forced displacement

Last year 92,596 people were forced to flee their homes in Colombia’s Pacific coastal region – 36 percent of the 2012 victims of forced displacement nationwide.

Afro-Colombian and indigenous people, who live mainly in the western Pacific coastal departments (provinces) of Nariño, Cauca, Valle del Cauca and Chocó, are the most affected. In 2012, an estimated total of 51,938 blacks and 18,154 native people in this region were victims of forced displacement.


Humanitarian efforts failing the hundreds of thousands forced to flee ethnic cleansing in northern Iraq

The international community must urgently mount a concerted humanitarian response to assist hundreds of thousands of people across northern Iraq fleeing ethnic cleansing by the forces of the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS or IS), Amnesty International said today.

“Those trapped on Sinjar Mountain make up a tiny percentage of the hundreds of thousands from minority communities displaced by the conflict, now stranded in dire conditions,” said Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International’s Senior Crisis Response Adviser, speaking from northern Iraq.

“These people cannot go home as long as ISIS controls their towns and villages. They need help now.”

The international response to large scale displacement of civilians from areas seized by ISIS has been woefully inadequate to date. Even much publicized emergency air-drops to members of the Yezidi community stranded in villages on the Sinjar Mountain surrounded by ISIS militants have proved largely ineffective.

“We have nothing, nothing has come to us,” a man trapped in Kocho, a village on the south side of the Sinjar Mountain, told Amnesty International.

“We hear the planes in the distance but nobody has come to us or sent us anything. We can’t leave. ISIS will catch us and kill us if we do. For god’s sake, please help us”.

Hundreds of survivors from the mountain and many still stuck there told Amnesty International said that no aid had reached them and many said water bottles air-dropped in recent days often broke on impact.

The aid effort also came late - after many had already managed to escape with the help of Syrian Kurdish fighters who opened a safe passage on the north-western side of the mountain, close to the Syrian border.

“The Iraqi central government, the Kurdish Regional Government, donor countries and international agencies must take concerted action to provide safe shelter and humanitarian assistance to men, women and children of all backgrounds forced to flee in the face of such ferocious brutality,” said Donatella Rovera.

ISIS has mounted systematic attacks on minority communities in northern Iraq, including Turkemen and Shabak Shi’a communities as well as Christians and Yezidis, aiming to drive non-Sunni populations from the areas under their control.

“ISIS has given minority communities an unambiguous message – convert, leave or die. This is ethnic cleansing,” Donatella Rovera said.

“Survivors have told me how their male relatives were rounded up and executed and the women and children in their families abducted. A number of families from one of Iraq’s minorities, still living under ISIS rule, have told me they were recently forced to convert to Islam and are not able to leave the area.”

Meanwhile, with US air strikes now hitting ISIS positions and a likely further escalation of air attacks on ISIS targets by US and Iraqi forces, Muslim Sunni civilians living in ISIS controlled areas fear for their safety.

“Millions of Sunni Muslims are still living in ISIS-controlled areas – and not necessarily by choice,” said Donatella Rovera.

“Several have already been killed in Iraqi air force strikes on these areas.  Just last week a lecturer from Mosul University, his wife and their four young children were all killed in one such attack. Similar incidents have been repeated across of the country.

“All forces operating in the area must at all times distinguish between military objectives and civilians; attacks can only be directed at military targets. Indiscriminate attacks are prohibited under international law.” 

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Photo: Displaced Iraqis from the Yezidi community cross the Iraqi-Syrian border along the Fishkhabur bridge in northern Iraq. 

Thatcher suggested 'Cromwell solution' for Northern Ireland

Margaret Thatcher horrified her advisers when she recommended that the government should revive the memory of Oliver Cromwell - dubbed the butcher of Ireland - and encourage tens of thousands of Catholics to leave Ulster for the south.

A year after she was nearly killed in the IRA’s 1984 Brighton bomb, the then prime minister expressed dismay at Catholic opposition to British rule when they could follow the example of ancestors who were evicted from Ulster at the barrel of a Cromwellian gun in the 17th century.

A country of exiles

Displacement affects more than 3 million Colombians

In the poorest neighborhoods on the outskirts of Bogota, the country is re-settling. Coming from the richest lands in Colombia, where subsistence products feed many mouths, thousands of families have had to move to improvised shacks, built on unstable land that occupies an immense labyrinth.

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The Lewis Global Studies Center presents, as part of the Global Scholars Lecture Series, a panel on immigration policies and resettlement experiences. Members of the panel will include Susannah Crolius, coordinator of outreach and resource development for the Western Massachusetts Refugee and Immigrant Consortium, and Jeff Napolitano, executive officer at American Friends Service Committee of Western Mass. 

How conflict affects women’s reproductive health

Gender-based violence, sexually transmitted infections including HIV, and maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity all flourish in times of conflict, says a review, suggesting clinicians need to be sensitive and aware of the unique challenges of women’s reproductive health needs in such times.

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Shut It Down: No More Evictions, No Moreno, Boot Buono

#NoMOREvictions #NoMOREno #BootBuono

Ya Basta. Enough is enough. As thousands of us are evicted, displaced, and forced into homelessness, Moreno fuels the fire with extravagant luxury developments. Join us to shut down Logan Square until 30% of all new units are truly affordable to working families and all 900 units are reopened in Lathrop Homes.

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I kno this has been said a thousand times but. an au where anakin gets to raise the twins and he bonds with Leia and listens to her when she's frustrated about being force-sensitive or feeling displaced and comforting her in that awkward dad way ahhh

i hope you know that these kinds of things always make me cry like… what could have been


15/4/2016: Queen Rania attended the World Bank Group Session on Forced Displacement, in the presence of Crown Prince Hussein, in Washington D.C.  Among the speakers were Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon, President of the World Bank Group Dr Jim Yong Kim, and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

The session titled “Forced Displacement: a Global Development Challenge” focused on advancing the debate on the response to the global refugee crisis by finding long-term, innovative and sustainable solutions.

In her speech, she pressed an audience of high-ranking officials and representatives of grass roots organizations on the urgent need for a more sustainable humanitarian response to the global refugee crisis.

Queen Rania, who comes from a region that has been at the center of ongoing civil wars causing the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II, identified the unfortunate title the Middle East has earned itself as “the world’s largest producer and host of forced displacement.” (Source: Her Majesty’s Office/ Molly Riley/AFP/Getty)

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