She was still a teenager when a pack of young men pulled her into a car, tortured her and gang-raped her.

The young woman, now a poised student, endured more than three dozen court appearances, six separate trials and endless legal wrangling.

The last of the rapists, the son of a powerful family, was convicted this past spring — 11 years after the crime. During her ordeal she was forced to leave school, was put in a home for runaway girls and even now lives with police protection out of fear that allies of the rapists could exact revenge.

Her supporters say her extraordinary perseverance helped her overcome forbidding legal odds.

“I decided I had a single goal,” said the young woman, the daughter of an illiterate junk dealer: “Justice.”

Violence against women and the number of rapes in India have risen for over a decade — more than two rapes occur every hour on average, one study says — yet activists, attorneys and officials say that female crime victims still face many barriers in the country’s courts. These include poorly trained doctors, callous police, shoddy forensic practices and the delays that permeate India’s judicial system — delays so disheartening that some victims lose their nerve or settle with attackers’ families.

In recent years, India has responded by toughening its rape law and creating fast-track courts to speed prosecution of rape cases and other crimes against women. But these new courts have their own delays — and in some states, strikingly low conviction rates.

In April, when the last of the gang rapists in the case was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison, the victim put on a pink sari and fed sweets to her joyous family and the activists who supported her during years of demanding action. But the journey is not over.

This is part of a series about oppression and violence against women in India as a rising generation collides with old social mores.

Read more: She was raped at 13. Her case has been in India’s courts for 11 years — and counting. 


In relation to our Polish government trying to pass a bill that completely forbids abortion (and makes it a criminal offence), Polish women all over our country go on strike on October 3rd 2016. Women on that day won’t go to work, school, won’t do housework, go shopping or whatever they’re usually supposed to do on a working day. Instead, they’re gonna go in the streets of the largest cities, wear all black and protest against this terrible bill.

Will it make up our government’s minds? Probably not. But we won’t be silenced and we will fight for our freedom and we will overthrow this ridiculous government if we have to.

This weekend (1-2 Oct.), there are protest all around the country as well. We are also receiving beautiful support from our sisters from all over the world, for which we are all incredibly thankful <3. Polish men who are against this barbaric law are also being supportive and fight beside us. <3


(No Woman No Country)

(Better durex than dura lex)

Show your support by taking pictures of yourself wearing black with hashtag #blackprotest (#czarnyprotest) and signing the petition here.

why do we never hear ‘listen we can’t just get people to stop making nuclear weapons; those who build them would be out of work and would (heaven forbid) have to go and find a job doing something that isn’t catastrophic for the environment and for the wellbeing of all living things. why can’t you think about other people once in a while’? why is it only okay to say this sort of thing in response to people working to shut down animal agriculture? how can a cheeseburger mean this much to you? I’ve eaten cheeseburgers before: they’re not worth this. get a hold of yourselves

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That poly reaper/76/So headcanons are awesome ^^ Some domestic headcanons for them, please? ;)

Oh fuck me sideways anon, fluffy domestic stuff is my weakness–

> 80% of the time it’s Reaper the one who does all the cooking. God forbid Jack and/or s/o get near the kitchen with the intent to cook something! Reyes just won’t let them. He knows that they both do know how to cook decently, he’s just too jealous of his kitchen.

> when tthey’re not having sex, lots of calm, gentle and lazy cuddling is their best way to spend their time together. Just laying on the couch in front of the tv, usually with s/o cuddled between the two men, caressing and leaving tender touches on each other, talking about how their days went or simply being three lovey doveys.

> it’s s/o the one who shows their affection more openly. Not that neither Jack nor Reaper don’t (well, Reaper doesn’t really but he still has his ways to show his lovers that he loves them), it’s just that the boys have more difficulties showing psa, either out of habit (Jack) or because they’re just edgy pricks and are low key scared they might hurt or scare the other two away (Reaper). Both Morrison and Reyes really appreciate it when they’re shown love, though.

> if they have kids, s/o is definitely going to be the motherly figure, regardless of their gender. Jack would be the stereotypical “strict” but loving dad while Reaper would totally be the asshole dad. In a good way, of course, I suppose. The kind of dad who makes terrible dad jokes and who doesn’t really show much affection but who cares for his child and who loves them extremely much. Both dads would do anything to protect their kid and would become terribly dangerous if the little one’s in danger.

> “Gabe, babe, can we get a puppy?”
“Go ask Jack.”

> “Jack, honey, can we get a puppy?”
“Go ask Gabriel.”

> when they need to relax, the three of them would take long, relaxing, warm baths together. No sex or dirty things involved, just lots of cuddles and sweet nothings.

> s/o is the boys’ personal nurse, as long as they can take care of their wounds without Mercy’s intervention.

> unexpectedly enough, Reaper is the best cuddler among them. Just laying between those arms of his, head resting on his large strong chest, is the best.

> Jack, on the other hand, is a perfect bed heater when it’s too cold. He’d wake up with s/o curled against his chest and Reaper nonchalantly spooning him from behind. Not that he minds.

> arguements happen. A LOT. But none of them really holds grudgs against each other, so peace normally comes back in a few hours, with s/o or Jack generally apologizing first. Reaper is more reluctant, but what did you expect honestly.

> generally a safe, healty, loving environment.

> despite Reaper’s edgyness and Jack’s eventual grumpiness.

And there you have it! It was surprisingly soothing and relaxing to write these, I’m proud <3

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Adding to that adorablechild!Gaara & Kurama's relationship comment: I am VERY much looking forward to how you write Gaara's reaction for when the Atatsuki threaten Kurama again. Or if one of the Village shinobi make a go at Mommy-I mean, Kurama. Or, Gods forbid, someone makes our favorite bijuu-human BLEED in front of Gaara. O.o Point being, however you're planning to do it, I'm looking forward to it. XD

I have a scene planned with just that sort of thing happening - fairly traumatizing for Gaara, not all that great for Kurama, but very fluffy and feelsy in the aftermath :)

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I hate that. I really do. God forbid a male and female character can just be friends. No, it must be romantic.

Honestly, this whole thing just remind of a comment that someone left on this picture, where they just assumed it was a shipping pic… *despite there being nothing shipping related going on at all*. 

Peeps be crazy, yo.

once it is historically accurate for a character to be brown every white person within 500 meters will grasp to any logic that protects them from there being, god forbid, another brown character 

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[1/4] I want to believe that the destihellers are a minority in this fandom but I swear I can't get away from them, they're everywhere. Either they are way too vocal or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. I want to meet people with differing opinions AND are willing to engage in discussions with me. Is that too much to ask for? I also learned that most destiew shippers I've encountered are literal children mostly who are younger than 21. They literally can't take criticism of their favorites

[2/4] Like Charlie or god forbid Castiel. I’m one of those that got into the series cause I thought destiew was cute and cause it was everywhere. Now after watching the series twice, I kind of hate Cas. I didn’t want to but after everything he’s done, I can’t stand any second he comes on screen. I did like him but that changed in season 6. Why do people find him so likeable? Oh and don’t get me started on Misha. Jesus Christ, I had no idea the man was insane. I also don’t understand why people

[¾] hate Jared or Sam. Call him a ‘whiny bitch.’ I’m just confused Jared is a swell guy, I’d love to have him as a friend. Sam is just doing his best considering the circumstances. Is it because the season 8 finale. When tells Dean how he was feeling? He was broken. He’s been through so much. I just don’t understand these people. This fandom is just confusing. I’ve never seen any other like it. Also how could you hate one of the two leads, maybe stop watching the show so that way you don’t

[4/4] get frustrated whenever Sam even takes another breath on screen. I don’t know, maybe that was hypocritical of me, I was just a little frustrated.


Oh they are the minority of Destiel shippers, my darling, but they ARE the loudest bunch of teenagers ever allowed on the internet. You just have to be more selective about the blogs you follow. 

like the way pearl apologized to garnet during the sardonyx arc was so poorly done and shitty… 

first of all they literally had to be put in a life-or-death situation before she would apologize and like?? it was a situation where garnet pretty much had no choice but to forgive her?? 

in addition the apology was made to be LITERALLY all about pearl and like, ~what caused her to fuck up~ instead of it being about garnet and how pearl completely trivialized her feelings?? like god forbid we actually make it clear that pearl did something bad am i right??

Humans were created to be different.
Yet we have all become so alike.
We wish to be noticed.
We wish to belong, and to conform–God forbid we be labelled as ‘different’.
We would not post pictures of ourselves on social media if not for the audience waiting for us to perform.
We would not voice our troubles if not for those who console us and offer us pity.
We would not dress up in clothes we can hardly afford if not for the society that expects no less from us.
We would not wear makeup if not for those who make it their job to point out our insecurities.
But there are some humans, however, who crave no attention at all.
They do not post pictures of themselves, for they receive no pleasure from the number of ‘likes’ that defines the worth of so many.
They do not voice their troubles, for they are a private people, who are clever enough to keep their business to themselves.
They do not wear expensive clothing for the mere satisfaction of conformity; they wear clothes to express themselves.
And they do not wear makeup with the sole purpose of hiding their flaws, for the 'different’ human knows that flaws are what makes them human.
In a society trying so hard to fit in, so few are willing to stand out
—  starvingwriterblog
Imagine going to the groceries with Jared

When you started dating Jared, you thought being a vegan is not that of a bit deal. You can adapt yourself to this lifestyle, even though you never really tried vegan food. But now you slowly realise you have to say no to a lot of things; things you like and want to eat. Of course he never forbid you to eat meat, but you couldn’t stand that look on his face while you were enjoying your chicken sandwich.
‘Look babe, this sweet potato looks like a penis’ Jared says laughing, showing you a strange shaped potato. You stand across the vegetable counter, now you walk back to him so he doesn’t have to shout. ‘I wonder if it’s as effective for women as a cucumber.’
‘God, you’re disgusting!’ You start laughing as well. ‘And quit it with that look, I’ve never tried it with a cucumber.’
Jared leans closer, you feel his breath on your skin.
‘You’ve tried mine’ he whispers, and you push his smirking face away. 'What?’
'Focus on shopping! We still need to get some pasta’ You check your grocery list. 'And some mushrooms.’
'What do you need mushroom for?’
'I’m gonna try that recipe Shannon gave me the other day.’
'Oh, you’re gonna cook for me?’
'I guess.’
'Sounds exciting. Can I help?’
'With being pervert even when buying vegetables?’
'I’m not pervert, I have a sexy imagination. And a sexy potato.’
He points at the penis shaped vegetable what he put into your cart earlier.
'We don’t need sweet potato.’
'We don’t. But you might be… When I’m away.’
'Oh my God, stop it already!’ You punch into his shoulder. He’s laughing so hard he needs to stop for a minute.
'I’m not taking you to the groceries ever again. You hear me? Never again!’

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I hate when I see art of a particular ship and you have that one individual that goes ‘Not my ship….but it’s cute’ 

Like, yes. Thank you random person for basically devaluing all the time and effort the artist spent on a pairing they like (or was commissioned to do, or doing for a friend etc etc) and then adding ‘oh but it’s cute!’ like an afterthought. You don’t have to justify why you are reblogging it or whatever. Just say it’s cute and leave it at that. Gosh dang, it’s like you’re afraid of finding anything than your otp pleasing to the eye. God forbid! 

I honestly miss Mario Kart days. That game was truly made for the petty soul. Knocking people off the track if they make you mad, picking Rainbow Road just to get back at everyone, and god forbid someone gets a blue shell…

Good Times. Good Times.

And then another struggle I’m having is that I haven’t actually been with a girl. I mean, I have strong feelings for girls but I feel like I can’t be 110% sure until I actually get with one and that’s another thing that’s holding me back from coming out. It’s kinda a vicious circle because I can’t talk to girls I’m interested in because God forbid someone suspects I’m gay. 🙄

Why are feelings and life so confusing.
Bill Maher: Wait Until Trump's 'Basket Of Inexplicables' Becomes The Establishment
External image

Bill Maher wrapped up his New Rules segment this Friday night with a message for all of the Trump supporters out there who claim they hate the establishment about just who Donald Trump would put in charge if we were heaven forbid unfortunate enough to find ourselves facing the prospect of a Trump presidency come November.

From Mr. Noun-A-Verb-and-9-11 Rudy Giuliani, who claimed America never had a problem with terrorist attacks until Obama, to Trump’s sons, to con-man Pastor Mark Burns, to that loathsome Katrina Pierson and her bullet necklace, Maher ran down the list of the grifters Trump has taking to the airways and wondered what cabinet positions he may end up nominating them for.

Bill’s favorite, and my favorite part of the segment was the portion on Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, poll-truther and apparently responsible for the law suit Trump filed against Maher for his claim that Trump’s mother screwed an orangutan. (The resemblance is pretty uncanny.) Maher wrapped things up by explaining how proud he was that as a result of that court case, he forced Hair Drumpf to produce his birth certificate.

“Basket of inexplicables” indeed.