A wife of ʿUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb used to go to the mosque for the prayers of fajr and ʿishāʾ. It was said to her, “Why do you go out when you know that ʿUmar does not like it, and he feels jealous?” She said, “So what stops him from forbidding me?” It was said to her, “What stops him are the words of the Prophet (ﷺ) ‘Do not stop women servants of God from the mosques of God.’”

[Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī]
These Students Were Put In Solitary Confinement For Owning Too Many Books
An ACLU report found that children in Nebraska are being forced into solitary confinement for offenses like not following directions, or owning too many books.

It’s not unusual for students to be reprimanded for talking back to authorities or passing notes (nowadays more likely to be texts). But the state of Nebraska seems to be taking those punishments to an extreme. A recent report from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) found that children in juvenile detention centers are being forced into solitary confinement for offenses as minor as refusing to follow directions, passing notes or, heaven forbid, owning too many books. (How is that an offense?)

I am not making this up.

The ACLU report, entitled “Growing Up Locked Down,” found that the state used solitary confinement as a punishment for young people extensively across multiple juvenile detention centers. This in spite of the fact that solitary confinement is considered a form of torture by the U.N., and in recent years, has been outlawed and scaled back in the United States.

In Nebraska, however, children are being forced into isolation for the most minor offenses, including: “talking back to staff members, having too many books, or refusing to follow directions.”

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Hi there! I really love your blog, AND I was hoping to request a Hanbin scenario for when you fight.

Thank you, love. :)

There are couples that scream and swear when they fight each other. And then there’s you and Hanbin. Times like these were rare. You were more likely to win the lottery than get in a confrontation with Hanbin. But sure enough, a few days of tension had boiled over to the point Hanbin was growling, “I’m trying not to lose my temper with you.”

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connor and troye when yall were just friends we're yall both crushin on eachother? any flirting?

Oh boy. Yes i was crushing hard. and yes, LOTS of flirting. Actually, before I had came out to Troye he was so comfortable with flirting and being all touchy with me but god forbid when I came out he got SO nervous around me. -Connor.

Oh Connor thinks he’s cute. Listen, I wasn’t nervous I just didn’t know where his boundaries were. I was being a GENTLEMAN. but yes, of course I was “crushing” have you seen Connor?- Troye.

@annagingil prompted: “Dark Belle, Dark Rumpel”

When I first saw this, my immediate thought was “how do I make this fluffy or smutty?”

Then inspiration struck me like a speeding bus. Enjoy!

Rated: PG


Snow White gulped as she made her way through the thick forests towards the forbidding castle nestled in the foothills of the mountains. The Dark One and the Dark Lady had been a legend in these parts for centuries. To some people, they were just that, a legend, but others knew better. Others knew that these two magicians, the most powerful in all the realms, were indeed very real, very powerful, and very fearsome. They were the last resort for desperate souls in need, and whilst they could give you anything that your heart desired, there was always the distinct possibility that the price they would extract would be too great to be worth the risk.

Still, there was to be no turning back now. She was here, and she had come to ask the fabled sorcerers’ help. Shivering under the gaze of the terrifying stone gargoyles carved around the heavy door, Snow stepped up to the entrance and raised her hand to knock, but before she had made contact with the aged oak, the door had swung open noiselessly, leading the way into a dim hall illuminated only by two flaming torches on the walls. As she entered cautiously, she received the distinct impression of walking to her doom, and she was on the verge of turning tail and leaving again - surely her situation couldn’t be so bad as to require the dread assistance of the Dark One and the Dark Lady - when a voice from deeper within the castle stopped her in her tracks.

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You’ve probably seen this post going around:

It pisses me off every time I see it and today I finally decided to address it.

I’m really fuckin sick of people talking about GMOs on this site like people are idiots for being against them, acting like GMO = Gregor fucking Mendel selectively breeding peas. yes, some people are anti-GMO without understanding the issue, and those people are idiots. but being pro-GMO because you read one convincingly long clapback on tumblr is just as idiotic. people can be against GMOs without believing GMOs are “full of chemicals” or “poisoning us.”

For instance, you can be against GMOs because of seed patenting, which chains farmers financially to the massive corporations that own the seed patents, forbids them from saving seeds, restricts farmers’ access, and limits biodiversity.

You can be against GMOs because you recognize that monoculture crops are damaging the earth by requiring more water, more pesticides, more energy — and I’d like to point out to everyone claiming that GMOs are feeding the hungry that 60% of all corn production and 47% of all soy production (both crops that are commonly grown GMO) goes to animal feed, which is extra funny since 15lbs of feed and nearly 2,000 gallons of water creates one pound of beef, but a pound of tomatoes costs no feed and only 23 gallons of water, which means that we could be more efficiently feeding the hungry already if we just stopped eating so much goddamned meat.

You can be against GMOs because they require a 7% increase in pesticide use over conventional crops, and are resulting in pesticide-resistant insects and weeds.

But you know what? Don’t listen to me. That’s right, don’t listen to me. Do you own fucking research instead of just passing around a post that’s snarky enough to make you trust that they know what they’re talking about.

with another tiffany dating issue out, i wonder how taeny shippers will go about harassing gray? does he have sns? someone tell him to get off it. cause when khunfany were dating, taeny shippers made the fandom so toxic. going on khun’s sns and talking shit to him. and worse, when he retaliated (told them to leave him alone) they were all playing victims and claimed he should know better than to respond to hate because he’s an idol. OMFG GOD FORBID HE BECOMES A HUMAN AND ACTUALLY FEEL SO FRUSTRATED WITH ALL THE UNNECESSARY HATE THAT HE TELLS THEM OFF. but when exo-ls did the same to taeyeon, they proceeded to hate on baekhyun for not sticking up for taeyeon. and don’t give me the ‘he’s the guy’ bullsht. this is the 21st century. and i don’t know if hottests talked shit about tiffany not sticking up for khun but if they did, then they had every right to. i’m just happy khunfany broke up. the relationship did more wrong to him than good. in summary, taeny shippers are the shittiest shippers in this fandom.

to clarify what i mean about passing:

the whole core concept of passing rubs me the wrong way. it creates this idea that the whole concept of transness is built upon physical appearances and gender stereotypes. its built upon cis peoples idea of what trans people are, which should be indistinguishable from a cis person. and heaven forbid if youre unable to pass, especially as a trans woman.

i have absolutely no problem with a trans person wanting to pass. that is how they individually experience their gender. that is how they feel better about themselves and safer. that is completely fine!

i do, however, have a problem with that being how many people view trans people, as how we all want to become cis through invasive, uncomfortable and expensive medical procedures.

in my view, trans people can just simply exist as how they like. if a trans woman is comfortable with facial hair, who are you to tell her she isnt allowed? that shes less of a woman because of how she looks? that shes less trans because shes comfortable with an aspect of herself?

so yeah. if you individually want to pass, thats completely fine and i wish you well. if you contribute to a system that harms many, many trans people, especially trans women, then we are absolutely going to have a problem.

Imaam Sufyaan (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

Do not be a frequent visitor of the marketplace, for the people there (mostly sellers, but some buyers also) are wolves in men’s clothing. Marketplaces are often frequented by devils – devils both of the human kind and of the jinn kind. When you enter the marketplace, it becomes obligatory upon you to enjoin good and forbid evil – but know that you will only see evil there. Stand to one side of the marketplace and call out: ‘I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allaah alone; He has no partner; the dominion of all that exists belongs to Him. He is deserving of all praise. It is He Who gives life, and it is He Who causes death. All goodness is in His hands, and He is upon all things capable. There is neither might nor power except with Allaah, the All-High, the All-Mighty.

Transcribed from: The Biography of Sufyaan Ath-Thauree, p176-181

It’s not fun being a wrestling fan any more.

If you like a wrestler, then you HAVE to like this other person/wrestler. If you like this other wrestler, then you’re NOT an actual fan of wrestling.

And, heaven forbid, you like two wrestlers that are best friends in real life cos oh, OH BOY you get fans of either one fighting and trying to outdo each other in the “Who can be the biggest dickhead” competition that they’ve made between each other.

You can be a fan of whoever the hell you want to. You can also dislike whoever the hell you want to. Just don’t be a dickhead because someone doesn’t like the wrestler you like/likes the wrestler you don’t.

This vine by Ollie MN got me thinking,

You don’t fuck with FAHC Gavin, you don’t. It’s a bad idea, he’s too well-loved, too well-protected, you’ll die a gruesome death if you touch the FAKE’S golden boy, but heaven and hell forbid you touch Gavin’s set-up, his computers and things. He’ll defend his computers and his hard drives and his Wi-Fi and shit to his grave, he’ll kill quick as look at you if you even think about it like, once Ryan accidentally spilled a can of diet coke on Gav’s main console and Gav just kinda snapped a little bit, swore vengeance but didn’t specify how, and for an entire week Ryan just waited in ill anticipation for the fallout, he jumped at every shadow, tiptoed around Gav like Gav had his reputation, avoiding Gavin when necessary, eventually begging for forgiveness, the fucking VAGABOND abjectly terrified of a scrawny Brit with $50000 of soggy ruined data in his hands. The crew never did find out just what Gav did in the end but Ryan refuses to talk about it.

tbh i have not always been the best about this but i’m starting to get real salty about people who want to be like “lmao that’s so Neurotypical get a load of this Neurotypical guy” in response to people who are genuinely just trying to offer helpful advice or god forbid implying that there is a possibility, however small or difficult, that we can do something for ourselves

like hey let me tell you bucko i am far from neurotypical but honestly?? i don’t like the idea that i’m just broken and completely and utterly fucked and that i have no choice but to resign myself to the fact that my mental illness will always make my life miserable and there’s nothing i can do about it. i like believing that i /can/ make steps towards coping with it and making my illness at least a little easier on me. i like believing there is that hope that i can do something about my own situation, even though it will be a really difficult, tiring, and exhausting process.

i mean i get that some people seem to think doing some yoga or drinking 8 glasses of water a day or getting your needed hours of sleep will just cure depression instantly and no!! that’s not how it works!! that’s not how any of this works!! choosing to battle your mental illness is a very very tough battle and there’s no quick easy solution!! but that’s not what everyone is trying to say. not everyone is trying to lead you into the false idea that there’s a quick solution to this, and not everyone is trying to say it’s easy.
Gloria Steinem: Young women back Bernie Sanders so they can meet 'boys' -
Feminist icon -- and Hillary Clinton supporter -- Gloria Steinem says young women are supporting Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders because "the boys are with Bernie."
By Eugene Scott, CNN

Fuck you, Gloria Steinem, for this sexist, condescending, and disgusting comment. You know better, but God forbid there are women out there who vote based on issues, and not based on “first lady president feels.”

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Just a quick little question- whats been happening with people reposting your stuff? Are your fa's allowed to be reposted if there's given credit? Or are you just completely forbidding reposting?

About reposting, when I just started I allowed people to do it

Then some people ask me if they can and I gave them permission…

But then some people started to claim the art as theirs,repost them for likes and followers, some remove my logo, some use the art to reply on BTS’ tweets and some use them as cover for fanfic with mature content

while my art only serves as fluff and cute with no hidden meaning behind those… some people started to think different because it was used to those fanfics…. i was even told of about it when i’m not really the one who wrote the stories… but because my art was used… i got affected when some issues arose~~~

I also dont like it for BTS to see my art~ coz I know they wont like to see ‘em

so i tell people not to repost them …. unless the ask me for permission

She makes regular shit look ultra dope lol. Had a blast painting my love @poundsigns beautiful apartment yesterday with homies. This will also be doubling as the set for the ‘John Forbid’ video we’re shooting next weekend! More to come…

#jennahbell #johnforbid

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UGH people who think everyone MUST play by their lesser-of-the-evils game. god forbid we incentivize politicians by withholding our votes until someone can cross the not-that-high bar necessary for us to feel okay participating. i'm voting for bernie but fucking goddamn people who don't get people who won't because candidates need to actually EARN THEIR VOTE

I think you’ve written me some very smart words here. good job.

{{ They have no problem nearly showing breasts on a figure of the female members of the Straw Hat crew, but god forbid if they actually showed some booty and happy trails on those male figures. Where is MY that fan-service. I am sure I am not the only one who wants Marco to strip that jacket and belt/sash. }}

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I've been wanting to get into lolita for a long time, but I've always been put off by my irregular and rather heavy menstration periods. How can I keep a surprise flow from turning my petticoat and bloomers (or dress, goodness forbid) red?

Honestly I think the best course of action would be to talk to your doctor about it and see if there is anything you can do to regulate your period. A lot of the time just taking birth control can regulate your period as well as making it lighter so that may be something to look into but there are other things that your doctor may be able to recommend as well. I think that would be the best thing to do because otherwise the solution would be to wear a pad or menstrual cup 24/7 just in case and I would personally want to avoid that.