Physicist Andreas Wahl uses Extreme Experiments to Prove Physical Concepts.

In this edition, Wahl is attempting to show that “It’s harder to create movement in water than in air, because water molecules are closer together than air molecules”. 

To prove this he puts himself in front of a gun submerged under water, which shows the strange reaction of the bullet in a denser medium.

(Andreas Wahl)

Prana - The Universal Life Force.

Prana in the higher sense is the Spirit, the awareness that inhabits the body and mind, but transcends them. This higher Prana is much more than the physical breath. It is the great Prana, Mahan Prana, which is synonymous with the Energy of Consciousness, Chit-Shakti. This is the non-elemental, unmanifest Prana of the immortal life. It is inherent in Eternal Being or Sat and is above all biological functioning.

Prana can also indicate the Cosmic Creative Force, the Ishvara, or Cosmic Lord. Ishvara is the Energy that creates, sustains and dissolves the Universe. Our own individual Soul or Jivatman can also be referred to by Prana, being the Essence of our individual Prana. Jiva or the Soul means Prana or life. This Prana of the Soul is what allows us to take various births and to ultimately transcend the process of birth and death.


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