In universe reference for anyone questioning about what’s happening in my videos/headcanons.
Created by myself and spectregeneral66

Ticci Toby (The Berserk) -
I strongly believe his full name to be Tobias Erin Rogers. However, there is no relevance in that/won’t come up in the videos. Just wanted to mention it. I take almost everything Kastoway has said about Toby to heart. He’s already laid out the groundwork. Suffering from Tourette’s, a stutter, voices in his head and CIP. Currently he’s 22 (Kastoway said he was 19/20 in 2013), however I don’t believe age matters or that he knows how old he is. Since he is dead (See Kastoway’s original story), he may not show physical indications of aging. Basically, he is a zombie. This is a big part of how he holds himself now. Before his death he couldn’t feel pain, now he can’t feel pain, and can’t die, most likely he can also heal at exceptional rates. Theoretically, Toby is an unstoppable force, and he likes it. He has no recollection of his past (Minus a few blurs and such) and so he has nothing to weigh him down. He is a paranormal entity who doesn’t abide by our realms rules, therefore there would be no legal ramifications. He somehow gets caught, he can teleport out, or The Boss (slenderman), can most likely call him back. I like to think of Toby having very limited control over whatever powers he was granted as a result of the enslavement. I’d imagine he cannot use them against Slender in anyway. Also, if Toby(or any of the others) were to defy Slender, the consequences are unthinkable. The methods to keep them in line can range from loud, painful noises in their heads, to forcing them into stasis(coma-like sleep). They enter this stasis in between missions anyway. Stasis is full of nightmares and visions of Slender’s realm, they are kept in check through fear. Toby, however, is very loyal. Due to accepting that this was his future and there was no escape, he continued to do whatever it takes to complete his missions. This backfires a lot of the time because he over estimates the situation.

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I’m probably going to read this tomorrow and cringe, but for now: HERE! Have a drabble… :D 

Another round of fire rocketed past them, Cyclonus brandished his Great Sword, but the bullets went sweeping overhead. Tailgate scampered at his feet, hands held like flat chopping-boards ready to strike at the kneecaps of anyone who dared rattle their stance.

“Tailgate! Get back to the shuttle!” Cyclonus bellowed as another missile whooshed past and burrowed a crater in the beaten terrain with a terrific bang.

“But why?!” Tailgate chimed, boisterously weaving toward the thicket of fighting raging the canyon below.

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Confessions, Amongst Other Things

Rating: K

Summary: Shiro and Allura learn to compromise, communicate, and confess.

Note: I seriously need another fandom like I need a hole in my head. Yet here I am. I am holding @ahumanintraining completely (and personally) responsible for this. She knows what she did.

I don’t typically employ a beta reader so please forgive my offensive grammar and typos.

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