Started my paladin playthrough test run. It’s going fairly smoothly

I’m enjoying Force, it’s pretty useful even though it cannot cause harm directly.

The reason I’m doing a test run is to make sure that nothing too unexpected happens and I don’t want my first live stream to be a blind one. Sorry haha

Someone requested fat roll action but he isn’t quite heavy enough for that yet. Sorry man. A shield will do the trick for the fat roll but unfortunately I don’t have the starting stats to one hand my halberd and it’s my primary weapon so slight issue already. I don’t wanna start with 16 strength as well as 12 dexterity because that’s well high for starting stats.

I’ll keep you guys post

Praise the sun!

PS I went with the halberd, it’s pretty cool and I’ve got a back up longsword for when stuff goes down and I need a faster swing speed

PSS I’ve gone with the brass armour chest, brigand cuffs, and iron leggings because I didn’t want too much gold going on and I need it looks pretty sweet!


Physicist Andreas Wahl uses Extreme Experiments to Prove Physical Concepts.

In this edition, Wahl is attempting to show that “It’s harder to create movement in water than in air, because water molecules are closer together than air molecules”. 

To prove this he puts himself in front of a gun submerged under water, which shows the strange reaction of the bullet in a denser medium.

(Andreas Wahl)