forced to work with muggles

10 Facts To Hepburn's Beatles Hogwarts

1. John & Paul are animagi. John transforms into a lion while Paul transforms into a stag. John was the one that taught Paul how to transform into an animal after learning it from his mother, Julia.

2. George is a muggleborn. His entire family are muggles with the exception of him being a wizard. When his Hogwarts letter had arrived on his 11th birthday, his mother had thought that it was some kind of silly joke and had thrown the letter away. It had taken a visit from the Headmaster to explain the situation to both George and his family after a storm of letters and owls had taken up the whole of their house.

3. Richard is poor. His mother is a squib, and thus has to find an occupation among the muggle work force to help her pay her bills and to care for her son. It was noted by John during their first year that he saw a kid with a large nose be the only one not to have an owl or a cat. An owl was donated to him by the Headmaster after learning about his mother’s financial difficulties.

4. George is the Seeker for Gryffindor. It was noted that George was not only an incredibly fast runner by one of the other players of the Gryffindor team, but was also very good on a broomstick. He was requested to be the Seeker in his second year after the previous Seeker had graduated from Hogwarts. The Headmistress had to witness George on a broom with an actual snitch to see if he was capable of playing for Gryffindor. He was announced as the new Seeker the week after.

5. Richard gets the name Ringo after an incident in one of the Defence Against the Dark Arts classes. Known for being considerably bad at school and charms, when an onset of boggarts were released inside the classroom Ringo tried to cast the riddikulus spell on the boggarts, he instead created a load of rings with his wand that had managed to trap the boggarts rather than tame them. He later began wearing rings on his fingers by his third year. Later, Ringo’s spell, Vidakulis, was legalized as a valid entrapment charm by the Ministry of Magic.

6. Paul is one of the Chasers for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. He was stated as the most popular Chaser because of his good looks as well as his charming personality. Paul was also immortalized in the trophy case for the Hogwarts Quidditch teams as being one of the most agile Chasers of the decade. During one year, he was forced out of one of his classes to prevent a class of first year students from causing trouble during a flying lesson.

7. John had nearly drowned in the Black Lake after goofing around with his mates doing dares. George had been walking by and noticed the ripples in the water, quickly diving in and pulling him out of the water. That was the first time George and John had officially made contact before Paul had introduced the two of them after falling a grade behind.

8. John’s father, Alf, and uncle George were both muggles. After John had been born, with the presence and support of Mimi, the Stanley sisters feared that John would be a muggle due to the repeated history of most males in the family being muggles. Mimi was relieved when, at the age of 5, John was expelled from his first school for managing to make a boy that had been teasing him float upside down in the air. She was ecstatic when he had received his letter from Hogwarts when he had turned 11 in 1951. He attended his first year at Hogwarts in 1952.

9. Paul is a pureblood wizard as well as his brother. As a child, he was forced to suppress his magical urges as they had lived on a muggle street at the time. Sometimes he’d make the piano play by itself, the lamps flicker on and off, and the doors in the house (as well as the front doors of the houses in the street) swing back and forth. Since Paul’s abilities were so powerful, his brother Michael’s had gone unnoticed because they were more subtle.

10. George’s best subject in school in Herbology, as well as John’s being Transfiguration, Paul’s being Charms, and Ringo’s being Defence Against the Dark Arts. John was able to transfigure a lamp into a flamingo during his first year at Hogwarts.