forced gender roles

Female childhood experiences:

  • getting pushed around, shoved, bullied, hair pulled and things stolen by boys and being told to not react because “boys will be boys” and “that only means they like you” or “you’re only encouraging them to do more if you respond” and “they’re only trying to get a reaction”
  • being repeatedly scolded, called out, and punished for not acting enough lady-like, for getting dirty in the mud or getting your knee bloodied, boys of course don’t get punished for this because “it’s only expected of them”
  • being fitted into uncomfortable, limiting clothes that makes it hard to play
  • having boys lift up your skirt and laugh at you to embarrass you
  • not realizing what is so embarrassing about it but feeling ashamed
  • having to wait to go outside to play because first your hair has to be braided/styled and you have to look respectable at all times
  • gangs of boys laughing at you for being a girl and thus somehow beneath them
  • getting shoved out of “boy’s clubs” and chased out for being a girl
  • having “you’re a girl!” shouted at you as if it was an insult
  • demanding same respect and freedom boys have and getting told that you are somehow different and pushing you to focus on clothes and makeup instead
  • getting your ideas, suggestions and voice yelled over by loud boys 
  • not getting a say in anything
  • feeling self conscious about your body and very early trying to locate where you are on the spectrum of “sexy” to determine your social value
  • figuring you were really low on the spectrum and either giving up on it or panicking and trying to increase your value somehow
  • figuring boys will hate you unless you can get their attention with your looks but even if they like you for a bit, as soon as they get what they wanted from you they will turn against you and join other boys in humiliating you again
  • hating boys
  • feeling like you don’t have a voice and you don’t matter
  • feeling like your interests don’t matter and being actively discouraged to developing any except for stereotypical feminine ones
  • seeing only celebrated adult women are those which are high on the “sexy” spectrum and thrive on getting men’s attention but you don’t really want to do that and you feel like you have nothing to strive for
  • realizing older men are staring at you in a weird way and not understanding why
  • feeling like your parents are ashamed of you and not understanding why
  • having thousand chores that are undervalued and not appreciated when you do them, it’s considered the least you can do as you’re a girl and need to apparently work to make up for it
  • feeling that you’ll end up having to get married and helpless with the issue
  • being told that you’ll “never get a husband” with your kind of behaviour whenever you act like yourself
  • being repeatedly taught that being unwanted is the worst thing you can possibly be
If boys want...

* to wear makeup
* wear dresses and skirts
* wear pink/ have pink anything
* play with dolls
* wear flower crowns
* hang out with just girls


About the hate towards fem!Watsons

I wish people would stop making us who don’t want another female Watson & male Sherlock seem sexist. We are not complaining because we don’t want more female characters, hell, most of us are females.

We are complaining, because by making Watson a woman, they’re taking out the lgbt aspect of the story (because even when it’s strictly subtext there’s always the element of it with two men living together) and because WHY IS IT ALWAYS WATSON, THE SIDEKICK WHO GETS TO BE FEMALE?

I’d be ecstatic if a version where BOTH of them were female came out because there are way too few fictional female geniuses. And way too few lesbian ships. At least they could make Sherlock the female one, but no, it always needs to be watson - and it’s not even the hot blooded yet clever army doctor we know from the books, no, the female Watson is always kind of a mother figure. She takes care of Sherlock, she helps him to calm down when needed. Her military background is left out, like in elementray.

Also, the Sherlocks with female Watsons seem to be more masculine than the ones with male Watsons. In the acd canon sherlock is a very bubbly & feminine character, and for example Brett’s & Cumberbatch’s Sherlock are like this. I’ve only seen one episode of elementary, but apparently he’s a womanazer when the original Sherlock is not at all intereste in women.

So to conclude, we don’t hate the idea of female Watson - if we also got female Sherlock we’d be joyous. But the way Elementary & sherlock north are doing it is just forcing gender roles and ignoring lgbt rep. Thank you.

note: i didn’t mean to to badmouth elementary I’m sure it’s a good show and all, i was just using it as an example for my points of this phenomenon in general. I don’t hate elementary. I might even watch it one day. I made this post because there are already TWO popular versions with female Watson and none with both of them as females (and please dont link your indie fem sherlock versions to me as proof im sure they’re great but they aren’t POPULAR). Also i never said bbc Sherlock is good with representation?? I was just as furious as the next person when it turned out that it was queerbating but that doesn’t erase the fact that their characters are very well adapted from the acd canon. And when i talked about subtext as lgbt representation I meant the versions from the time when having lgbt characters was actually illegal, obvoiusly nowdays it isn’t good enough. And please notice how I said that i want lesbian johnlock before calling me sexist. Also “fuck you” isn’t a very convincing argument. Thank you.
Headcanon prompt: Sam and Amir get their first child, how does the group react?

(I don’t know a lot about Muslim traditions, so I’m not going to cover that, I’m sorry)

- Babies can communicate in sign language before they can speak, and Hearth gives lessons

- Floor Nineteen babysat one time, but after a very close incident with an axe and the Breakfast Buffet to the Death, the child is kept out of Valhalla

- Blitzstone gifts a chain-mail onesie

- Magnus is the godfather

- Alex attempts to give the child a miniature clay-cutter (it’s confiscated)

- Sam becoming 10X as scary because of her child

- Amir is a cool dad who has no idea how to parent

- “Amir no you can’t feed our child felafel they can’t digest food yet”

- Samir not forcing gender roles on their child (Alex-approved! 👍 )

- Hearth teaching the child curse words

- Blitz makes a duck mobile

If girls want …

*  to wear boxers

*to play with soldiers/video games

* dress masculine

* to not wear makeup

* to curse

* to read comic books

* to play sports

* to wear just pants and shorts

* to buy cloth from the “men's” section


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Do you think you have some sort of internalized transphobia? Bc you're always talking about how great masculinity is and how masculine privilege doesn't exist (explain cis men? explain butch misogyny against femmes?) and implying women who are feminine are high maintenance or stupidly following the patriarchy. But feminism is about women being anything they want to be, and femininity is oppressed, so this sounds weird and wrong coming from someone as smart as you. I don't understand.

you know, i wondered whether someone would respond to that post by telling me that i probably really am a man, but i definitely didn’t think it would take less than fifteen minutes

i am a woman, not a man, nor do i want to be a man, and i’m really struggling to express how inappropriate it is that i should have to restate that immediately after a post in which i clearly state it like a dozen times. when did implying that you know someone’s gender better than they do become progressive?

the idea that the privilege of cis men is somehow unexplainable without the concept of a “masculine privilege” that benefits gender non-conforming women is ridiculous. MEN are privileged. women are oppressed. women are forced into restrictive gender roles, which hurts both women who conform relatively well to them and women who don’t, in different ways.

(explain feminine women’s misogyny against butches? i can explain both: all women internalize negative, misogynistic messages about women, and are especially apt to express that misogyny at the expense of women who are different from themselves. and yet we are still all women and all hurt by misogyny!)

“you’re always talking about how great masculinity is“ hmm… nah? i’m not even trying to be masculine and i certainly have no special affection for ~masculinity as a concept. i’m just defending women’s right to be who we are, regardless of gender roles, without mundane traits like our appearance or our interests being treated as a referendum on our politics or a sign that we’re not really women.

“and implying women who are feminine are high maintenance or stupidly following the patriarchy“ yeah i’m gonna need a citation on this one because i’m pretty sure i’ve never said any such thing! i certainly don’t believe it. especially since i was pretty feminine just a couple years ago, and i have a big ass storage bag full of skirts in my closet to prove it. slightly younger me wasn’t high-maintenance or stupid — just different.

finally, if “feminism is about women being anything they want to be,” then how come when a woman wants to be herself complete with some traits that under patriarchy are arbitrarily associated with men, she must really be a man, or at least an oppressor? that’s not feminism, that’s just agreeing with patriarchy that its misogynist gender roles were right all along, and that’s not good for any women.

p.s. anyone i see using either this or the other post for some shitty transphobic purposes will be blocked with extreme prejudice

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do u have any headcanons abt Percy and Annabeth as parents?

oh boy do I

  • listen they are amazing parents, like model parents.
  • Percy really likes kids in canon, and Annabeth is just… a really good leader and I don’t see how she wouldn’t be an amazing mum.
  • Percy probably lets the kids get away with murder by just pretending he didn’t see it because they’re cute and he hates telling them off (shh i do this with my cat).
  • Annabeth pretends to be exasperated by it, but honestly, she turns a blind eye too.
  • Percy cooks all the food and Annabeth sorts out all the fights.
  • They both love playing with the kids; like Annabeth loves lego and Percy adores all the cuddly toys.
  • They wouldn’t force gender roles on their kids and would encourage them to do whatever they enjoy, even if it’s not the ‘norm’.
  • it’s just a really happy house
  • like they probably argue, but it’s just over silly domestic things like who needs to wash the dishes.
  • Annabeth always wins.
  • They love their kids a lot, but I bet they need a break sometimes, and Sally and Paul are always there to lend a hand if they need a weekend away.
  • Frederick probably isn’t as prominent in their lives, but I think they go to visit him still, but they live far away so it’s harder.
  • They probably have the best bedtime stories to tell, like come on.

One major misconception libfems and trans activists hold about radical feminism and gender criticism is they believe our opposition to their ideology stems from our inability to accept trans identities, nonbinary identities, any gender identity that isn’t “cis”.

In their view, we are the cis-privileged cissexist overlords who want to exterminate trans people and/or forcibly convert everyone into being “cis”, like we are, because we can’t tolerate difference and diversity. They think we only care about our “cisters” and want to force everyone into traditional gender roles. They think we believe what we believe and say what we say because we’re close-minded bigots who mindlessly hate people of other gender identities, just like racists mindlessly hate people of other races. They think blind hatred is the reason why we aren’t “inclusive” like good feminists should be.

From where they’re standing, this is a perfectly reasonable conclusion. Look at those terfs all standing over there being comfortable with their assigned gender! Look at those terfs using female pronouns and never getting misgendered and having womanhood handed to them without having to work for it! Look at those terfs posting vulva art and fetishizing vaginas, look at them loving their bodies and not feeling deep hatred toward their secondary sex characteristics! Look at those terfs with their cis privilege having no idea what it’s like to feel like you don’t belong in your body, or to feel deep inside like you’re just NOT the gender everyone says you are! Look at those terfs being evil gatekeepers and enforcing the idea that penis=man and vagina=woman because they think everyone should be cis like them!

In trans activist world, using trans activist logic, this conception of radfems is valid and internally consistent.

The problem is the basis of trans activist logic is fucked up and wrong.

You know those elementary logic puzzles that go “If some smeerps are blorgnorts and all blorgnorts are priptaps, all smeerps are priptaps. True or false?” - just because something is internally consistent within its own rules doesn’t mean it has any value or any connection to reality at all.

The reality is not that we’re all happy “cis” women enjoying our “cis” privilege and hating trans people just because they’re not like us. The reality is we REJECT the entire artificial narrative that leads to classifications like “cis” and “trans” in the first place. We call ourselves “she” not because we feel like women deep inside our souls, but because of the biological FACT of our bodies. Some of us suffer from severe dysphoria, some of us identified as trans and thought we were men for years, and NONE of us are comfortable being forced into the female gender. But we understand that how we feel about “she” doesn’t change the fact that that’s what we are. None of us chose our pronouns. Our pronouns just…are.

And when we tell them we don’t hate trans people, we hate gender, they take it as an attack on their personal identities and their very sense of self. When we tell them sex and gender are different things, they say biological sex doesn’t exist. When we ask them not to call us “cis”, they’re baffled because in their minds there’s cis, there’s trans, and there are the various flavors of nonbinary, and that encompasses the totality of the spectrum of gender identity, and everyone HAS to have a gender identity because it’s Just! So! Important!! in their world. How could anyone not define and treasure their individual gender identity? It’s what makes you who you are! And they just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that we reject gender altogether. A genderist’s thought process goes: those AFAB terfs say they’re women, they aren’t trans because they don’t use “he/him” and they’re not nonbinary because they don’t use “they/them/ze/hir”, so what could they POSSIBLY be besides cis? Why are they asking me not to call them what they are? Oh, I get it, it must be a trick to deny their cis privilege so they can keep enforcing cis supremacy and oppressing trans people!

It’s a very simplistic and primitive worldview. You won’t follow the rules and respect the demarcations of my inclusive and diverse gender spectrum? It must be because you’re cissexist and bigoted and hate trans people. There can’t be any other reason. You’re just jealous because transwomen are prettier than you!

The trans cult is SO invested in the gender story and the immense importance of gender and identity politics that to them it’s just not possible for anyone to think any differently. The very premise of their ideology is false, but that’s the framework from which they interpret everything, including the beliefs and motivations of the evil gatekeeper terfs. They box themselves in with their beautiful unique identities and they literally CANNOT conceive of anything outside their own false axioms. Because to them, gender is a universal truth. The idea of not believing in gender isn’t heresy or blasphemy, it just…doesn’t…make…sense. Might as well not believe in bananas or bears or gravity.

It’s like religious people who insist atheists and agnostics (or even people from other religions) must hate god because they’ve been corrupted by the devil, and the only reason someone wouldn’t follow YOUR dogma and worship YOUR god…is because they’re under the influence of YOUR devil, YOUR dogma’s particular conception of evil.

Their little brains can’t handle the idea that god isn’t real and neither is the devil. And neither, for that matter, is gender.

There are more than two genders!

I keep hearing about this so I decided to make a post myself.

The difference between sex and gender is that sex is a biological state while gender is a social construction. 

Gender basically describes the way you express yourself. Example, for the male gender the characteristics such as clothing, the one someone walks or talks etc. are usually masculine and for the female gender the characteristics are mostly feminine. But of course gender is not something static; It changes depending on the time and even area you are in.

But there are people who might be both masculine and feminine, the people who are neither and they are neutral or the people who change from masculine to feminine; For those people, it’s impossible to be settled in those two genders because it doesn’t define them, thus new genders = words to describe themselves are created.

Gender is defined by one’s mentality and not by their biological state and when you deny their identities and force upon them the gender roles they were assigned with from birth, you deny to acknowledge who they are.

Please don’t be “that” person.

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Random Headcanon

Luke Skywalker knows how to knit. Aunt Beru taught him how when he was about thirteen. He knits when he’s stressed. One time he was so stressed he ended up making half the base earmuffs. Han smuggles in yarn for him occasionally.

Fandom racism and hypocrisy are really the same everywhere… like, they pretend to not like a character of colour because his personnality/origin story/storyline are boring, but then they go around and give their asshole white fave all of the characteristics of the aforementioned character of colour… like, what is the truth ?

In the Teen Wolf fandom people go on and on about how boring and uninteresting Scott (a brown latino) is, but in the vast majority of TW fics they give Stiles (your basic white asshole) Scott’s personality and journey. Suddenly Stiles becomes kind, generous, sweet, he’s the Real True Alpha, the glue that sticks the pack together - even though in canon these are Scott’s characteristics. And suddenly when these traits apply to Stiles it isn’t boring at all anymore. You wouldn’t believe the amount of Alpha!Stiles and “pack mom” Stiles (also kudos for forcing heteronormative gender roles on Stiles for the sake of your white ship) fanfics that exist out there.

And now it’s the same thing in the TFA fandom. Racists keep saying that Finn is boring, bland, uninteresting, meanwhile Kylo is tortured!! complex!! dark and gritty!! (even though Finn’s backstory is way darker and more tortured than Kylo’s) And now Kylo stans are starting to take Finn’s characteristics, backstory and journey away from him to give them to Kylo. “What if Kylo were taken from Han and Leia as a baby and raised as a stormtrooper ! And when years later he finds his parents he comes back to the light ! Because even though he was raised in a terrible environment he didn’t become a monster ! Can you imagine that ??”

………..Yes my dude, i can, there’s already a character like this and his name is Finn, but you hate him because you find him “boring”. Suddenly everything that makes Finn “boring” becomes interesting when it’s applied to a white man. Hmmmmm, what’s it called again ? oh yeah, RACISM.
Lesbian and Bisexual Women and Trans and Intersex People Are Left Behind
Every year on International Women’s Day we are reminded that we still live in a world where most women are left behind. This is especially true for lesbi...

Every year on International Women’s Day​ we are reminded that we still live in a world where most women are left behind.

This is especially true for lesbian and bisexual+ women as well as trans and intersex people (LBTI people) who face multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination daily.

Patriarchy, misogyny, homophobia [Ed note: and Biphobia and Bisexual Erasure … note that even here in this better than average piece we were just erased!], and transphobia are all intricately linked, oppressing and marginalizing LBTI people, resulting in exclusion and violence in the domestic and public sphere.

Immense social pressure to conform to gender roles forces many into hiding and silence, invisibilizing their experiences of subjugation and discrimination. 

I just love thinking about the supportive environment Nursey grew up in. Like his moms never forced gender roles on him or anything. One Halloween Nursey wanted to go as a princess and his mom sewed him a costume. And if other parents said shit his moms went in on them and told Nursey over and over that there was nothing wrong with liking the things he liked. 

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Can I get some cute Sam and Amir headcanons?

heck yes you can

  • Sam is just a little bit taller than Amir, maybe an inch
  • it drives him crazy, and he’s always trying to see if he can jump higher, or grab the thing from the top shelf first
  • I imagine that he goes so far as to put on a pair of her heels, only to nurse enormous blisters for the next few days
  • he buys Sam a new headscarf every year, with different patterns
  • Sam cannot cook
  • she could not cook to save her life
  • she once set a cup o’ noodles on fire in the microwave
  • Sam has taken Amir on a little two-engine plane, basically the a whole new world scene from Aladdin
  • their wedding was catered by Fadlan’s Felafel, of course
  • Sam bobs her hair, and Amir pretty much faints
  • their kid is adorable
  • Sam and Amir don’t force gender roles
  • Sam is the ultimate soccer mom
"You WILL be a girl for one day"

This is what my Dad said to me when I asked if I could wear a suit/tux to my one and only prom.
He booked me to have my nails done (they are bloody uncomfortable and real inconvenient?) and got me a dress.
When I tried all of my prom stuff on yesterday, he said; “when you tried it on did you realise that you’re a girl called Amber, not a girl called Nick or some shit.”
And a voice in my head is telling me not to say anything and that I should be greatful. I know I haven’t come out to them yet, but each time I tried to, I remember Dad telling me that I WILL be a girl. That may not seem like much to some, but it knocked my confidence on coming out a lot.
Tomorrow should be a fun last day with the whole squad before Chloe goes off to college (Us other three are staying on at Sixth Form..) but instead, I’ll spend the evening uncomfortable and trying to handle dysphoria.
So this one goes out to all the Transboys being forced into dresses for Prom, because I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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Hi, I was scrolling through you're blog and saw a lot about Killing Stalking (or whatever it is), I have no idea what it is. Can you explain it to me please? You don't have to if you don't want to, I'm just curious.

Okay! Killing Stalking is a manhwa written by a woman named Koogi.

The plot is as follows: Yoonbum, a gay man, is infatuated with Sangwoo. He breaks into Sangwoo’s house one day to find that Sangwoo is a murderer. Sangwoo locks him in his basement and proceeds to abuse him. There’s also a cop who’s trying to bust Sangwoo so keep that in mind because he is the sole good character, even if he’s written fairly blandly.

Okay there are some Big Problems™ with a lot of it:
Ableism: Koogi herself used Yoonbum’s BPD as a gimmick to set him apart from others. She did no research and used it as a token to represent only his unhealthy behaviors.
Homophobia: Holy shit. Alright we have the media itself, which is based around fetishizing MLM. We have the fact that it’s a gay man being abused, which is, well… We have Sangwoo mocking Yoonbum for his self-harm scars, asking if he self-harmed because he was gay. We have Sangwoo murdering a bi man for, presumably, hitting on him. We have the time Yoonbum was forced to crossdress, which was both transphobic and an attempt to prove gender roles.
Abuse Apologism: The story itself sexualizes abuse a lot. The “sex scenes” are all written to be hot and not, well, terrifying and upsetting, as they should be. And feeding into that “this is hot” rhetoric is abuse apologism. In addition, a lot of Koogi’s official art is blatantly sexualized abuse. And to continue on, Koogi likes to romanticize Sangwoo a lot, at least appearance wise.

The fandom? Not better. Am I saying everyone is irredeemable trash for reading KS? Not really. But, in my experience, it’s bad orchard instead of a bad apple? Absolutely. Let’s break some of this stuff down:

Ableism: Supporting Koogi’s godawful portrayal of BPD is a big issue, but another one (which I’ve found happens in most fandoms, to my great chagrin) is that some fans like to dismiss Sangwoo’s actions as being based on mental illness, which is demonizing it. Yikes.

Homophobia/Transphobia: Fetishization of MLM is rampant in that community, but that’s not all. The fandom is very big on the “seme/uke” trope, which is a homophobic trope designed to force MLM into heteronormative gender roles. The fandom also pushes the “internalized homophobia” rhetoric onto Sangwoo, and though that is a thing, it’s only an attempt to justify shipping the two leads (which I’ll get into later), and there’s a good post going around which explains that the “violent homophobe is actually gay” trope is only to try to absolve people from blame. Just like Koogi drew crossdressing in all its transphobic glory, the fandom has pounced on that idea like a pack of wolves, even spreading the idea around.

 Abuse Apologism: Sangbum (Sangwoo/Yoonbum). It’s… common among the fandom, and based on the same abuse apologism Koogi has. This goes hand in hand with fetishization and homophobia, but it is it’s own issue because these fans are not only finding gratification in the abuse of a gay man (which is homophobia), they’re supporting a ship between an abuser and his victim, which is terribly nasty. 

Fetishization: I know I mentioned this above but I’d like to expand a bit because this is a huge issue. The fandom fetishizes MLM (especially Asian MLM), abuse, and even mental illness, though I’ve only seen that on one occasion. What do I mean? Oh, you know, using the same language to describe MLM as homophobes do (calling it sin or implying it’s dirty or wrong), treating MLM relationships as a means of sexual gratification, thus turning them into a tool for the use of that person, acting like the abuse is hot or sexy, claiming they’d want to be abused by Sangwoo or overlooking his obviously iredeemable behavior because “he’s hot” or “he’s daddy af.”

I didn’t mean for this to get so long, but uh… I’ve got a lot of problems with KS, and this doesn’t even truly encompass all of them (I’ve touched on Asian fetishization in the fandom, but there’s also misogyny). It’s not a good media, it doesn’t have a good author, and the fandom is unspeakably bad (well, to avoid “generalization”, most of the fandom is a horror to behold). 

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Sorry if this is a super weird question but how do you feel about straight women being gnc? Like having short hair, wearing suits, etc. Is it appropriative of lesbian culture?

Well, I find it strange that not conforming to gender would be seen as only accessible to lesbians. I also don’t particularly like the idea that GNC=butch, and I think the two are often conflated.

My personal opinion is that every woman has the right to dress comfortably and to be happy in her own body. The problem isn’t necessarily straight women wearing certain clothes, it’s the behavior that goes along with it. Here are some things to avoid:
1. Joking about how you “look like a lesbian”.
2. Being offended when people mistake you for a lesbian.
3. Continually reassuring people that you are not a lesbian.
4. Referring to clothes as “boyfriend” clothes. Unless they belong to your boyfriend they are your clothes.
5. Making out with women who are under the impression you are a lesbian for fun or for a male partner.

(All of those are things I have seen, I’m not trying to project into you.)

As long as dressing a certain way doesn’t lead you to drag down lesbians for your own comfort, then live and let live. No woman should be forced to conform to gender roles or gendered ideas about what she should look like.

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in au w alive kushina and minato how do they get along w sasuke and sakura? esp since they both clearly need more gay guidance / role models

this ask has been sitting in my askbox for 5 days and im finally getting to it here we Go. btw these hcs r assuming minatos a trans lesbian considering th gay part u mentioned

sasuke: ok sasuke i have a hard time with bc i cant imagine an au with sasukes life going so wrong and still bonding w naruto the same way w minato and kushina alive so this is vague fun thoughts that i cant make into a consistent au

  • kushina would love sasuke when hes a baby bc hes the type to like bring a housewarming gift when he visits and bows when he talks to her. mikoto rly drilled that in him. the older he gets the less he fucking cares tho
  • and as he gets older he gets Intense and causes a lot of grief for naruto so kushina fuckin Hates him bc thats her Baby
  • minato’s a lot more gentle and understanding w sasuke. shes the type to just kinda sit quietly w sasuke and drink tea and ask if he wants to help her w her plants. she helped raise kakashi she can handle sasuke’s angst
  • i feel like fugaku wuda been particularly forceful abt gender roles and heteronormativity so naruto’s parents bein gay is So Good. they dont talk to him much abt it bc hes not gr8 w talkin but… i think it helps him a lot
  • even tho kushinas rough w sasuke at one point she pulls him aside and tells him hes still always welcome in her home if he ever needs anything and he gets rly gross and sniffly bc hes tryin not 2 cry


  • god they LOVE SAKURA!!! when naruto thinks hes got a crush on her kushina is so disgustingly supportive shes like GO GET HER!!! she thinks sakura is just Darling
  • obv that doesnt work out but best friendship is just as well. when sakura has stupid fights w her parents she comes ovr a lot. she has a key to their house
  • kushina is the first person sakura comes out to bc these gay women play a big role in her realizing and she’s so so scared and kushina holds her while she cries abt it and tells her itll all b alright. she’s sure sakuras parents will b ok w it but shes like if they arent ur always welcome here also u dont have to tell them if u dont want to
  • minato ofc also lovs sakura and one time sakuras helpin her cook and she says “youre so much like kushina when she was your age” and sakuras so fucking hyped

theres my hc post hope u enjoy

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"Gender indoctrination" You realize that most children are cisgender? It's very likely that your daughter is going to end up cis. It's psychologically damaging to raise her as something she's probably not going to be. Also, children don't start forming their gender identity until they're 5, so you're hindering her development. And I hate anti-vaxxers too, I'm saying that you guys sound exactly like them sometimes.

so this person thinks it’s abusive for me to not be constantly saying to my toddler “you’re a girl,” and for me to dress her in sparkly cute clothing that doesn’t literally have the word “girl” on it, and for me to let her play with whatever toys she wants without reference to gender, and for me to tell her she can be whatever she wants.

what a terrible tragedy that if my child turns out cis, she was not forced to adhere to gender roles, and this will be ~so damaging~ to her development

what a terrible tragedy it is that my child will grow up feeling like gender roles were not forced on her by her parents, it’s just like dying of a preventable disease