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Realizing that three of my favorite shows are ending this year..

1) Teen Wolf 2) Vampire Diaries 3 ) Pretty Little Liars

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This is probably, the saddest thing I’ve had to go through. 😔

Ways to make Grey's Anatomy better:

1. Bring back our surgery loving Cristina Yang

2. Bring back our double board certified Addison Forbes Montgomery

3. Bring back our desert storm barbie, Teddy Altman

4. Resurrect Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey and Derek Shepherd

5. Let all the ships be happy


ocapphalloween week 1: costume party + my ocs (2/?)

Kate Winchester  Mermaid 
Emmy Forbes Wonder Woman
Nickolas Montgomery  Captain Hook (Killian Jones inspired)
William Montgomery Robin Hood

Step one is the hardest and they say that kind of about everything. You know.. it’s kind of like when you watch a baby take their first step and they’ve spent days, weeks, and months teaching their muscles to function, but once they do it’s never that hard again.
—  Addison - Private Practice
One Sided Silence - Part II

@omeliafics, @amelias-universe & @mediterraneansummer here is Part 2! ENJOY! Part 3 will be up soon… 💖💖💖💖💖

In case you missed it here is the link to PART I

Anther week passed and Amelia hadn’t woken up. Addison arrived and that set everything in motion; the meetings with social services, doctors, nurses, family members… all to discuss what would happen to Luke if Amelia never woke up and where he should live in the meantime. Addison stayed in Amelia’s apartment while she was there, she looked after Luke and tried to give him as normal a life as possible. A life he was used to, a routine he would recognise; but he was 2 and all a 2 year old wants is their mom. When it became apparent to Luke that Amelia was not going to be there for him he began throwing tantrums: screaming, kicking, crying… it was understandable: the boy’s world had been turned upside down; his world went from being complete to being empty. The only time he would behave in a manner that reminded people of the happy toddler he used to be was when he was with Owen, Owen had become Luke’s everything. When visiting his mom he would sit on Owen’s knee, he wanted to eat with Owen in the cafeteria, he wanted Owen to drop him off at day-care, pick him up, play with him, talk to him… Owen was Luke’s temporary Amelia. Something about the way Owen tended to him and spoke to him, reminded him very much of the natural manner in which his mother took care of him.

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A cinnamon roll doesn't lose its sweetness, others just take so many bites out of it that there's none left.
Bizzy’s Dead

Rosalie was smack dab in the middle of her residency and working her ass off. She was slowly gaining her footing among the other residents and the attendings. Of course, she was a bit luckier than most, she had Shepherd who was her ex-uncle and Sloan who was her former…stepdad? secondary uncle? Who knew; but she had family and friends there. It didn’t hurt that she’d grown up familiar with the chief of surgery. 

She was starting to learn those connections would work against her though. Rosalie never received a phone call or a text from Archer or Addison, but somehow it made it through the hospital that Bizzy had died in Los Angeles after marrying her…well, whatever Susan had been. Mark had pulled her aside and told her to go to the estate, to be with her family, but Rosalie had ignored him. 

Barely an hour later, Rosalie was pulled into the chief’s office and told that she was going to Connecticut to be with her family, that all of her cases had already been reassigned. A plane ticket was put in her hands and Rosalie realized she wasn’t getting out of it. 

Rosalie arrived at the estate late at night after the staff usually would’ve left already. It was obvious when she walked in that the house had been shut still for while. She dropped her things off in her bedroom before entering the kitchen and helping herself to the vast collection of wine that the estate held; she would say her greetings to her family in the morning.