…

Reader has blue-tinted forcefields, can blast blue energy from her bare hands, and whatever other powers you’d like to add.

i’m so sick of avpd controlling literally everything i do. i don’t want to feel like an outsider everywhere i go, like everything i do is wrong and different. i’m constantly putting people in categories and then placing myself outside of those categories because i feel like i don’t belong in them. i just want to be able to talk to people and speak my mind but i feel like i’m trapped in a body that has a magnetic forcefield that pushes everyone away. i’ve been this way for literally my entire life and i don’t know how to stop. it’s unbearable


Forcefield stops her from preening my eyelashes!!
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Dont let gnome magic users play with gems!

So we are in an arena match, we are fighting against Goblin tinkerers.
Unknown to the rest of the party the 2 magic users had a plan.

Our Arcane trickster mage hands a brilliant cut diamond in front of 2 energy walls that have been cast. A 58 facet 50,000gp diamond.

Cue the Gnome magic user who casts disintergrate with dual beam feat on the diamond.

It scatters absolutly everywhere.
Three of the 58 beams hit the reflecting forcefield of the arena causing a temporal feedback to vaporise the gnome.

Now his other beams are rolled for.

Needless to say of the 13 enemies we were fighting 11 are gone, just gone. 1889 HP of damage is caused over all and even better, none hit our team.

That is how you really mess with a DM and cause absolute carnage as a knee high madman that really wants to win more gems he has bet!!!

My favorite scene in Halo 5 (despite the Sanghelios arc and everything Fireteam Osiris) is the introduction scene for Blue Team, where the Sangheili tells another Sangheili to chuck the Unggoy into space for rebelling - something they probably did all the time - when Blue Team suddenly shoots open the landing bay’s forcefield and chucks them into space instead. 

Karma exists in the Halo universe and it’s out to get people who mistreat Unggoy.


“So, let me get this straight,” Frank, your father, said, gesturing between you and your girlfriend. He pointed at Wanda. “You’re a Avenger… that can move things with your mind?”

Wanda nodded in response. “I can also create forcefields and shoot some kind of… magic, if you will, from my hands.”

You were expecting your father to be mad, but instead, he just smiled. “That’s awesome.”

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i don’t like who i became. i just need to say that. i know i will change (because that’s what we do) but i’ve been looking through my journals over the past few years and everything that has been done to my heart and my self has transformed me. it hurts to watch the transformation like that. so slowly and real. i am cold. and i am not forgiving. and i am too cautious. and i think it has made me ultimately unkind. i feel like a shell trying so hard not to be a shell. and the shell is so thick. and the shell has a forcefield. and nobody even tries to go through it because i think they think the forcefield is comfort in solitude, which i understand because i make it seem that way. i remember the moments i stopped believing in everything so much. i remember the moments i believed again, only to be shown that i shouldn’t. and i remember trying to believe, but not genuinely feeling it. there is a small hope in me somewhere but i don’t know where and i don’t know how to make it grow. it has been years of this. a very slow loss of self. and i just want to admit that the person i loved is gone. she is. i want to find her. and i wish all of the people i’m friends with now could have known her because she was interesting and thoughtful and kind and loving. they just know this one and i feel almost ashamed of that.


Hey Tay,
It’s me. It’s been a rough year but you’ve constantly been on my side, cheering me on. I don’t know if you’ll ever understand the level of appreciation I feel towards you, but I just want you to know you are the reason I’m always smiling and being optimistic. Thank you for being there. I miss you more than you know. And i love you more than ever. Always, Stormie. (Aka your ForceField:)) @taylorswift

If I had to think of the superhero most likely to totally transform the entire world, it’d be the Golden Age Starman. He invented a cosmic control rod that allows for antigravity, forcefields, and moving objects at a distance, all of which are powered by an endless, totally renewable power source (starlight). Basically, he invented the Mass Effect in 1942, combined with free energy! Ted Knight made a discovery that could change the world in a way that would make the Industrial Revolution look quaint.

“But superheroes often have advanced technology, and they don’t change the world!” Actually, there are usually lots of good reasons for why superhero tech doesn’t change the world…none of which apply to Starman. Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits are hundreds of millions of dollars each and with their price tag, they couldn’t be mass produced even if Tony Stark didn’t guard the technology so jealously. Starman was wealthy enough to dedicate himself to science, but there is no talk of the Control Rod having a high per-unit cost.

And while Superman has access to Kryptonian superscience a thousand years or more ahead of earth, he’s an alien and he has vowed not to interfere with human development. Starman, by contrast, is as earthly and human as they come, and he has no access to advanced technology. He didn’t find the Rod in a crashed UFO next to a dead alien, it isn’t a one-of-a-kind….he made it himself and can make many more.

And what’s more, the cosmic control rod has almost entirely peaceful applications: in the form it currently exists, its heat beams are far more effective than handguns or even artillery, but it can’t kill millions like an atomic bomb.

The best explanation I can possibly think of for why Starman’s rod doesn’t change the world is that Ted Knight’s invention is so incredibly ahead of its time that people don’t even understand what he did, even if it was explained to them. There’s some support for this idea; when Ted Knight was transported to the 30th Century, Star Boy tells Starman that though he was not understood in his own time, by the 30th Century, he’s considered on a par with Newton and Einstein.

There is, however, a chilling possibility. If Ted Knight could discover the principles of the Control Rod…someone else could, too.