forced confession

Can you imagine

How nice it would be to feel your lips sink into a huge, fat belly? Or glide your tongue over fresh stretch marks, down to a massive overhang? Or grab onto squishy love handles that spill out of your hands? Or pressing your body into a much fatter one, feeling the fat squish around you, enveloping you in it. Or laying in bed with a huge fatty towering over you with fat hanging inches above you, teasing you?

In 3x16 when Barry watched Caitlin singing a lullaby to her baby I instinctively thought it was hers and Barry’s. The way Barry was smiling at her made me believe they were a real married couple with a family and this was what should have been had it not been for the team witnessing the byline in Season 1. Notice how Ronnie said the baby “looks like Caitlin” and not the both of them or looks like him, Ronnie, for that matter. It made me think for a second, in spite of Barry claiming “Caitlin and Ronnie should have had that” the whole scene was forced in favor of Snowstorm when it was realistically presented in a way to be more about an underlying Snowbarry foreshadowing than depicting a supposed Snowstorm happy ending. The scene brought about a lot of intense and bittersweet feelings. Barry looked genuinely happy for the first time in a long time and Caitlin is the only one to make him smile so proudly and with ease, something he could never do with Iris.
—  Anonymous

I want to leave hickeys all over a giant, jiggly belly and squishy love handles and massive overhang and cute lil double chin 😍 pretty much everywhere would suffice

“I support Jarco wholeheartedly. At first in Bon Bon, I was hesitant because it seemed like Star would be forgotten and the best friend dynamic would crumble. But then in Just Friends and Starcrushed, I loved seeing how supportive and fun Jackie is, and seeing how she really loves Marco and how Star was becoming better friends with Jackie. I still ship Starco (if Jackie stays with Marco, Janstar would be gr8) and Tomco but it’s a nice and healthy relationship.”
- anonymous