Aaron Burr, Sir

pardon me are u aaron burr, sir

That depends. Who’s asking?

oh well sure- Sir, i’m alexander hamilton i’m at ur service, sir, i have been, looking for u

I’m getting nervous.


i heard ur name at princeton i was seeking an accelerated course of study when i got sort of out of sorts with a buddy of urs i may have punched him, it’s a blur, sir. he handles the financials..? 

You punched the bursar.

yes! i 

wanted to do what u did graduate in two and join the revolution he looked at me like i was stupid i’m not stupid

so how’d u do it. how’d u graduate so fast

It was my parents’ dying wish before they passed.

of course! ur an orphan. i’m an orphan god i wish there was a war so we could prove that we’re worth more than anyone bargained for

Can i buy you a drink?

that would be nice

While we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice: Talk… less.

You Like Them Back (GOT7)


  • mildly confused at first
  • suddenly realizes this is the moment he was waiting for
  • can’t stop staring at your lips
  • will ask you out on a date pretty seriously
  • will do his best not to kiss you bc first date
  • fails

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  • immediately starts celebrating
  • can’t stop smiling
  • picks you up and spins you around out of excitement
  • if you suggest a date he might combust
  • is totally embarrassed when he calms down

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  • is very excited
  • probably started screaming
  • calms down long enough to be like “So you like me, huh?”
  • totally smug
  • doesn’t even think to ask you out for a date he assumes it’s a given
  • probably tells everyone

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  • is totally abashed
  • doesn’t know how to talk?????
  • he’s scared you’ll take it back if he reacts weirdly but he doesn’t know what to say without sounding weird
  • somehow asks you out
  • is immediately shy again when you agree
  • briefly wonders how and why
  • is mentally dancing
  • doesn’t really openly react until he gets home and screams

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  • cannot believe his ears
  • thinks he’s dreaming
  • or being pranked
  • finally gets it
  • can’t stop looking at you and smiling
  • isn’t even worried about the future, he’s just so happy right now that you like him
  • doesn’t want you to go anywhere so he can keep enjoying that this is real

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  • internally; starts screaming
  • externally; smug af, totally cocky
  • teases you about how knew it all along
  • does make sure when he asks you out that you’re serious
  • clarifies that he is also serious
  • and then he dabs

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  • suddenly very shy and awkward and nervous
  • “you like me? that’s….i don’t know….unrealistic? i don’t know,”
  • he just doesn’t know
  • all he knows his that his heart is going a mile a minute and you look really pretty and he cannot believe you feel the same
  • asks you out in a very small voice but can’t stop smiling when you say yes
  • super cutie baby

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[[hello @  anon i know this style is very different from the mx one but i hope you like!!!!!! pls send in more requests xx]]