force skin

They forced poison under your skin
and your veins started glowing with starlight.
They left bruises on your heart
and yet it still kept beating.
They dragged you into the darkness
and you came out shining.
—  Shadows failing to kill the light // k.s.

Abby Griffin in every episode | 3x09 Stealing Fire

“I won’t let this happen to you.”

i. I am an angel, face pressed against the dirtied glass window of a bus, eyes focused on the sky above, a soothing orange that fades to neutral blue, and the two ravens who dance in the wind above.

ii. I am an angel under artificial lights, alone in a dark parking lot, forgotten as I am but no less important, wishing, hoping that I may once before to soar into the night sky above me and rid myself of human doubt.

iii. I am an angel confined in human skin, forced to live my days in immeasurable pain, put into a claustrophobic cage, but clinging onto the hope that I may be home again, with my siblings, in their arms once more.

iv. I am an angel in fields wide and stars bright, I am an angel with big curious eyes trained on heaven, an angel who’s hands reach up to invisible figures, who whispers in voices long not heard, I am an angel and dammit it I will be home once more.

—  prayers to an absentee father
Swan Prince!Victuuri AU

Im still working on a cohesive story but I’ve thought of a few details -w-

  • Victor and the other Russian skaters (most notably Yuri) are Swan fae who can temporarily shed their skins to assume human form, but it makes them weak and vulnerable.
  • There’s the age old legend of a human stumbling upon a bathing swan maiden and stealing her feathered cloak/skin, which forces her to marry him and become human.
  • Victor wants to become human because he’s bored and tired of defending a throne as the Swan Prince and everyone else is like No!!!! Bad!!! Humans are gross and clumsy and evil.
  • Maybe he fell in love with the small child who fed him breadcrumbs???
  • As a fae, Victor’s name actually isn’t Victor. It’s Nikephoros (the Greek origin of his canon last name lol), but Yuuri names him Victor after he takes him in to treat his injuries. He likes the name and he likes Yuuri.
  • Yuuri lives a considerable amount of distance from the swan lake, but during a family outing, he was captivated by the prettiest swan there.
  • His family’s inn serves as a rest stop for travelers, but he currently lives alone as his family left to stay in the main village to get medical treatment for his sister. 
  • Makkachin’s there too shh
Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader- Robin Hood Is Home

Part One


You groaned when you shifted in your bed.  Your head was pounding and there was sharp pains throughout your body.  The sheets felt soft, too soft to be your own. You grasped the sheet and felt it. It was too thin and was missing that one thread sticking out.  You immediately sat up and instantly regretted it.  The pounding in your head worsened and you could feel new stitches pull at your skin.  You forced your eyes to open even though your head felt like was going to explode.  The room was dark, which helped your head immensely, and was about double the size of your living room.  Light was slightly pouring through a small open space of large drapes that covered the windows.  You shifted slightly and felt the stitches move again. How long have you been out?  Who’s taking care of the kids?!  You flung your legs over the side of the bed and rested your feet on the carpet on the floor.  Placing your hand on the headboard, you heaved yourself up with all of the strength you could muster and stood up.  Your sore muscles screamed in protest but you ignored them and continued to move to the window, where you could literally shine some light on this problem.  You moved the curtain out of the way and the light blinded you for a few seconds.  

“Goodness gracious, miss!  You shouldn’t be out of bed,” a voice with an English accent stated.

You turned your attention to the voice’s location.  There was an older man, likely to be in his late fifties or early sixties, speed walking from the doorway towards your direction.  He took your arm and put it over your shoulder.

“Where am I? How long have I been out?” you asked the man.

“You have been recovering for about a week, miss,” the man told you while returning you to the bed.

“A WEEK?!” you exclaimed, “I have to get out of here. The kids-”

“Are being cared for.  You regained consciousness a few hours you were brought here and informed us of the children you care for.  They are well and have been supervised since you told us.”

“Where am I?” you asked again.

The old man sighed, “You are at a secure location where we have been taking care of you.”

“What’s the catch?”

“Nothing,” a deeper voice said from the doorway.

“Master Bruce, maybe you can have the pleasure of explaining everything to Miss (L/N).”

The old man stood up and exited the room, leaving you with this ‘Master Bruce’.  You shifted on the bed so you could see the new man in the room.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Bruce Wayne, or do you prefer to be called Batsy?  Let’s cut the shit, shall we?  Why the hell am I here?”

He raised a brow, “You know?”

“Of course I know.  It’s kind of hard not to notice when you’re in the background and notice everything.  So why am I here? Are you going to turn me in? Put all of those kids into foster care and fend for themselves? If you think-”

You grasped your side and held in a groan.  How are you supposed to be intimidating when you’re in pain?

“I am not here to do any of those things, I am here so you can recover and return taking care of those kids you saved from the streets,” Bruce said.

“What about my nightly activities?”

“I would be very hypocritical if I told you to stop,” he stated.

“Who’s taking care of the kids?”


Jason smiled when the kids kept handing him pictures.  When he first arrived at your refuge for kids, they were shy and didn’t like him that much. The eldest, Dean, explained to all of the kids that you were hurt and had to get better for a couple days.  The youngest of the children immediately ran up to him and asked why he had been shooting at you.  He told them that he thought you were a bad guy, and thankfully they understood.

“Thanks, Mattie. Is that me?” he asked.

“Yeah! That’s you and that’s (Y/N)!” the boy replied while pointing at his picture.

“That is really good! I’ll go hang it on the wall,” Jason said while standing up.

Mattie smiled and ran into another room.  Dean jumped out of the kid’s way and joined Jason at the wall.

“The kids love you almost as much as they love (Y/N).  Is she getting any better?”

Knocking at the door prevented the answer.  Dean walked to the door and looked through the peephole and quickly opened the door.  He flung it open and lunged into your arms.  You laughed and cringed at the same time, returning Dean’s hug. Dean let go of you and frowned.

“Whatever happened to being careful and a ‘sneaky bastard’?!”

Jason laughed and your smile faded when you notice stage Red Hood standing in your living room, “You owe me a new ear!  You fu-freaking shot a piece of my ear off, and now you’re taking care of my kids?!  What kind of person does that?!”

“A person who didn’t know the whole story,” Jason said.

“Dean, please go so I can talk in expletives and make sure the kids don’t hear,” you requested.

Dean nodded and walked out of the living room.  He ushered all of the remaining kids upstairs and closed the door that led to the second level.  While Dean was doing that, you were glaring at the man that took care of your kids.

“So, tell me why I shouldn’t kick your ass right now,” you demanded.

“You are injured and I highly doubt you want to tear those stitches Alfred gave you.”

“I’m a grown ass adult, I do what I want.”

“Fine!  I thought you were working for a new gang that moved to Gotham since you surfaced when they did, and I was trying to get information from you. Clearly you weren’t stopping for a chat, so I decided that injuring you would prevent you from fleeing from the scene.”

“Doesn’t explain why you volunteered to watch my kids,” you growled.  “Bruce told me that Nightwing offered to watch them, but you were already here.”

“I felt like an idiot, okay!  I was too self-absorbed to realize what you were doing! You were doing nothing but taking from the corrupt and giving it to those kids!  They deserve so much better and you provided for them without any hesitation and I prevented you from doing that!”

You scowled and looked over to the wall of pictures and noticed new ones hung on the wall.  Completely forgetting about the serious argument between you and the Red Hood. You walked over to the wall and looked at all of the new drawings that the kids drew.  Once you looked over the drawings, you exploded with laughter.  You clutched your side and continued to laugh until he walked over to your side and looked at the drawing.

“They drew you as Little Red Riding Hood!! Hahaha!!”

You collapsed on the couch and continued to laugh until you were out of breath, “You’re lucky that the kids like you.”

“Does that mean I’m forgiven?”

“You redeemed yourself by taking care of the kids, just promise to stop by and not shoot at by ass anymore.”

“I guess I can stop by and see the kids, but I would like to take that ass out to dinner and get away from these kids for an hour or two.”


“I guess we’ll have to save that date for later.”

Complaining about brown/blackface is “US centric” now? 

So brown people are only in the U.S.?  Everywhere else is just full of pale skinned white people who don’t understand how race and colorism work?  And there are only a couple characters white people can be?  Not thousands?  Brown skinned people just dominate everything?  So white people are forced to brown their skin in order to cosplay or portray one of a handful of characters? 


Maybe this isn’t some grand conspiracy to make white kids “feel bad”?  Maybe people are frustrated that someone decided all of the pale skinned characters weren’t enough and they just had to do one of the few darker brown skinned characters. And they darkened their skin for it. And they’re getting a lot of praise and recognition for it when brown people are told they shouldn’t cosplay at all.  

Pap - Gentle skin-to-skin contact, usually a very soft pat with the hand, but it’s so gentle that it barely makes a sound, hence the name. Cats do these with their little peets when they want your attention but are sweet about it. 

Bap - Gentle but slightly more forceful contact. Can be skin-to-skin or with a soft object like a pillow or a sock. 

Pat - Slightly less gentle skin-to-skin contact. Makes a slightly louder sound than a pap, and can even be slightly forceful. 


Paps - Distinctly separate from the singular “pap”, as it refers to gentle, reassuring, rapid touches. This is an action one would do to comfort or reassure someone that all is well while remaining considerate of their sensory needs. 

This has been a PSA.