I headcanon that the Dinobots became “pregnant” with their babies before they were captured, but forced the sparklings into stasis as to not reveal them to Lockdown and birth them into such a dangerous environment that was the ship. It was after they were freed and had settled with the Autobots into the junkyard, that they felt safe and comfortable enough to nest and undo the stasis, allowing the sparklings to emerge.

This could also explain why Grimlock chose to fight against Optimus, but also surrender so quickly. If Optimus did cause any real damage, not only would Grimlock would be injured, but something horrible could’ve happened to his sparkling while it was still in his spark casing. Thus causing him to surrender after one blow as he realized what real danger the fight could’ve caused to his child.

They were actually so good at hiding the babies and their energy fields that the discovery wasn’t made until one day when Cade and the Autobots were standing around talking, and they saw a tiny triceratops waddle into their line of sight.

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It's scary to see people blaming Luke for Kylo's fall, I mean, it's impossible to put that on his back. He may have made a few mistakes (even the Order made terrible mistakes with Anakin, knowing he was the chosen one), but the situation is much more complex and they are still filling the story about going to the dark side.

Yeah, I mean… Like I said, Luke believing Ben is some Chosen One probably didn’t help with him developing a dangerous sort of ego (and I’m sorry Rian, but I still think that was a dumb idea – I mean, why didn’t Obi-Wan fucking warn him?).

But. Like I’ve also said, the Dark Side is a choice. Always. It’s not like accidentally taking a wrong turn on the highway, or tripping on your shoelaces and falling into a manhole. If you like… have one evil impulse and decide that ‘welp, I guess I’m a Sith now!’, it’s because you wanted to, not because someone or something forced you to.

And then there’s the whole nature vs. nurture thing. People like to blame Kylo’s actions on his upbringing or Snoke or whoever – and I do think it’s very possible that Snoke, apparently a very old and powerful Force user, has been influencing him since childhood – but if we’re supposed to believe it’s only your circumstances and influences that make you evil, next to Rey (who was literally raised by sand, to quote Pablo Hidalgo, and ruthless scavengers) and Finn (who was raised by the freaking First Order), it’s a completely laughable idea that it’d somehow be a fault in his upbringing (by either his parents or Luke) that Ben became Kylo. Especially since there is zero evidence of any kind of parental abuse.

And if Luke goddamn Skywalker supposedly trained Ben to become a Dark Sider? Yeah, I’m calling bullshit on that one. First of all, why would he ever? He absolutely knows better than that. And – and this might be a long shot, but whatever – judging by the way Kylo used Force in TFA, the dude doesn’t even know any hardcore Sith stuff yet: almost everything he did was originally defensive Light Side stuff, like Force Stasis and Force Stun. And who taught him those moves? Luke. Like, he doesn’t even know Force Choke yet, it seems – he goes about choking the old-fashioned way.

So, in essence: I think anyone blaming Luke solely or even largely on Kylo’s evil bullshit is quite frankly a dumbass and looking for excuses. And if TLJ’s narrative is trying to make us buy that, I’m going to call bullshit.

In universe reference for anyone questioning about what’s happening in my videos/headcanons.
Created by myself and spectregeneral66

Ticci Toby (The Berserk) -
I strongly believe his full name to be Tobias Erin Rogers. However, there is no relevance in that/won’t come up in the videos. Just wanted to mention it. I take almost everything Kastoway has said about Toby to heart. He’s already laid out the groundwork. Suffering from Tourette’s, a stutter, voices in his head and CIP. Currently he’s 22 (Kastoway said he was 19/20 in 2013), however I don’t believe age matters or that he knows how old he is. Since he is dead (See Kastoway’s original story), he may not show physical indications of aging. Basically, he is a zombie. This is a big part of how he holds himself now. Before his death he couldn’t feel pain, now he can’t feel pain, and can’t die, most likely he can also heal at exceptional rates. Theoretically, Toby is an unstoppable force, and he likes it. He has no recollection of his past (Minus a few blurs and such) and so he has nothing to weigh him down. He is a paranormal entity who doesn’t abide by our realms rules, therefore there would be no legal ramifications. He somehow gets caught, he can teleport out, or The Boss (slenderman), can most likely call him back. I like to think of Toby having very limited control over whatever powers he was granted as a result of the enslavement. I’d imagine he cannot use them against Slender in anyway. Also, if Toby(or any of the others) were to defy Slender, the consequences are unthinkable. The methods to keep them in line can range from loud, painful noises in their heads, to forcing them into stasis(coma-like sleep). They enter this stasis in between missions anyway. Stasis is full of nightmares and visions of Slender’s realm, they are kept in check through fear. Toby, however, is very loyal. Due to accepting that this was his future and there was no escape, he continued to do whatever it takes to complete his missions. This backfires a lot of the time because he over estimates the situation.

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so remember when I read that 80 chapter fic in one day??? I’ve been rereading it a lot and I’m finally drawing stuff from it! the fic in question is called The Brave Shall Heed the Call - a story detailing what could happen after Season 3 of TFA, starting with Optimus getting forced out of the Magnus position and terrible things happening in Sentinel Magnus’ government on Cybertron. DEFINITELY read the warnings thoroughly, because there’s a lot of serious stuff involved in the story…. but goooooosh, it’s a really compelling and interesting read. >O<

anyways! tiny scenes from the earlier chapters. chapter numbers are in the captions if you wanna know. and no, Optimus isn’t beheaded, he’s just strapped to a medical berth and in forced stasis. >_>

…should I tag spoilers??? i should probably tag spoilers. I’ll tag them as #bshtc spoilers. whoops.

Metroid Timeline

This is my version of the Metroid timeline. A lot of it is speculation, some of it is simply my own headcanon. I also disregard Other M completely.

Year XXXX: The Chozo become space faring and explore the galaxy, meeting many other races. Technology, art and culture are shared, a period of peace and renaissance begins in the galaxy.

Year XXXX:  The Chozo discover planet SR388, and learn about the threat of the x-parasites. They create the Metroids, and release them into the planet, hoping they will neutralize the threat of the X. It works.

Year XXXX: The Chozo build a colony on planet Elysia, dedicated to studying the universe. They create a synthetic race called Elysians to help maintain it.
A probe from Elysia confirms the existence of the living planet Phaaze, this terrifies the Chozo.

Year XXXX: The Chozo abandon Elysia, and leave it in the hands of the Elysians, instructing them to continue their search for Phaaze.

Year XXXX: The Chozo colonize Tallon IV, hoping to get away from advanced technology and live simpler lives among nature.

Year XXXX: The Elysians shut down to preserve power.

Year 2303 Earth calendar: The Galactic Federation is established.

Year 2310: The Galactic Federation comes into contact with the Space Pirates, who are immediately hostile. The Pirates become infamous for raiding caravans, invading colonies and planets, and acts of terrorism, they are considered a threat to peace in Federation controlled space.

Year 2320: Many Chozo begin to possess the ability to see glimpses into the future. How this happened is unknown, but these Chozo prophets predict a galaxy in chaos. Wars fought over the possession of living weapons, a great poison spreading across the galaxy, tales of ‘the worm’ who will corrupt their holy planet from the inside.

Year 2325: A Leviathan from Phaaze strikes Tallon IV, spreading Phazon throughout the planet. The surviving Chozo do everything they can to contain the Leviathan, greatly slowling down the spread of Phazon, but not stop it completely. The Chozo see a glimpse into the future, a vision of a hero, the entrusted one, who will free Tallon IV of phazon. The hero will end a galatic scale war, and destroy the source of phazon, saving the universe. This hero was no Chozo, but it was wearing Chozo armor. The remaining Chozo leave weapons for the prophesied entrusted one, and then leave Tallon IV. The Chozo colonize planet Zebes, and live quiet lives on the small,
rainy planet. Meanwhile, another Leviathan hits the planet Aether, splitting the world into two dimensions. A war between the Luminoth and the dark creatures known as the Ing breaks out. Eventually the Luminoth are forced to go into stasis to survive.

Year 2345: The Galactic Federation discover Zebes, and come into contact with the last of the Chozo. The Chozo are happy to share their technology and teach things to the younger species, including how to create organic super computers. Shortly after, plans to create Aurora Units are devised.

Year 2350: Samus Aran is born on the mining colony K2L.

Year 2353: Pirates raid K2L, and Samus is orphaned. She is discovered by the two Chozo Old Bird and Grey Voice, who take her back to Zebes. While debating on weather or not she should be allowed to stay, all the Chozo prophets have a vision, and see that this child is their prophesied hero. The decision to adopt her, and train her was unanimous.

Years 2353-2370: Samus is raised by the Chozo, who gift her with their DNA, and train her to be an incredible warrior. When Samus came of age, she says goodbye to her adopted parents, but not before they gift her with their greatest creation. A power suit and ship made just for her, both possessing incredible power. Once she leaves, the Chozo see one last vision. The space pirates will come for them, and Samus will have to fight them in her former home. The Chozo leave weapons and items for Samus to find, and create a second power suit, foreseeing that she will have need of it. They spend the rest of their days in peace, certain that their actions have saved
the galaxy, they await the arrival of the space pirates.

Year 2370: Samus joins the Federation military. Her skills and power suit help her to quickly gain an upstanding reputation.

Years 2371-2374: Samus serves the Federation under the command of Adam Malcovich, who she shares a special bond with.

Year 2374: The Space Pirates conduct their largest attack yet, and Adam’s unit is sent to repel them. Samus and Adam encounter Ridley. Samus suffers PTSD and is unable to act. Adam sacrifices himself to save Samus. The pirate invasion was repelled, but Adam was lost. Samus, feeling responsible for his death, leaves the Federation. She would later become a bounty hunter. And the Federation would regularly hire her for work.

Year 2375: The Pirates invade Zebes, killing off the last Chozo in the galaxy. They reprogram Mother Brain to suit their needs. Meanwhile, the Federation discovers planet SR388 and the Metroids. They take some specimens with them. The Pirates access Chozo logs and learn about the Metroids, and see great potential in using them as biological weapons. The Pirates raid the Federation ship and steal the Metroids. They construct a massive base on Zebes and begin cloning the Metroids. The Federation conducts an assault on Zebes but fail. Samus learns the fate of her adopted family and is struck with grief and fury, the pirates had taken everyone she ever loved from her. She volunteers to head to Zebes and infiltrate the Pirate base alone. A risky move, but the Federation, with little other alternatives, accept her offer.

Events of Metroid Zero Mission take place.

Year 2375 (a few months after Zero Mission) Samus, now hailed as a hero, is hired to scout the area for Pirate activity. She gets a distress signal from a Space Pirate ship. The events of Metroid Prime take place.

Year 2377: Samus is hired to find missing GF troopers. The events of Metroid Prime 2 take place.

Year 2378: The events of Metroid Prime 3 take place.

Year 2380: Metroid 2 takes place

Year 2380 (Almost immediately after the events of Metroid 2) Super Metroid takes place

Year 2382: Metroid Fusion takes place.

I’m probably going to read this tomorrow and cringe, but for now: HERE! Have a drabble… :D 

Another round of fire rocketed past them, Cyclonus brandished his Great Sword, but the bullets went sweeping overhead. Tailgate scampered at his feet, hands held like flat chopping-boards ready to strike at the kneecaps of anyone who dared rattle their stance.

“Tailgate! Get back to the shuttle!” Cyclonus bellowed as another missile whooshed past and burrowed a crater in the beaten terrain with a terrific bang.

“But why?!” Tailgate chimed, boisterously weaving toward the thicket of fighting raging the canyon below.

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